WHERE TO EAT SUSHI IN ATLANTA : FUDO ATL Tuesday 26 February, 2019

I love sushi and I am always look for new sushi places with specialty rolls in the city. I really enjoyed my meal at Fúdo, a modernizes sushi spot in the heart of the Chamblee area that exceeded my expectations.

Fúdo offers exceptional sushi and authentic Japanese small plate selections in a a modern industrial yet warm atmosphere. A new authentic Asian concept boasts an inviting, expansive spot ideal for dining, imbibing and relaxing. Featuring an expansive sushi bar serving artfully crafted plates and interactive seating, a back-lit bar serving creative cocktails, ample seating, and a pet-friendly, outdoor patio with retractable windows to give the ambiance and a delicious meal to await you.

One of the first things I noticed immediate before even getting seated was the unique table settings of blue and red banana wrapped cutlery and chopsticks. I never would of ever imagined you could make a banadana elegant and presentable to set a table, but that lets you know Fudo will do a wonderful job presenting dishes prior to ordering.


Shumai – Steamed shrimp shumai with mustard sauce

I never had shumai, which is steamed dumplings served in a hot pot. I really enjoyed this and the fact that it had shrimp made it even better. So flavorful!

Dynamite Shrimp – Sweet and spicy fried shrimp tempura

This is a top recommendation I highly suggest anyone order as a starter dish! The shrimp is made tempura style and it was something I really enjoyed a lot. I love the iridescent bowl it was served in. Presentation at Fudo is like looking at visual plated art.

Stuffed Jalapeno – 6 Jalapeno stuffed with crab salad and mozzarella cheese

A table should definitely try and order this if you like a little spicy kick as an appetizer. I never had stuffed jalapeno with crab meat and it was a wonderful combo to have.

Pan Seared Dumpling – Beef and vegetable

My guest highly recommended this starter dish. This is a pan seared version of a dumpling, but she exclaimed that the flavors of the beef veggies of this dish was enough to order another round.

Tori Karaage – Japanese fried chicken


Before I order my food, I wanted to try a Fúdo crafted drink, in which you can already tell even their drinks are created beautifully. These are definitely grown and sexy drinks with a lot of personality.

Dancing with the Stars – Bare Bone Vodka, St Germain, Aperol, Grapefruit, Lemon Juice, Elder Flower Syrup, Prosecco

This was my favorite drink. This is a fun and fruity flavor if you are into spritzy drinks. Slightly reminds me of a Rose, but with Prosecco and this could easily be a great brunch drink!

Acapulco – Don Juli Blanco, Ancho Reyes, Orange Liqueur, Tamarind Ginger Syrup, Lime Juice, Chambord

There is a growing trend of people liking a little kick in their cocktails, so this would be perfect for those who loves these types of drinks. Again, the presentation of the drinks are cute with the flamed lime decor and the red chili that decorates the drink. The drink doesn’t have too much heat, just enough for you to feel a little spice but its a overall smooth drink!


Rock, Paper, Shrimp (6) – Crispy rice, crab salad, crispy yummy shrimp, micro green

This isnt a traditional sushi roll but this was fun to eat. A crab salad that sits on a crispy rice fried bed and topped with shrimp. You will never find a roll like this anywhere.

Ocean’s 8 (8) – Shrimp tempura, spicy albacore tuna. Topped with shrimp, scallop, langostine with dynamite sauce and micro green

This was my absolute favorite roll. A cleverly named roll called Oceans 8 – that comes with 8 rolls I would return for this uniquely made sushi dish alone. Presented beautifully like the work of art that it is, with a lot of other fun additions outside of the tempura such as langostine and scallops, this is a one-of-a-kind original roll that I know can only be indulged at Fúdo.

Fantasy (8) – Shrimp tempura, crab salad, avocado, mango Topped with crunch, spicy aioli, kabayaki sauce, masago, scallions

A Star is Born (8) – Spicy tuna, crab salad, crunch Topped with seared tuna, yellowtail, salmon, spicy aioli, spicy ponzu, scallops

If you haven’t already noticed Fúdo name a lot of their rolls after popular movies and tv shows. This roll is the A Star is Born, named after the recent Oscar award winning film, and this might be an award willing roll if you are into spicy tuna sushi! More rolls with popular tv/movie names: Legally Blonde Fried Roll, Bumble Bee, American Idol, Mamma Mia, Venom Fried Roll, King Kong, Incredibles and more rolls that are fun to order!

5070 Peachtree Blvd
Suite A100
Chamblee, Georgia 30341

If you want to learn more about Fúdo please check out their website and their menu options at fudoatl.com

Which dish would you try at Fúdo?

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