{Holiday Party} Making Spirits Bright with Google #CityExperts in Atlanta Monday 08 December, 2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s definitely holiday party season! As if I don’t go to enough events, the holidays amp it up even more and Google wanted to kick off the season with a Making Spirits Bright Party in Atlanta with #CityExperts. I’ve talked about Google’s City Experts program here, where people in participating cities have the opportunity to party with Google once a month by doing great local reviews of their town. I did my 50+ reviews (yes you have to do over fifty reviews to be a members) and now I am official and this was my second party with Google! In Google fashion, they went all out with their party.


So they had the party at this great venue called Park Tavern, which is actually a skating rink. Of course the City Experts had free access to complimentary skating, but because I was being silly that day I opted out. It was too many people, open bar, icy frozen rink…yeah I personally can be kind of clumsy so I just didn’t want to chance it…I would be holding onto the edge like a 5 year old the entire time (rusty ice skating girl). Outside of the skating rink, Google had it set up literally for a great interactive Holiday experience with different stations and tasks.


Google always provides great complimentary food, unlimited drinks and socialization. The stations I were talking about were broken down into different areas; The Hot Cocoa Station, The PhotoBooth Station, The Write A Letter to A Hero Station & Operation Christmas Child. Each Google City Expert was giving a piece of paper and you had to check off each activity at all the station with a sticker, and at the end of the completed sheet you get exclusive Google gloves. It was super fun, engaging and a great way to make sure you make your rounds at the party and do something out the box.



The Google Gloves garland for everyone who completed the holiday tasks

Everyone wanted Google gloves and to get them you have to finish all the task at each station. They had them cutely hanging up ready for everyone who participated. I wanted my gloves so I definitely went to each station!


The Apple Cider + Hot Chocolate Bar

This was a fun area. It wasn’t just your ordinary drink station it was basically a DIY beverage bar. I am not an Apple Cider fan, but I am a hot chocolate fan (especially mixed with some Baileys – that’s a great idea). All the toppings you want…but I may or may not have had more Bailey’s than hot chocolate in my cup. Don’t judge me…


The Write A Letter to A Hero Station. Simply write a nice letter to our soldiers serving overseas for our country wishing them well over the holidays.

I think sometimes we forget that while we are enjoying the holidays with our loved ones, we have American soldiers serving us and may not be able to make it home for Christmas. So Google set up this special station with blank Christmas cards to wish some American military men a happy holiday and cheer from us. I thought that was sweet.


The children toy section, where the City Experts selected the items they would give to either a little boy or girl for a personalize Christmas gift box.


Operation Christmas Child was amazing. Google had it set up to where there were empty boxes for little boys or girls waiting to be filled by the city experts.

The Operation Christmas child was a special station. It was for the City Experts to create customer Christmas care packages to gift to children who may not get much for the holidays. This touched my heart because it’s hard to think about little kids maybe not getting gifts but its an unfortunate reality for some. It was cute how Google had it set up, empty boxes pre-determined for a boy or girl and a separate table for a selection of items to fill the box with per gender. It was so amazing because it was a way for us to give that was already set up to give, we just had to do the rest. I filled my box up and then wrote a special letter to a little girl. I hope she knows I created her special box with love.

My favorite station of course was the photobooth station!

holiday-party google-making-spirits-bright-atlanta-holiday-party-kiwi-the-beauty2

Ok so everyone knows my favorite thing basically in the whole wide world is to take picture. What I love on top of taking pictures is to crash a party’s photobooth and go a little crazy. My friend Nia + I were having a ball. In some of our pictures we decided we even belonged in a Gap/Old Navy/Target/insert-your-favorite-holiday-brand-here-commercial. We were super hamming it up for the cameras. But after closer look at all the pictures I am kinda serious – I want to be in an holiday commercial!  #Bucketlist but until then I just had fun with my friends in a booth. If you have any connections or suggestions to make that happen for me in 2015 please hit me up! Nia is apart of the package too (lol).

google-party-atlanta-city-experts-making-spirits-bright-holiday-kiwi-the-beauty google-party-atlanta-city-experts-making-spirits-bright-holiday-kiwi-the-beauty2 google-party-atlanta-city-experts-making-spirits-bright-holiday-kiwi-the-beauty3 google-making-spirits-bright-atlanta-holiday-party-kiwi-the-beauty5 So as you can see my friends and I dominated the photobooth and guess who was the ring leader? Yup this girl…always. I think I need photobooth rehab!


Me looking crazy because they were throwing fake snow at me and..I wasnt getting it anywhere but in my hair lol

If you are interested in being a City Experts in your city and want to start going to some cool Google parties near you, then check out more deets here. It was a great party again, I don’t expect any less from Google and I am sure next year it will be even more fun!

partial blog photo credit : Google City Expert Local ATL 

Will you be attending any holiday parties this year? Can you help me get into a holiday commercial for 2015?

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