My Trip to Varadero Cuba! Thursday 13 October, 2016


Another day another trip. I literally have non-stop traveling for the last month and  went to Varadero, Cuba recently. America is now allowing some flights into Cuba and I took full advantage! Few airlines in America are starting to slowly allow direct flights to Cuba. I flew American Airlines. Although I was able to fly to Cuba straight from America, you do need to obtain a Visa in addition to your international passport and go under the 12 categories. I went under Journalism.


I wont be saying much now…just sharing some of the photos from the resort I stayed in at Club Kawama. Check out the photos below!



I was in great company with my best friend Lexi aka My Twinkie Twin

I am so happy I had this Cuban experience with Lexi. She is one of my best friends and we decided we were going to take an international trip together and Cuba was our choice! When we got to the hotel, we realized there weren’t any Americans on the resort. In fact, we were some of the first Americans many of the staff ever met. Of course the native language is Spanish, and the only other English speaking people who visit are Canadians and Europeans. They all thought we were Canadians or Cuban! It was kind of interesting knowing we were the unicorns of the resort and even moreso that they thought we were possibly Spanish. The entire trip I tried to accommodate some of the staff by speaking back to them in Spanish, with the little bit of Spanish I did learn in school and Panama at Habla Ya! just motivated me that I want to take another full course abroad to truly learn the language.


These cute vintage cars are everywhere. Its a must to take a photo of one when you visit!



The Varadero beach looks straight out of a postcard



Plenty of shaded areas and lawn chairs!


The resort pool area



Beach Bar


The entertainment area – nightly fun



A pianist performed every night through the El Risolino reservations



My nightly view by the window – perfect view of the nightly sunset


Nightly fun performances and participation games!


My first homemade cut fresh coconut!


perfect coconut by the beach


We decided to go snorkeling and as you can see Lexi immediately regretted it. We were SCARED!!


Out in the Varadero Ocean, getting ready to get my flipper on!


I am not going to lie, for my first time snorkeling it was intense. I tried to do it but I didnt like the snorkel mask on my face so I lowkey started to hyperventilate. I did see some of the beautiful fishies in the water but the photoshoot with the photographer (shown in photo) was a complete fail!


I survived snorkeling 2016!


All smiles now that we actually survived the experience. It was fun although we were scared out of minds lol! Look at the little boat we were sailing on!


Doing more scary stuff…posing with snakes…what is wrong with me??!


Immediately after I got ahold of the snake I gave this right back. I made it look cute and stuff but nope…and more nope!


Celebrated Cuba Night in the buffet area!


Made friends with the Club Kwama entertainment staff Sarah – we are both curlies!


Made another entertainment staff Jenny! Love her so much she made my stay here so pleasant and fun. Great ball of energy and I truly feel like I made a friend in here. I will come back to Varadero just for her!

Overall I had a great time in Varadero. It was a true vacation. Club Kawama was a great all-inclusive experience. We didn’t make it to Havana,Cuba the city but it was fine. Varadero is the tourist part of Cuba and I highly recommend people to visit this area as well. Beautiful beach, peaceful and a beautiful vacation. As beautiful as Varadero the beach and resort was, remember Cuba is still a developing country. Do not expect to go to any part of Cuba and have access to wi-fi without paying $2 peso an hour. Also many of the people are kind, humble and peaceful despite how traditional the city is. Cuba is still a country where people live in poverty, do not have access to many luxuries we are used to having, so when I left I was asked to donate clothes, toiletries, used makeup and other products and I gladly gave what I could.

I felt at home, I went there as an American and returned with a little bit of Cuban pride. I am part Cuban now (laughing but seriously I think they adopted me). I will be returning and I can’t wait to visit again. I am serious about a possible abroad learning trip to learn Spanish so I can continue to visit countries and speak Spanish more fluently. It is my goal for 2017 to see if I can make that happen. Next time I will make it a point to go to Havana, but Varadero will also be one international trip I wouldn’t pass up!

Are You Curious To Travel To Cuba?

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