Exclusive Interview with Costume Designer Paco Delgado brings Whimsical Wardrobes to A Wrinkle In Time #WrinkleInTimeEvent Thursday 15 March, 2018

I am super excited to share my interview with the man that made the whimiscal wardrobes happen for this film, Pace Delgado.  Paco is a multiple Oscar award nominated designer, as he’s been nominated for the Academy Awards in the category of Best Costume Design twice: at the 85th Academy Awards for the film Les Misérables, and at the 88th Academy Awards for the film The Danish Girl.

Paco Degaldo Costume Designer for A Wrinkle In Time / Photo Courtesy of Disney

Mrs. Which, WhatsIt and Who costume display at the Wrinkle In Time Press Junket. / Photo Credit: KiwiTheBeauty.com

I was excited to wear my Mrs.Who, Which & and Whatis shirt, because this is the brilliant man who designed all of their whimsical costumes. The storyline of the film was amazing, but I don’t remember the last movie I saw where it was so much imagination, flair and feminine energy into the designing of the wardrobe. When I say I loved loved love the fashion pieces of this film ,I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I loved the beautiful artistry Paco Degaldo put into each piece for the film, so it was great to talk to him for more details on how he made this all happen.

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Paco describes how he brought the whimsical outfits to life from the novel

There are really tiny things that they always tell that you can understand things.  These celestial beings, or whatever…you want to call them…

They don’t wake up in the morning.  They don’t have any porridge in the morning. You don’t really know what they are doing because basically it’s like, they don’t behave like human beings.Then after you read the script.

Mrs.Which (Oprah Wrinfrey) costume from A Wrinkle In Time Film. Created by Paco Degalo. / Photo Credit: KiwiTheBeauty.com

Oprah’s character Mrs.Which she was a warrior that she was fighting in the universe against the forces of evil. She was originally, like a supernova that exploded and became…all this energy. Oprah’s character has to be energy. And she’s a warrior.

Mrs.WhatsIt (Reese Witherspoon) costume from A Wrinkle In Time Film. Created by Paco Degalo. / Photo Credit: KiwiTheBeauty.com

Then Reese, she is very playful that you see the way she engages with the children.The silly things that she says to the children. She has to have another form outside that she has to be interesting and fun.

Mrs.Who (Mindy Kaling) costume from A Wrinkle In Time Film. Created by Paco Degalo. / Photo Credit: KiwiTheBeauty.com

And then Mindy speaks. She speaks with quotes from books. Then I thought, well this lady’s a super librarian of the universe.She has all the culture of the universe into herself.  Then, I draw things from every culture in the world, like Japan. Some African print, South American embroidery.This is, let’s say, the beginning.

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Paco details how long it took most of the designs to make for A Wrinkle In Time

Nothing here took less than Four weeks, five weeks…Some of the dresses took eight, eight weeks.  But also you have to think that we were doing, like, a… Everything worth doing, being done simultaneously.

Paco Degaldo design sketchwork for Mrs.WhatsIt / Photo Courtesy of Disney

Paco expresses why he doesn’t have a favorite costume design he created from the film

That’s, that’s one of the most difficult questions ever.  Because it’s like when you have children…[don’t want to answer] which one do you like [more] They’re all my children, basically. But, I mean…All of them have a very different sort of, like, difficulty, and very different.

Paco describes the level of difficulty in making Oprah’s Mrs.Which’s outfit

Oprah’s dresses, they were complex, because we were using a lot of materials, but they are not…

Well, I mean, maybe something for her is used in, in the past, but I never have used them before.  Like, a lot of plastics, and a lot of, like,… reflective metallic, fabrics.  And we used metals. And we use sort of, like, glass beads, and, a lot of things that I never have used before.  But they were fiber optic as well. We wanted to… We wanted to play, for example, with energy…As an idea.

Paco Degaldo design sketchwork for Mrs.Which / Photo Courtesy of Disney

Then, you know, we start, like, looking for fiber optic.  And then we find this company in China that they did these amazing fiber optics, and then we’ve imported things from them. Then they came here and they were really basically they didn’t work. Then we have to go into a difficult process. ‘Cause we were trying different things, and making a lot of mistakes.  All the time. Then, for example, this Oprah’s dress that is has light it took ages to make.

I mean, weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. We never found the right amount of electricity that it could lead it from inside, and it could be seen in normal conditions. And then, oh! Wow! We were very over-excited. Oh my god, this is amazing!

Paco reveals how he felt styling for the legendary Oprah Winfrey 

Photo Courtesy of Disney

I mean, it was very scary, because, if you think that you have to… You are gonna have a first meeting in your life with somebody like Oprah Winfrey, well, then, you know, I mean… I don’t want to say… I don’t want to say exactly what I felt…I was, like, oh my god, what happen if she doesn’t like this?  And then…

You know, your head goes really creepy, ’cause you don’t want to…[mess up] with Oprah Winfrey. The thing is, at the end of the day, you have to put your head in a mind-frame to think that, basically, she…Okay.  She’s Oprah Winfrey for everyone, including me. But now that I’m walking into her office, and I’m going to talk to her, basically, she’s my colleague. And I’m going to talk to a colleague.

And the thing is I can’t be [scared] because to be scared, the only thing that it does is paralyze you.

Paco goes into great details on the creative inscription on Mrs.Who’s (Mindy Kaling) outfit

Paco Degaldo design sketchwork for Mrs.Who / Photo Courtesy of Disney

We all live in a society where we sometimes we look like walking billboards. You have all these things printed on your body. Then I just saw [Mindy/Mrs.Who] she is this woman talking about books.  Why is she cannot have that [incorporated into her clothes]?

I was thinking about graffiti.  I was thinking that you walk into our streets, and graffiti is amazing.  The thing is I don’t think a lot of people have really stopped to think about it. But graffiti is an amazing expression… artistic expression where you have words, and thinking into it.  It’s not just making a drawing of a butterfly. It’s like saying a message. And then I just saw… This is amazing that she can have all these graffiti on her.

And then we thought, We all speak English.  Well, I speak Spanish. But I speak English as well. And then the thing is we all use the Latin alphabet, but on that, I just thought she embodies all the culture[s]. Then she has to have Chinese. She has to have an invented alphabet. Consistently being in the universe. She speaks a language of a culture that we haven’t encountered yet. Or maybe in 200 years we will encounter them. 

We had to make a sort of like an alphabet to print as well.  And then, I thought in the back of the costume is a big Mandela.  I love the idea of a Mandela, because Mandela is western idea. She embodies so much wisdom.  You know, herself. She was, like, always so assertive in everything she said I love the idea of a Mandela.

Photo Credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

If you haven’t seen A Wrinkle In Time yet, please see it for the beautiful whimsy costumes. If you were a fan of the novel, you can see the personification of their attire brought to life with quirky, imaginative and dreamy decorative outfits by Mr.Paco Degaldo.

From visionary director Ava DuVernay comes Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” an epic adventure based on Madeleine L’Engle’s timeless classic which takes audiences across dimensions of time and space, examining the nature of darkness versus light and, ultimately, the triumph of love. Through one girl’s transformative journey led by three celestial guides, we discover that strength comes from embracing one’s individuality and that the best way to triumph over fear is to travel by one’s own light


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