Farm Star Living Harvest Showcase and Trends 2017 Wednesday 01 February, 2017

I was invited to a special food media event presented by Farm Star Living, a national lifestyle resource promoting the farm-to-everything movement. Eating healthy is important but know which brands are out there is even more important that can give you ideas what is really organic and some of the trends they are introducing for better food consumption. More and more people want to know what is in their food, is it organic, where is it harvested and is it truly healthy? At the Farm Star Living Harvest Showcase I got an opportunity to explore new brands and sample a plethora of healthy food options and snacks in an interactive room of vendors. 


We explored the showcases and got so much food swag it almost look like we all went grocery shopping. The trend for food eating in 2017 is the year of the healthy snacks. Brands are coming up with new creative ways for consumers to snack on the go that are tasty and healthy that is easy to travel with. Sounds about right for my lifestyle!


The keynote address by Mary Blackmon, founder of Farm Star Living, will focus on 2017 food trends and consumers’ evolving demands and, most importantly, the trend regarding food transparency.

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Each booth had their own station of samples and even live demos to taste the food and most gave you goodies to go home with. Some of the brands I seen in the store and know them, but many of them are new companies I discovered. Many of these brands are in your local grocery stores or in your favorite healthy store (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes). I am so happy there are so many brands who are catering to people who are looking for better food options. I am definitely a person who wants to know if my food has GMOS, high frutose corn syrups, extra unnecessary preservatives and more. The brands presented at the Farm Star Living event all of them pride themselves of listening to consumers needs and getting them the best tasting food.

FSL-1 Learn more about Farm Star Living check out the site at  Facebook| Instagram | Twitter

Do certain food brands dictate your healthy food consumption?

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