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I co-hosted an event at Indique Hair Boutique in Atlanta, and it was all about the CURLFRIENDS. It was a cute and intimate environment where a bunch of ladies (and gents) mingled and did a little curly hair chit chat. If you don’t know about Indique, it’s a hair extension boutique that feature high quality hair and I actually was there for the grand opening last summer. I was invited to host the event, and literally the first thing I asked them was “You all know I am natural right?” Not saying natural girls can’t get extensions but to honest I don’t. I am not a get-your-hair-sewn-in type of girl – as you can see I like my own hair wild and free…so I was kind of confused why they picked me to help host the event. Well come to find out Indique actually has a line of hair extension that caters to natural hair textures and they wanted me to try it out…interesting enough right?




indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-clipins2 indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-clipins

I hosted this #Curlfriend event with fellow blogger Tekela of Naturally Kela who is also a fellow blogger and naturalista. Prior to the event we both opted to get clip-in hair installations, and the above pictures are the results. Now I apologize I don’t have before/after photos of neither one of us, but trust me – there are clip-in hair extensions in both of our scalps and I think we both pulled off the look great! I promise I never though extensions could looks so natural…so this was pretty cool! We are both wearing the Bounce Organic Curl collection. Other hair textures are Bounce Coil Curl + Pure Curly indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-3

The clip-in installation was surprisingly enough only a 5-10 minute process. I opted for the clip-in instead of the popular sew-in because I will be upfront, I do not like to have my hair confided or restricted for long periods of times, so the clip-in options is a quick boost for extra volume, and I can easily take them out at anytime. The Bounce Organic Curls actually blended in with my hair so perfectly, that myself and the guest couldn’t even tell which was my hair and which was the extension pieces. That was impressive! indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-11

Thanks to Dawn Lamar Cosmetics for my makeup application
Curlfriends checking out the curly hair textures at Indique Hair

My friends we even curious about the natural hair extension Indique provides because like most people, when you think of hair extensions you assume straight hair. I think they were very curious of the curly pieces, because as you can see they are natural themselves and might consider this as an option one day. The Curls, excuse me, I mean the girls who attended were excited to learn that there can be variety in hair extension and also options to even get clip-in like myself if they aren’t a sew-in girl either. indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-12 indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-13 indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-4 indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-5

The Winners of the #Curlfriend Contest


So the #Curlfriends and convos mini mixer was very informative and I was happy to co-host. Once again, I never thought there were curly hair textures like my own to even consider it as an option for extensions. I actually love the concept, because sometimes us curly girls want an extra boost in volume because you can never have too much big hair (well not for me). I already have big thick hair…and yes the clip-in added a subtle but extra oomph in my own styling. The best part for me I can clip it on and off and still wash my hair weekly as I usually do. I am actually going to get some additional hair from Indique for more length, because the summer is coming and hey I wanna whip my curly hair back and forth with even BIGGER hair. So stayed tuned for when I get the hair, and I might even do a video so you can see a before and after. Thanks to Ericka Dotson, owner of Indique Hair Boutique, for having such an innovative and creative concept for hair and inviting me to display theCurly Collection.  indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-16 indique-atlanta-kiwithebeauty-curlfriends-15

Thanks Tekela for being an awesome co-host with me! I think we rocked the Coily Curly hair perfectly, no one would know unless we told them. Once again #TeamNatural rocks even if we had some “extended” help. Check out the rest of the pictures with my #Curlfriends (and guy friends) at the party.

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