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Kiwi The Foodie is back and here to give you one of the most innovative taste post I have done on my site. I got a chance to visit the newest trendy restaurant in Dunwoody (Atlanta) called The Cowfish, which is a one-of-a-kind dining experience, thriving on its ability to fuse two niche products seamlessly on the same menu. It is considered the first and only “Sushi Burger Bar“!

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The Cowfish brings to the world the first restaurant focusing on offering both the best sushi AND the best burger in town. Fresh, innovative and delicious, the sushi segment of the menu is a unique balance of traditional and unconventional. All natural, creative and hearty, the burgers entice with fresh ingredients and bold flavors.


 When you walk in you are welcomed with a bright interior featuring custom artwork and vibrant music, a digital saltwater aquarium filled with live cowfish with cute names such as Eel Eel Cool J, Fred Finstone, Eel-vis Presely, The Codfather, Bob Marlin, Dolly Sharkton, Tuna Turner and my favorite Ludafish!!! How creative is that…instantly I knew this place was super special!




Before you even eat, the ambiance gives off a contemporary pop art modern feel. They took many pop culture artwork and designs and turned them into Cowfish originals to be displayed in the restaurant. It definitely gave it a personality and it was fun to look at the different varieties of blown up art. The interior decor gave off good energy of what to expect in your meal.


Strawberry Gravitron Tanqueray Gin, fresh strawberries, freshly squeezed lime


Itsy Bitsy Tini-Weenie Fresh and Berry Great Martini- A skinny martini. Smirnoff Sorbet Light Pomegranate Raspberry Vodka, champagne, agave nectar, fresh raspberry, freshly squeezed lime


Big Al’s Yellowtail Slices of yellowtail sashimi topped with thinly sliced jalapeño pepper. Served with a side of ponzu dipping sauce

For starters, this was not my idea I will be honest as I am not a raw sushi eater. My friend was though and she loved it. Now I did sample this to be a good sport and it actually wasn’t bad – but again not my thing. If you are a raw sushi lover this would be a good appetizer. The jalapeno gave it an extra flavor!


Lobster & Crab Spring Rolls 13 Maine lobster, blue crab, Napa cabbage, ginger, bok choy and carrots with cilantro pesto, Thai chili sauce and spicy honey marmalade

The Cowfish I started to learn early they are big on presentation! Everything that comes out is a visual edible artwork! This Lobster & Crab Spring Rolls didnt just look good but tasted equally as amazing too! Great to share!


Sake Sampler Flight – Sample pours of four of our favorite sakes including Classic Junmai, Fuji Apple, Ty-Ku Black and Silky Mild

If you are a sake novice (like me) then doing this Sake Flight Sample would be ideal. I tried 4 different ones, but the one that made me an instant fan was the Fuji Apple Sake. It was so smooth, clear and tasted like fresh apple water. I am order an entire craft of this the next visit I have here. Trust me on this – get a Fuji Apple Sake!


{Left} Mad Mango-Cado Roll – Shrimp tempura, kani inside, coated with tempura flakes. Topped with mango, avocado and sweet eel sauce. Served with a side of spicy mayo {Right} Tropical Storm Roll -Kani, avocado and cucumber inside, topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, Japanese mayo, sweet eel sauce, sriracha and multi-colored tobiko. Served with wasabi yuzu dipping sauce


Tropical Storm Roll is unique because it has fish eggs on top with different flavors inflused such as wasabi, sriracha, citrus flavors that is only presented at Cowfish.


The Cowfish Bento Box 14 A combo meal featuring both burger and sushi, including a mini-burger with American cheese, pickles and chopped red onion, sweet potato fries, Thai cucumbers, edamame and choice of a 4 piece sushi roll (California, Spicy Tuna, Vegetarian or Philly Roll)

This is when the food gets crafty. If you know anything about Asian bento boxes, well this is a box with the Cowfish flair. Burger and sushi style. It was amazing! I would suggest this as a cute lunch option. Everything was good but the fried pickles with the burger was amazing. Now I opted out of the edamame and replaced it with thai cucumbers it was amazing. Give me more Thai cucumbers! You definitely get your American and Asian craving fix all at once here!

the-cowfish-burger-sushi-dunwoody-atlanta-food-review-11 The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi is what you should come here for! It will change your life! If you like burgers and you like sushi…ta da your dream will come true in this unique fusion dish. It’s considered a Cowfish original “burgushi” roll and this is their famous one. Trust me — if you don’t know what else to order – get this one of a kind roll! I know for a fact this will be a favorite of mine each time I visit.


The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi 14 Seasoned Certified Angus Beef, yellow cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, and red onion, wrapped in soy paper and potato strings then flash fried. Topped with ketchup, mustard, dill pickle and Roma tomato. Served atop Cowfish sauce. Served with house seasoned fries


The Nature Boy’s WOOOOO-shi BuffalOOOOO-shi Roll 17 Sautéed chipotle bison, fried green tomato, grilled onions, feta cheese inside, coated with tempura flakes. Topped with fresh green tomato, chipotle aioli, diced tomato, red onion, jalapeño pepper

The Nature Boy’s WOOOOO-shi BuffalOOOOO-shi Roll is another Cowfish original burgushi roll. These burger sushi combo rolls are nothing short of delicious and innovative. Again another must try! Your taste buds will be shocked with this combo of flavors of this sushi burger roll! 


Apple Pie “Wontons” 7 Fresh wontons wrapped around homemade apple pie filling and flash fried. Served with sweet caramel cream dipping sauce and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

Cowfish still have more options up their sleeves. Even their dessert are fusion style! How about an Apple Pie mixed with Wontons! This Apple Pie Wonton with Vanilla Ice cream literally made me want to scream in joy. It was so good…presentation again was gorgeous but I am so happy I made room for this dessert! This is once again a Cowfish original.


I ended my night with Cowfish with a shake to go! They have amazing variety of shakes that also can have spiked hand-spun shake versions! Since I was going home I just got a regular premium shake…this is the Smore Shake. It is exactly what it is – a smore in a shake. Definitely wanted smore…and more and more!

I had so much fun at The Cowfish experience in Atlanta. I didnt just enjoy the food, but the presentation, the ambiance and especially the service. Service is so important and all of the staff was so accommodating and friendly. They pride themselves as not just having a restaurant but making it a lifestyle of comfort for each visit. This is definitely a fun trendy hangout spot to eat with friends and socialize! I’m sold I will be a regular here – the entire experience as a collective is making me an instant fan.

Learn more about The Cowfish here at | MENU | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | #TheCowFishATL

What do you think of this unique fusion dining experience of burgers and sushi?

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