Mali Hunter’s World Famous Dinner Introduces Toyota Green Initiative at Tree Sound Studios Monday 30 October, 2017

Seems like the world is going green am I right? I think its an awesome thing to go green with our living and especially our eating and I went to an event that highlighted this in Atlanta. It was different because it was located in an Atlanta studio and it blended the love of music and holistic green living into a great night with great vibes.

Chef Mali Hunter, Atlanta very own Chief Operating Officer/partner  of Tree Sound, hosted one of her world famous dinners calling it “Green” Eats & Dope Beats” — in collaboration with Toyota Green Initiative program. I have been going to Mali’s private dinner party for years, but this event was exclusively different from her others as we were introduced to food in a holistic way. I love holistic everything so I was excited to attend this special dinner!

Mali’s Collaboration with Toyota

Mali Hunter’s Tree Sound studio is known for being the COO of Tree Sounds which is famous for producing albums from some of your favorites in the music industry such as Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, B.o.B, David Banner, Elton John, Gwen Stephani, Jamie Foxx, J.Cole, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Nas, Outkast, T.I., TLC, and so many more! She also cooks for her celebrity friends/clients such as Lenny Kravitz, T.I, Cee-Lo Green, Woody Harrelson, Billy Bob Thornton, Rosie Perez, Ne-Yo, Drake, Wiz Khalifa!

As you can see musically Tree Sound studios is the place to be and Mali has always been an amazing host for celebs and media alike and we can always mingle over good vibes and food. A very unique place, but this collaboration was even more unique as Mali hosted this “Green” Eats & Dope Beats” with a new generation who is introducing health, wellness and food in the most holistic way.

Toyota Green Initiative Coalition Members

​The Toyota Green Initiative (TGI) is an environmental stewardship platform designed to educate and empower the African-American community on how to adopt sustainable habits. Since 2010, TGI has created experiences demonstrating simple ways to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle . With active HBCU campus ambassador programs and a coalition of sustainability experts and influencers, TGI is powered by Toyota to help our communities decrease their environmental impact.

Featured Toyota Green Initiative Coalition Members:

Mali Hunter: COO/Partner, TreeSound Studios
Stic (Dead Prez;Rapper)
Robert aka “Rob Veggies” Founder & Exec Director of Trap Garden
Yoli Ouiya: Sustainability Expert

They all spoke of the importance of healthy food options, teaching the new generation on health and wellness and exposing their own initiatives and programs on how to bring health consciousness more into communities across the nation. Toyota has been working with all of these coalition ambassadors for TGI and helping them along the way in different cities by hosting different events and road tours. AfroPunk was their next event.

Mali’s Dinner


baked lemon pepper tilapia; a slow-cooked sustainable sourced lamb with tomatoes, okra and potatoes; and a vegan-veggie stuffed zucchini roasted with vegan cheese.


baked macaroni and cheese, and quinoa with seasonal roasted vegetables.


Southern-style peach cobbler and fresh in season sorbet with seasonal berries.


Wine, Prosecco, fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade.

Mali fed us, and all of the food was farm raised from her personal farm/garden that she goes to to harvest the food and serve her meals. All food items were prepared using locally grown and sustainable sourced ingredients. So not only is all of this food delicious, but it  farm-to-table organic meals! This is what make Mali’s world famous dinners so famous!

This dinner was delicious and also very informative. I am on my own holistic journey, and this is amazing that this dinner highlighted locally sourced and farm organic produced meals. I am definitely trying to eat better and be more conscious of living a better and greener lifestyle.

Chef Mali Hunter

Mali Hunter is also a regularly featured chef on “Atlanta & Company’s” morning television show on channel 11 with her Cooking with Mali Hunter segments which are always showcasing festive recipes!

Thanks Mali for having me for another successful + delicious dinner. Me + close friend Kesh at Mali’s Green Eats & Dope Beats event

So in honor of “Green Eats & Dope Beats” event at Tree sound Studios, Toyota was a title sponsor for the very popular music fest Afro Punk. I was gifted with tickets as a plus one with my friend The Sistah Chick, to attend my 1st Afro Punk concert, as I drove to both days in the new Toyota Corolla iM! Stay tuned for next post on how I drove to Afro Punk in this Toyota and my stylish festive getup for that weekend! Toyota is doing a better job of  producing cars that are good for the environment and eco-friendly.

Learn more about the Toyota Green Iniative (TGI) program here and also about Tree Sounds Studios here.

Is Green Living and Eating Important to You?

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