{Fashion} Visiting Kendra Scott Upscale Jewelry + Accessory Boutique Wednesday 02 July, 2014

kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty5 I was invited to Kendra Scott, a cute posh boutique around Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta ad I am in love! I’ve never been to this boutique before this day and I must say it’s a very adorable store. There comes a time in a woman’s life where you must stop shopping for the cheapest costume store accessories and upgrade your collection for more sophistication. This store literally was like me being a kid in a candy store, except exchange out the candy for accessories (accessories are grown up candy – right?).

kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty6 My blogger friend Oh Nikka! introduced me to this spot as she hosted with a group a friends to showcase all the prettiness in the store. Nikka and I love us some photobooths and photo -props so for Kendra to have their own props and decors…they get the ultimate “props” from me already! 


When I say this is a cute store, I mean it’s a super adorable store. Everything is in the details, so it was fun colors, illuminating lighting, and you see zebra figures stamped sporadically throughout the store and even in Kendra Scott’s accessories. Zebra’s must be of her signatures, which is fine by me because it lets me know that although KS is a cute, upscale accessory boutique, it still has a touch of quirkiness fun (like me!).  The store is set up somewhat like a high-end jewelry store, except they don’t sell diamonds and it’s definitely not as expensive. Below are some the cute jewelry and accessories that I coveted while perusing the store.

kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty13 kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty3 kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty7 kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty11 kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty1 kendra-scott-kiwi-the-beauty4 The best part, as you shop you get complimentary champagne as a courtesy with Kendra Scott’s cute logo designed stamped on them. This store is all about brand recognition and I love that so much! A great way to sip and shop! 

Kendra Scott Color Bar

kendra-scott-atlanta-kiwithebeauty4 Now this is the one this about this jewelry boutique that makes it different from other places is that you create your own one of a kind pieces! You can choose from an array of colors and diffrent color combos to make your very own designer jewelry. Now I will be honest, I didn’t get a chance to demo or experience the Color Bar for myself to go into great detail…but I love this concept!

Basically you can choose your own jewelry with empty stone settings, and for each placement you can choose your own color stone to fill. I love this concept because I think this would be great accessory pieces for a cute bridal party for a wedding, sororities,  a unique graduation gift, perfect color matching to outfits and more endless possibilities.  I love customize things so this just makes shopping at KS an a great place to shop for thoughtful gifts. kendra-scott-color-bar1

More photo fun!



photo credit by blogger catoura.com


photo credit by catoura.com

It is always fun hanging out with my fellow blogger friends Cat, Ally and Nikka! We are all girly girls and have the same love for sensory overload when it comes to jewelry and accessories. I am so happy I was introduced to this place and I definitely want to come back and experience the signature Color Bar! Let me know have you ever heard of Kendra Scott and shopped at the boutique? Are you interested in the Color Bar? What about zebras (random I know).

About Kendra Scott

In 2002, with just $500, Kendra Scott launched a mini-jewelry collection.  Today, Kendra Scott Jewelry is a global, multimillion-dollar brand sold at renowned retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and 1,000+ specialty boutiques worldwide. Kendra Scott has become a household fashion name to women around the world. As the Kendra Scott brand continues to expand, Kendra remains committed to the company’s founding philosophies, “Family, Fashion & Philanthropy”, which have helped direct its course.

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