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What is a Single Wife?

The Single Wives Club is an innovative nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing women for marriage. Innovative and exciting events are designed to sharpen skills in the areas of: fitness and health, fashion and beauty, finance, relationships, sex, cooking and spirituality.

So now that you know about it, I want to share that I am an official SingleWivesSocialite. I love this organization because I am an unmarried woman in my twenties, and let me be honest with everyone. I want to be MARRIED! Yes I said it.

“Become a Better Woman Before Becoming a Wife.”

Look there are a lot of things school doesn’t prepare us ladies for, and that is how to obtain a ring, and even how to be a great wife after the ring. This amazing group prepares women for both in a positive aspect. It’s not about complaining about why you are single, or even embracing singlehood – it’s about anticipating and becoming the best wife you can be – BEFORE THE RING & AFTER! {Men thank us later}

As a SingeWivesSocialite, I want to promote and advocate myself to other women my journey as I Get Right For the Ring! Just because I am single, doesn’t mean I am not marriage material, I am working towards being a future wife.  It’s thrilling to be around other women who want the same and are working towards the same goals to prep for marriages.

The organization is nationwide and also has an affiliate organization, The Wives Society, a mentoring program for married women to encourage Single Wives.

So this year is the 1st Annual Single Wives Club Weekend, which is a three-day fun filled conference to get women together to learn more about the organization and activities to be a Single Wife.

The Single Wives Weekend is going to be a great weekend. I will be an official Single Wives Weekend Blogger so stayed tuned for more updates and fun with hashtag #SingleWivesWeekend

Interested in attending? Use my discount code: KIWI to get a deal off all of the events

Stay Tuned for the I Am The Single Wife Campaign! 
Learn more about Single Wives Weekend here | Singe Wives Weekend 
Learn more about The Single Wives Club on the website | thesinglewivesclub.com
The Single Wives Club Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Site | Blog  
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  • Neisha Jo says:

    That’s a really good idea, especially in the black community where it seems many our women don’t strive for marriage because they didn’t grow up with positive examples and don’t think they’re deserving of that commitment. I couldn’t tell if there was a DC chapter, but heck, I’d totally start one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • We do have different chapters in different cities, and it is not in DC yet, you are more than welcome to start and be a Chapter Leader for that city. It’s true there are lots of women who get discourage about marriage or don’t have examples of what it means to be a good wife because they did not see it growing up. I think it time we all try to do something to get the divorce rate down. It’s not just about a wedding or a ring, it’s about maintaining a relationship too.

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