Haute Man Alert: Omari Hardwick host Starz Power Screening in Atlanta Saturday 06 June, 2015


Omari Hardwick graced Atlanta with his prescence to showcase a private screening for his hit Starz original scripted tv show phenom, Power. Now before we get into the screening and the show detail…just look at him! You know how Instagram has #MCM (Man Crush Monday), well he is my #MCE (Man Crush Everyday) and even before that was a thing, I have loved this man. I am look at him! LOOK he is beautiful! This is one haute guy…and I mean I thank his mother and father for the fate that brought them together to produce this beautiful DNA. This is an adonis! I know…I know I am fan girling something serious, but it’s not too many people I find attactive and his is definitely my ideal “prototype” guy. He is beyond handsome, but lets carry on with his talent (beside putting me in a trace of his damn near perfect appereance)…he is an amazing actor and Power is a great show. Season 2 is returning and the leading man is back ready to delieve some “power” episodes for us!


As you can see, Mr.Omari Hardwick is the forefront man of this “Power”ful show. From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh comes Season 2 of “Power,” a drama straddling the glamourous lifestyles of Manhattan’s rich and infamous and the dark underworld of the international drug trade.

Season 2 will pick up where the first season left off: James “Ghost” St. Patrick doubling down on his drug business to save his nightclub and his dream of a legitimate future. Ghost is in a race against himself to get out of the drug game alive and without imprisonment.


Omari, who is an Atlanta native, came back to his hometown to do some red carpet apperance as well as host his private screening. Usually he is pretty clean cut, but I am digging the beard! I am not even a beard kind of girl…but Omari can do basically anything and I will drool. Lets look at some more of this adorable man and appreciate more promo pictures!


I will make Peace with You Omari.


::sings:: You are so beautiful…too me!!!!!


Dear God, why did you make a man so beautiful?


Tichina Arnold, best known for her role as Pam in the 90’s hit sitcom Martin, came by for support. They are always Starz network friends as she is leading lady of the show Survivor’s Remorse. They film the show here in Atlanta. omari-hardwick-power-atlanta-starz-screening-2

Omari + his Starz network friends from the show Survivor’s Remorse.


One more fangirl picture! Sorry…can you blame me??!



During the screening he sat in the auidence with his mother. Hey Ms.Hardwick thank you!!! She looks so proud of him.


After the screening of the first epsiode from Season 2 of Power, there was an immediate Q&A with Omari. He talked about the episode (which by the way was super explosive and very entertaining and answers questons from journalist in the auidence to elaborate.


One of the things he said during his Q & A which was profound was that out of all the roles he played he said he was the most removed from his Character “Ghost” on this show. Ghost character has such a dark-ish side to him, Omari sometimes says he forgets he is the one playing him. In real life Omari states he came from a well balanced background that gave him humbleness (from his mom) but book smarts intelligence (from his dad). Ghost is the complete opposite, a street hustler who is involved in some pretty serious and intense situations. But with any real actor, they get a role that is the opposite of themselves that makes them grow into their craft. Omari + Ghost may be two different people, but ladies let me tell you – they are both still FINE as WINE ok???

Not gonna lie the entire time watching the screening, and even when I watch season one all I could say during the episode is this man can do anything he wants and I will still love him. Yes that’s a lustful thing for me to say, but thank God this is just a “show” and Omari isn’t bad like this in real life. It’s a fantasty. This show does get real ruggedy and hardcore, as with any show that deals with money, drugs, sex and POWER…but the storylines are watch keeps me and the fans watch. Trust me – season 2 kick off show is gonna knock your socks off! I know I have been bragging about this man’s apperance throughout this entire post, but this honestly is a good show. If you are all about Suspense Thriller shows, POWER is for you! Find out how the people with the POWER stays powerful, with some diabolically dillemnas inbewteen.


 Power premieres on the STARZ network on June 6th. Follow #POWERTV on social media for more engagement!  kiwithebeauty-signature1

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