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The Liberty Trust building has an endearing place in Roanoke’s history. When completed in 1910, it was described in a newspaper headline as “A Temple of Finance.” The seven-story property was a symbol of Roanoke’s prosperity and progress.

I want to share this is my first time visiting the State of Virginia and learning about Roanoke, VA. Roanoke has a rich history but it is a growing modern town I got a chance to experience. For my trip, I got to stay at the amazing and historical The Liberty Trust, which is currently a boutique hotel.
If you look at this photo, it looks like I am going into a bank right? That’s because this is a historical bank, even the name “Liberty Trust” gives away its origins.

I am so happy I got to say here as for the week I got to experience life in Roanoke,VA as a local #Trailsetter. I will share more in the post to come, but this town is plentiful in scenic views, culinary dining, outdoor activities, arts and more. The Liberty Trust is in the heart of all of these amazing things to do and it was a wonderful stay. Let’s check out more of this amazing renovated bank turned boutique hotel!


Walking inside you immediately get a sense this hotel’s interior design gives a banking intuitional semblance.  The Liberty Hotel lobby has characteristics of the French Renaissance architectural influence.

You can see the modern renovation, but they made sure to preserve the vintage fixtures of great columns of marble, the copper and brass and tiling, the steel vault that is a memorial of its origins behind it polished bars and the lofty ceiling.
The Liberty Trust building was originally erected to house First National Bank, the first financial institution to be founded in Roanoke. It was originally named First National, which opened after Christmas in 1910.

The Liberty Trust property is still considered to be one of the best-appointed Edwardian era bank buildings in Virginia.

As you can see, this historical bank has successful turned into the town’s newest contemporary boutique hotel. The Liberty Trust have kept its history intact as one can observe, but the stylist amenities and flair of the 21st century is also prevalent in this hotel. Lets explore more gems of this new hotel.


In addition to historic elegance, staying in one of their guest rooms provided state-of-the art modern amenities. I distinguished during my stay that any guest will get the best of both worlds; contemporary decor mixed in with early 20th century adornments. My guest & I stayed in a comfy double queen room with multiple tall windows to give a multi-room view of Virginia Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains overlooking Downtown Roanoke.  As you can see in the room the many 20th century touches to the interior designing of our room. The Copper-colored chair invites you into the room, along with the faux rotary phone and faux radio which is actual a Bluetooth speaker. The bathroom wall décor also give accents of the previous century embellishments of 1920s design.

Great welcome touch as The Liberty Trust provided a Chocolate Bar in the shape of the famous Roanoke Star.

More welcome goodies with a canva tote with The Liberty Trust branding.

I enjoyed the natural lighting in my room daily as I got a full scenic view of Virginia Blue Ridge & The Appalachian Mountains overlooking downtown Roanoke.

Staying her during my few days of my press trip exploring Roanoke,VA was a pleasant and comfort stay. We were walking distance from Downtown Roanoke and a quick drive to majority of my other stops along the way.

The Liberty Trust
101 S Jefferson Street
Roanoke, VA 24011

Learn more about staying at The Liberty Trust at libertytrusthotel.com

Stay tuned for my next upcoming post on how I became a #Trailsetter in Roanoke, VA and the many places I explored while I was here.

Have you visited Roanoke, VA?

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