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Synopsis:Black Coffee, No Sugar, No Cream’s is a story about Robert (Darrin Henson,Soul Food) who believes his world is crushed after he’s fired from a company that his Father built from the ground up. But, oftentimes, people come into your life and plant the seed of purpose and this is what Robert found in Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis, BET’s The Game). But, Morgan’s ex husband: Hill (Lamman Rucker, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married) and Robert’s girlfriend Mita (Erica Hubbard, Let’s Stay Together) are both still in the picture, which could mean it wasn’t the right timing for Robert and Morgan to be romantically linked. Julian (Christian Keyes) the comedic relief in the film, attempts to help Robert make the most logical decision, but, knowing that sometimes people come into your life for particular reason. Morgan’s reason for being in Robert’s life was probably to encourage him to jump out on faith, find his purpose in life and start building his own business. This is a great film about discovering your purpose in life. – Black Coffee Facebook

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My opinion:
This was a cutesy love story. You’ve kind of heard  this story before, guy sees girl, starts seeing beautiful woman frequently and boom they run into each other in a random scenario and spark conversation. While Robert (Darrin Henson) is immediately smitten by independent prim & proper Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis), she on the other hand was not impressed. It’s another cliche scenario, successful business woman meets blue collar worker where she has to observe his profession to even see if he could ever get her affection. She has the money but he has the honey, or should I say coffee – in which is what drives their initial personal interaction.

Morgan hires Robert to be her painter for her new attorney firm and a paint job starts leading into something more. I observed and like d seeing how slowly Robert’s genuine charm starts to erode Morgans hardcore solid exterior. This is a great scenario where you can see that a woman is putting a wall up, even in front of a great guy, but when you are smitten the walls come tumbling down. There is a reason for Morgan’s wall – as we learn she was in a complex situation with her ex-lover Hill (Lamman Rucker), who is affluent and powerful trying to win back her love making things complicated.

We also learn in the beginning of this story that Robert also has some issues with an ex lover Mita (Erica Hubbard) who is annoying, ditsy and down right spoiled who ends up cheating and leaving him for their boss. With both Robert and Morgan dealing with their exes interfering with their budding love, we have the comic relief of the film Julian (Christian Hayes), who is Robert’s very attractive cousin who a successful coffee distributor and the voice of reason for the movie. Julian sure does showcase fine and funny go together…can we say Eye Candy galore?!

Overall the theme of the movie is about what is  meant to be will be, and another man’s trash is another person’s treasure. Some people are with people for long periods of time and can’t understand why things didn’t work, until they meet “The One”. There is a match for everyone, and this movie proves that love is brewing in the most interesting places. This was a light-hearted, comical and sweet movie.

Now unfortunately with this movie, this is only in select theaters so it might be a search to find it near you. If it’s open near you please support! Great actors and we need to see more talent like this on the big screen.


This movies is in select AMC theaters in the nation. Check your local listing for screening details.


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