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I am a sucker for Tacos. I love Tacos probably one of my top favorite foods but I found a new taco spot in Midtown Atlanta called Cactus House. Its a new taco foodie hot spot in the Piedmont area and a great spot for everything tacos. They believe in serving a responsibly sourced meals with handcrafted tacos from only fresh natural, and local ingredients. I had a good time doing a food tasting and all of their unique tacos and side items at this playful restaurant, check out the food and description below for more info!


Cucumber and Jicama

This was my first starter and it consist of cucumber and jicama. It was a nice refreshing salad. Now I know you are going to ask what is a jicama? I didnt know what it was before I ate this but it is is similar to potatoes. This combo was delicious mixed with additional spices and unique dressing. Definitely healthy and a good starter before the tacos.

Pablano Rice

This rice is great authentic mexican style rice. This would go well with your tacos.

Mexican Corn is what I get excited for. I am so happy more places in Atlanta have spots where they are adding this Mexican famous snack to their menus. So happy Cactus House has this and you can have this on the corn or off. I highly suggest it off the corn. I could eat this over and over!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts and Yuca Fries

More snacks and apps to go with your tacos. The roasted Brussels sprouts are amazing and a great health and great sides for people especially if you are going more vegan/vegetarian.


The tacos are so gourmet! These are not just tacos, these are high quality tacos with rich healthy ingredients and great flavors. Presentations of them are amazing but hands down to all of the flavors.

Wild Grouper Taco

Avocado Taco

This avocado taco is a MUST try! You really have to try this one! They fry it, it almost look like it could be a meat filling but its pure avocado. I took a bite of this and I was highly impressed. Vegan or not, this is one of my top taco flavors, filling and just overall a great taco choice.

Chipotle Shrimp Taco

This one is another favorite of mine with the chipotle shrimp taco. I am a shrimp girl and shrimp tacos are my favorite. I would also highly recommend this taco, look at all the additional colorful and healthy ingredients added. If you look closely they also added pineapple. Brilliant!

Chicken Pastor Taco

This Chicken Pastor was highly recommended and it was delicious. This also has pineapples in it which gave it a more tropical flavor.

Lamb Barbacoa Taco

I am a lamb fan. It was delicious. If you like lamb I would suggest this it is leaner than a steak. Thee is also a slice of avocado that gives it an additional flavor.

Taco Tuesday: $2 Chicken Pastor and Fried Avocado Tacos and Wednesday Kids Eat Free!

Pitcher of White Sangria

Cactus House has their own drinks. Of course they have margaritas, frozen (which I kind of regret I didnt get) but I did get some sangria. I did the pitcher option to share with my friend. You can definitely get a good deal with this if you get a pitcher with 3-4 ppl. It was just my friend and I, but we enjoyed it and wined down with these.


Chocolate Churros and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

One of the most tastiest and creative desserts I’ve had in a while. This Chocolate churro with vanilla ice cream was amazing. This combo just made me melt. The chocolate churro and ice cream made was delicious and you can taste the richness in the ice cream flavor. Please don’t leave this place without getting this for dessert.

Cactus House is a funky, cute and modern place. I love the designing of the play very playful and welcoming. Definitely one of these return to chill spots in the city. As you can see the food looks amazing but trying it for yourself is a must whenever you are in Midtown Atlanta. Taco Tuesday can be everyday here at Cactus House (but definitely go on Tuesdays for the $2 taco specials).

1020 Piedmont Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA, 30309
United States

Which item would you like to try?

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