Can’t See? Here’s How to Update Lenses in Your Prescription Glasses Thursday 25 August, 2022

Taking care of your vision health is important if you want to see well. Too often people wait a long time to renew their prescriptions and it means that they may be needlessly suffering from headaches and increased vision loss. While most people are diligent to take their vitamins, drink more water, and go to the doctor when they are sick, for some reason, they neglect their vision until they are squinting, their glasses break, or they can’t hold off any longer. While it can be an added expense, here’s how to update lenses in your prescription glasses.

Check To See if Your Insurance Covers It

Before you go lamenting that you can’t afford to get new lenses, check your insurance policy. Many insurance companies offer at least some coverage for annual checkups. At least going in for your appointment can give you some insight into how much your vision has changed since the last time you came in. Walking around wearing prescriptions that are 5-10 years old could mean that you need whole new lenses to go in your frames. Some insurance companies cover the cost of at least a basic set of lenses if your vision has changed since the last time you had them checked.

Make a Doctor’s Appointment

You’ll need to make an appointment with your optometrist so they can do a variety of eye tests. Not only will you need to test how far you can see and when your eyes get blurry, they’ll also check for other eye conditions like glaucoma. If you’re not sure it’s time to replace your prescription lenses, the doctor’s office is a good place to start. Some eyeglass places even offer affordable deals for both getting an appointment and getting new glasses and lenses.

Determine if You’ll Need New Frames To Go With Your Lenses

The bad news is that you found out you need a new prescription. The good news is that you might be able to keep your current frames. This can save you money and is wonderful especially if you love the look of your current eyeglass frames. Custom RX lenses are easy to find. There are multiple online retailers that make it easy to upgrade your existing prescription. Additionally, there are discount stores that offer basic lenses and frames for low prices as well. Getting new lenses means checking to see if those retailers can make them to fit your frames. Many companies can cut custom lenses if you ask.

Choose Your Lenses

There are so many different kinds of lenses available. There are scratch-resistant options. You can get bifocals, transitional lenses, and even lenses that can block out blue light from your electronic devices. Some insurance companies will only cover the very base, cheapest lens possible. While others will cover lenses up to a certain dollar amount. If you can make all your upgrades fit into that amount you may pay very little for your new lenses. Additionally, you can even choose prescription sunglasses. These are great for driving and performing other tasks in the bright sunlight. Choosing your lenses is often a simpler choice than finding new frames that you love.

Order the Lenses

It helps to have a backup pair of glasses because getting new lenses means you’ll likely have to send in your frames to get the updated frames put in. By sending in your frames, you can be sure that you’ll get the perfect fit for your new lenses. Whether you chose the blue-blocking technology, or just went for the cheapest and most basic option, they will fit the new lenses to your frames to ensure that not only are you able to see, but that the lenses don’t easily pop out of the frames. It could take a week or two to get them back, but when you do, you’ll be able to see better, stop squinting, and have fewer vision-related headaches.

When you wear glasses it’s important to get regular eye exams to ensure you have a prescription that’s working for you. If you don’t, you could experience anything from headaches to dizziness and not know why. The subtle shifts in your vision may not be noticeable right away, but the symptoms will.

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