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Hi friends. I have just completed my first Blogalicous Conference and I wanted to share something for all of those who are seeking to get a blog website. Whether you are a newbie blogger or considering starting one I can tell you how to get a FREE blog domain site. You cannot be a true blogger today without a website.


Me as a Domain.ME ambassador

Let me state when I started blogging back in 2006 (ten years ago) I used That is dated. Very dated. In fact, you will be taken less seriously if you have a blog at now. It’s too long and it just screams, “Hey I can’t get the domain site I want right now so I will settle for this”. Ten years ago I did settle for that, it also was the only option. I respect because it is the mother of Blogger in the first place…but we are in a time period where bloggers have stepped their game all the way up. Everyone owns their domain now. You should have a blog that is a reflection of you blog and brand, and any hosting site that has extra verbiage in your url. link will be just too much to process.

I will also admit when I started KiwiTheBeauty in 2012…I didnt even have a website. Can you believe that? I had a camera, Facebook and Instagram but for the longest time I didn’t have an actual site. Unacceptable I know and it took the end of that year to actually get my own domain site (Dec.5th, 2012). So I have been there, the desire to blog but not feeling confident because I couldn’t own my domain yet. Well you shouldn’t be like me anymore. There are option and I am going to tell you about a way on how to get a FREE domain!


I was so proud to be a brand ambassador on the behalf of Domain.Me at Blogalicious which allows you to own your brand with a .Me on the end of your url. No it’s not .com like most site but its just as effective if not more because it stands out! You can create so many unique names to go with your .ME url. For example Time Magazine owns Ti.ME and the Despicable Me brand bought Despicable.ME. So you can get real creative or simple use your name and utilize .ME after it. At Blogalicious I told many of the attendees about the site and gave them free codes to get this service for a year Free. Yes, an entire year for free for a website that will belong to them. Purchasing your domain and hosting site is what stops many people from building their website in the first place so this is one less thing to worry about.


Creative Ways To Purchase Your Own Blog Site

  • Your Own Name .ME (if you don’t use your name as your blog name already).
  • Your Children’s Name for the future 
  • Inspirational Sites Such as InspiredBy.ME, DesignedBy.ME, Creative.ME, VisionsBy.ME
  • Find Fun Ways To Stand Out on a business card or even resume such as PleaseHire.ME, YouWillLove.Me, IAmAweso.Me, DontForget.Me, etc…

Those are just a few ideas. Again you can get super creative with it and have fun with different ways to own your site via Domain.ME. Below are some examples from the photobooth area at the conference on how they played on the word ME.





Bloggers at the Domain.ME Suite at the Blogalicious 8 Conference

I encourage you if you have a desire to have your own blog in the near future you will definitely need to get your domain for it. Blogging is serious buisness now and most bloggers own their domain names and it becomes their personality. The days are gone where a blogsite is extremely long because it was bought on a platform where it was free but you had to adopt their site as well. Domain.ME gives you the luxury of owning your name as unique as you!

So How Do You Get The FREE WEBSITE already? Email me here at kiwithebeauty [at] gmail [dot] com and I will send you a personalized code that you can have access to for a FREE SITE to Domain.Me for a year! Don’t worry you don’t have to sign up for anything with me nor will I spam you further. I am simply going to give you a unique code that will give you the complimentary domain for a year for you to get started. Sounds good? me_domain_logo

Click here to learn more about Domain.Me and visit and like their Domain.ME Facebook Page!

Do You Know Of Other Creative .ME site names one can use for their future Blog or Business?

About the Blogger - Kiwi the Beauty

Kiwi is the free spirited blogger and content creator of As a digital influencer, she produces creative inspiration around beauty, lifestyle, media and travel leisure. Her life mantra is to make manifesting fun! When she’s not blogging, she is eating trendy hipster food, carrying crystals, making it rain at her local farmer's market and binge brunching. Follow her on her blog and social media at + @kiwithebeauty

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