Ford has returned to Atlanta to host the 4th annual My City 4 Ways event! I love the Ford brand, you all know I have done some amazing test driving of their cars and been quiet a few of their events over the years. In fact I have been personally invited to #MyFordCity a few times here and here so it was an honor when they invited me yet again this year!  I not  only got invited to the big event, but to a private one as one of their influncer special guest at The Cook’s Warehouse in Atlanta as a sneak preview to #MyFordCity this year.

I was invited personally by Ford to attend a very intimate cooking demo and tasting for My City 4 Ways Event. Ford’s My City 4 Ways event is a Culture Festival that celebrates Atlanta’s Most Notable Tastemakers, Innovators and Leaders. So to preview what was in store for the big event, there was a food tasting, and I even got a chance to cook a few dishes!

Meet local culinary artist Chef Tanya of Pretti Plates Catering. In 2008, Pretti Plates Inc. was born. Chef Tanya’s clientele caters on major film production sets, celebrity events, corporate luncheons, and private events. Ford hand selected her to be the chef of the My City 4 Ways event this year, and she also showed us behind the scenes of what she will be serving and gave us a taste of everything that would be at the event.

I was invited along with another local Atlanta native blogger/influncer Lexi ( Both of us got a real intimate experience of meals prepped by Chef Tanya of Pretti Plates, who made all of the hor dourves the guest will be indulging in for the actual My City 4 Way #MyFordCity event.


So the first cooking demo Lexi & I participated in were these cute “soul cakes”. Soul Cakes are Chef Tanyas person creation of a mini cornbread muffin, topped with a mini scoop of mash potatoes, topped with deep friend chicken breast with a hot sauce and honey drizzle. The food looked amazing but she also taught us the presentation of it. It was so cute, adorable and original. I would definitely like to recreate these for a future event. I would definitely have to make some half w/chicken and half without (as I am pescatarian). These were fun to make, I felt like a mini pro after I was done!


The next cooking demo Lexi & I helped cooked were the vegan meatballs. Chef Tanya wanted to make sure people who didn’t eat meat could have a meatless option and these were perfect. The meatballs were made of Gardein, which is a plant based protein that gives a realistic meat texture. It was also fun creating and eating these, as Lexi & I were both pescatarians so we were able to enjoy these. They actually taste like authentic meatballs, the secret is using Chef Tanya’s Pretti Plates special seasonings! The presentation for the meatballs were also adorable. They were served lollipop styled and had bedazzled diamond sticks!


Fruit Martinis

Soul Cakes – as seen in demo

Vegan Meatballs – as seen in demo

Mini Burger Sliders

Salmon Bites

Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

Lexi and I learned to cook the soul cakes and the vegan meatballs, but the rest of the items are also on the menu for the #MyFordCity event. We got to eat everything, a mini preview of what the guest will be indulging in the next day! Everything was presented on a “pretti” platter! Please check out more of Chef Tanya of Pretti Plates Catering at


As if Ford didnt spoil us enough, they provided us with gifts! A beautiful box encased with wine glasses and accessories. Great keepsake gift!

This influencer cooking demo to get ready for My City 4 Ways hosted by Ford and Essence Magazine was well put together! Thank you to Chef Tanya Chavis (Pretti Plates Catering), Dee Guerrero (Ford) and Gayle O’Caroll (Essence Magazine) for putting together this influencer pre-event!

My City 4 Ways Event #MyFordCity

The 4th Annual My City 4 Ways Event happened the next day! Hosted by hip hop icon MC Lyte and actor/model/entertainment host Terrence J, My City 4 Ways Atlanta presented by Ford was another big success and turn out. I always said this event was a more intimate and city driven version of Essence Festival! I actually couldn’t make it to the actual event this day, but I did want to show how amazingly well the #MyFordCity went this year. Great performances, art, lifestyle brands and of course food!

Inside the Georgia Freight Depot, Ford displayed the 2020 Explorer, 2020 Escape and 2020 Edge with product specialist on hand for walkthroughs to highlight each vehicle’s special features, such as Alexa and Waze allowing hands-free navigation to direct you to your favorite restaurant, museum, concert or important business meeting.  Outside, Ford provided access to its latest lineup of vehicles for attendees to test drive as part of Ford’s Ride & Drive Experience.

The rain did not discourage foodies, fashionistas, art addicts, music lovers and those with an entrepreneurial spirit from joining Ford to celebrate Atlanta at My City 4 Ways.

Presented by Ford, “My City 4 Ways—Atlanta” will gather a mix of local influencers and personalities to create an unparalleled Atlanta culture guide across music, art, lifestyle and food – representing the city today. “My City 4 Ways” is a culture festival that celebrates the city’s most notable tastemakers, innovators and leaders.


The event served with delicious bites from Chef Tanya Chavis of Pretti Plates Catering also in Atlanta. Its the exact same bites I had the cooking demo with the day prior. So every guest noshed on the vegan meatballs, soul cakes, and more! Everyone definitely enjoyed the variety of hor dourves!

Terrence J & MC Lyte even got in on the foodie action. The hosts have to eat too!

The Music

Ford’s My City 4 Ways also featured musical performances by Elle Varner & LeToya Luckett.

The Lifestyle

Atlanta based Fashion designer Kenya Freeman showed off her Curved fashion collection during the event. Her designs were made available for purchase during the event.

Ford supported Atlanta black-owned business Herb N’Eden, who made their skincare available for attendees to purchase.


Atlanta based Artist Charly Palmer showcased his breathtaking art and even did some live art creation during the event. Here are a few of his piece he displayed.

Thank you Dee Guerrero (Ford) and Gayle O’Carroll (Essence Magazine) for a successful #MyFordCity event this year in ATLANTA!

Overall everything was a success! Atlanta is definitely all about music, food, art and lifestyle! I see why they make sure to bring this event to Atlanta every year, the city appreciates it from a consumer aspect, but it is also a great way to mingle and learn about other trailblazers in the city. Atlanta is just booming with talent from different walks of life. Ford recognizes and does a great job of honoring the “drive” the people in this city continues to create effortlessly!

Thank you Ford & Essence Magazine for the intimate invitation again! 

All Photo Credit by Nigel Degraff.

What did you like about this event the most?

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