{Event Recap} Chef Marc Forgione Share with ATL the Most Delicious Time of The Year at Macy’s Friday 31 October, 2014

Recently this past weekend I had the pleasure to attend a fun cooking demo presentation at Lenox Square Mall Macy’s for Culinary Council with Chef Marc Forgione. He came to Atlanta to impress everyone in attendance with three delicious options on how to spruce up our Thanksgiving meals for the upcoming holiday.

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culinary-council-macys-lenox-square-mall-cooking-demo-Chef-Marc-Forgione Marc Forgione is one of the Iron Chefs who competed and won Food Network’s Iron Chef America and owner of restaurant Marc Forgione in New York City. He came to Atlanta to showcase how to impress friends and family at the next holiday gathering by learning from the master chef himself as he shows how to prepare some of his favorite award-winning holiday dishes. The best part? There was plenty of scrumptious samples to enjoy and I am here to show you all what was created.

culinary-council-macys-lenox-square-mall-cooking-demo-Chef-Marc-Forgione2 Marc was a great Chef demonstrator as he live cooked three meals with his punk & spunk, kick-ass personality. Not only is he a great chef, but he is funny and very personable. He told us that he grew up with his father running his own restaurant, and for year he didn’t want to follow his father’s shadow but later on discovered his own love for the culinary arts. He wanted to show us how to spruce up our holiday meals, moreso of an upgrade to our traditional dishes with his delectable creations.


culinary-council-macys-lenox-square-mall-cooking-demo-1 I have never experienced eggs like this before. This is such a sophisticated way to eat eggs, it was uber fancy! Look anything that has caviar on it makes it automatically an upscale meal! So if you are interested in upgrading your traditional scrambled eggs definitely give it ago. The egg shells are the serving dish and the carton is recycled as the decorative holder. Fancy Indeed!


culinary-council-macys-lenox-square-mall-cooking-demo-sweet-potatoes-maple-syrup-short-ribs I am not lying about what I am about to say but this was one of the best things I have tasted in a very long time! I am not much of a pork eater but the combo of the short ribs with the sweet potatoes was a heavenly combination. I didn’t even think those went together but they do! Oh and the sweet potatoes with the maple hazel nut brown butter was amazing! So amazing I am drooling literally as I typed this…I need seconds and thirds of this! A great spin on sweet potatoes almost too good for words.


This is the dessert option and I must say I was impressed. I am not a cobbler fan usually, but the peaches with the oatmeal mix with vanilla ice cream was so delish! Chef Marc made it a point he will never proclaim to be a pastry chef, but he did an amazing job with this dish. This was perfect for all the GA Peaches in the house!

All three meals were amazing! It definitely was an experience for my taste buds and grateful to try out these selections. It definitely put a different spin on how I would prepare my holiday meals. The Sweet Potatoes with Maple Syrup is definitely on my must recreate list! If you loved the dishes presented on this post, he has lots more in his new book  Marc Forgione: Recipes and Stories from the Acclaimed Chef and Restaurant.

 To learn more about the Macy’s Culinary Council and upcoming events to see if they will be touring in your city, log on to macys.com/culinarycouncil. Follow on Twitter: @culinarycouncil.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post about Macy’s Culinary Council.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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