Mother’s Day is approaching and I will be honest, so many gifts are the same things moms have been getting for the last few decades. Flowers are cool, but why is that the universal symbol of what to get moms everywhere once a year (this and Valentines Day). Its redundant and flowers die! My mom has gotten so many flowers over the years, and the thrill is gone for her. I can get her some but trust me, she wont be impress. I was considering adding jewelry and massages to the list too (because those are the next contenders) but those wont go out of style if you get the right ones.

Secretly, I am sure you mom would like more than just flowers too. Yes you can take her out to the typical mother’s day brunch if you like, but gift her differently this year. I decided to help you if you needed some last minute unique ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. Check them out below. mothers-day-gift-ideas

1. Take her to a stageplay

I think people are forgetting the fun in stageplays. Movies are cool but a stageplay is live and it can be really fun a classy. Find a really good show in your area (Broadway isnt everywhere) and find a show that you think she would like. This would make for great bonding too.

2. Buy mom some makeup

I think sometimes Moms are marketed for perfume, but what about actual makeup? I know we all dug in our moms makeup stash when we were younger, so why dont we return the favor and buy her some more. So many new products on the market, or just buy her favorite lip shade (or a few).

3. Buy mom a beauty gift set & DIY wrap it

So if you are going to buy her a beauty gift set, which is cool because many brands usually have specials or box sets around this time of year, make the wrapping special. I think people are forgetting the art of a beautiful gift wrap. I love the minimalist gift wrapping now. Get some basic wrapping paper, tie it with twine with a flower (I prefer plastic) and a simple easy chic wrapped gift.

4. Take her shopping

Do you have a picky mom? Do you have a mom who has mostly everything or just need an excuse to shop. Just take her shopping for Mother’s Day. Skipped the brunch at restaurants and just go straight to the mall or boutiques and have her pick out something she likes. Shopping is also a fun bonding experience and you will know she will definitely like her gift!

5. Plane tickets

Ok this gift idea is for when you really want to take the gift giving up a notch. You dont have to go to drastic, maybe a plane ticket to her home state, where her family reside (maybe she doesnt live near you), or even international if you have it like that. Travel is always a great gift idea, book a flight for mom so there will be less excuses for her not to enjoy herself outside of her own city. She deserves a break, a travel trip will help her.

So this is it for now. Just a few new ideas. I am not saying flowers are the worst thing to get your mom, if you still want to go for it. I just hope this list gave you more outside the box ideas too just in case you didnt want to go floral shopping again this year.

Have any other unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Outside of Flowers?

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  • Alli Smith says:

    These are all great gift ideas! One of my daughters took me out for lunch and a pedi yesterday and tomorrow all my girls will take me out for a tea party. Then on Sunday, I’m heading to the beach. I’m really loving Mother’s Day this year. 🙂

  • HeidiDee says:

    What great ideas! I’m sure that my mom would LOVE to get plane tickets!

  • candy says:

    I love flowers and still love to receive them but I understand what you are saying. Funny you mention plane tickets. That is what the kids went together and go me this year.

  • Amber Myers says:

    I love these ideas. I’m all about unique. I’m getting my mother some stuff for her garden instead of flowers and the norm.

  • Anosa says:

    Plane tickets and going out on a travel is a very nice idea. Bringing mom in a place she has never been is definitely the best gift.

  • These are all excellent ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and certainly out of the norm! I love the idea of plane tickets and the idea of just jumping to run away on a trip to wherever I want to go!

  • Tamara says:

    I think it doesn’t get better than plane tickets. It can be time spent together on a trip, or just to send her somewhere amazing. My mom wants to see so much more of the world.

  • LOL, love that you have gift ideas that aren’t flowers.
    My hubby actually gave me a snorkel mask for Mother’s day.
    Not your traditional gift but one that is sure going to be a ton of fun.
    I would die if I got plane tickets…that one would be tricky to keep a secret!

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    These are some lovely ideas I like the idea of taking my Mum shopping I might just have to do that sometime soon!

  • Jenn says:

    These are great gift ideas for Mothers Day. I know I would be happy with any of them.

  • I wish I could do these things with my MOm. All I can do is call her and send her some cash for Mother’s day since she is thousands of miles away.

  • Lynzy & Co says:

    THESE are everything. Such perfect suggestions that Mom would TOTALY love. I know I would be in love with any of them.

  • Chloe says:

    Plane tickets would be an amazing gift! I love these ideas, better than the usual soaps etc I get mum haha

  • My mom has passed away, so there’s nothing to do there, but my husband usually takes his mom out to dinner and buys her a book. She is an avid reader and she usually loves this.

  • Lisa Favre says:

    I totally agree with the DIY gift wrap! There is such a beautiful art behind it and I love the look of it as well.

  • Ali Rost says:

    What fun (and different) ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. I love the idea of a taking her to a play .. it would be a fun excuse to have her all to myself for an evening! She, on the other hand, might want plane tickets. Paris has been calling her name for a year or so now

  • Roch says:

    Buying her makeup is a nice idea. I’m thinking makeup and a skin care set for everyday personal care routine will be more suitable now that she’s more aware about skin aging and whitening. A DIY wrapping package will make her happy, too.

  • Maurene Cab says:

    Flowers are really the most common gift but it is also great to have other ideas. Thanks for your list.

  • These are really cool ideas to do with moms. I am not sure about a couple of them, but the play would be really cool I think.

  • Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great gift ideas besides just flowers for mother’s day. I know my mom would love to go see a stage play. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas.

  • Love You Wedding says:

    I have always wanted to get my mom a vacation so she can relax and take a dip in the pool but she always says she is too old to travel. Oh well, since she always likes skin care products, that is what I will give her.

  • lisalisa says:

    These are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas. I really like the plane ticket idea, I will be traveling soon so a plane ticket gift would be nice!

  • Cheryl says:

    These are great gift ideas. Since my mom and I live far away, I have a calendar made with pics of my son and I.

  • Polarbelle says:

    My son got me something I’ve been hinting at for weeks. It’s nice to know that sometimes they do listen. Happy Mother’s day!

  • Nikka Shae says:

    This is a wonderful idea for Mother’s Day then your typical flowers!

  • I actually went to a local eco store to buy my mom a gift certificate, and also got a deal for a free consultation! She loved it!

  • Marcie W. says:

    I always appreciate flowers, but nothing beats a unique gift idea. Anything travel related is an easy way to my heart!

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