{Food Recap} Media Dinner: Diner Atlanta Atlantic Station Monday 01 June, 2015


Atlantic Station is one of my favorite places to visit in the midtown area of Atlanta. As you all know, I am apart of a media club called Atlantic Station Nation, in which we attend different events and restaurants that pertain to this unique little shopping area. They have an array of places to eat and dine…and Diner Atlanta is the newest restaurant that AS Nation got a chance to experience. I have been eyeballing this place for almost a year, as they renovated this location and turned it into Diner, a place where there is many possiblities to enjoy your meal anytime of the day!  diner-atlanta-atlantic-station-media-dinner-blog-2

Diner is brightly lit and give your an instant modern “diner” feel even before you walk into the restaurant.  diner-atlanta-atlantic-station-media-dinner-blog-6

We were hosted by Diner Atlanta owner, Ron Eyester, who was hosibiliable and hilarious at the same time. He made us feel very comfortable while also entertaining us with his satire-like sense of humor! I didn’t know whether to eat or wait around him because he would say something so funny I would almost spit out my drink. I thought I was at a mini-improve dinner show with him! That’s just his natural personality but he also wanted to bring warmth into his establishment and make it feel like a traditional Diner too…where it’s not just a server providing you food but an experience. This was definitely an experience! Think of Cheers, ‘where everyone knows your name’ but a modern version in the heart of Atlanta.


Myself and the AS Nation crew could’nt wait to dive into our food! We were served an array of dishes from appetizers, breakfast/brunch options, dinner, and of course desert options. It has food from all types of niches so you could never get bored selecting different tastes from Diner, to which each visit you can switch up you food mood. Below are all the food we got a change to indulge in for the media dinner.


Disco Fries

So we got started with the appetizers and Ron introduced us to Disco Fries. I never heard of or had disco fries before, but all it is basically its jazzed up fries with cheese and a sunny-side up egg. Pretty funky for fries I see why they call them disco fries now!


Crab Stuffed Mushrooms


Crispy Oyster Sliders

These were absolutely amazing! I never had oysteres before…so having them fried into a burger was delish! I am definitely ordering these again the next time I come here!


Chopped Iceberg Salad

This salad was great, and even had a special treat that I never had in a salad before. I heard people putting fruit in their salad such as grapes or strawberries but I never thought of the combo of salad and pineapples. It was actually really good I will do it.


Diner Breakfast Hash


Lobster Cake Benedict + Pancakes with sea-salt honey butter

Wow lobster and breakfast? Who would of thought you could combine those together! The Pancake was made with a maple syrup that was very pure and organic, straight from a maple tree so you could taste the extra richness it. To be honest the pancake was so sweet you didnt even need syrup but it was delicious with it!


Meatloaf + String Beans + Mash Potatoes


Strawberry Milkshake

Ended the night with a milkshake. A really good milkshake we took to go!

diner-atlanta-atlantic-station-media-dinner-blog-14 Thank you Ron again for your hospitality! I do not go to Diner’s in Atlanta often at all. I try to support mom + pop establishments but I do admit I should think more outside the box when I go dining. Rob reiterated that most of our memories if we can recall revolves around food and an experience. Some of our fondess memories are involved with food, and he is absolutely right! If we are to go to a place to eat, you should enjoy the facility beyond just food consumption, it should leave with with a feeling that the servers and staff care about the person enjoying the meal as well. Talk to you as a person instead of just a paying patron. I get a great vibe at Diner Atlanta on top of the food selection is spectacular! Needless to say I was full, happy and impressive with my experience at Diner Atlanta.

If you live in the Atlanta area or maybe in the area soon I highly recommend stopping by Diner Atlanta (at Atlantic Station) – there is a food craving selection here for everyone!

Diner Atlanta

Atlantic Station

261 19th St. Suite 1180-B

Atlanta, GA 30363

Which of the Diner Atlanta food selections would you be intrested in indulging in?


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