Hotel Review | Holiday Inn Manhattan View in Long Island City + Views from NYC Monday 10 October, 2016

 When traveling to New York where is a good place to stay? I found a great spot with the most spectacular views of Manhattan and close to the subways station at Holiday Inn Manhattan View. You can be nearby all the action and also get some peace and quiet in this Astoria location. Check out my full review below.


I know you all have seen me travel over the past few weeks, but after my Carnival press trip I had another trip. I went to Cuba! I went to Cuba, but I flew into NYC first to say hello to family but I also got an opportunity to do a hotel review at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View in Long Island City. Long Island City is not in Long Island…it’s actually in Queens. This was perfect for me, as I arrived in NYC through LaGuardia airport which was only a 15-20 min ride via Uber. I stayed her on my way back from Cuba, which I will be doing a follow up post on that soon…but NYC is my birth spot. I was born in New York, have family all over from the Bronx, Harlem and Manhattan but honestly I have never stayed in Queens area so this was a different experience.

Holiday Inn Manhattan View in Long Island City is located in the growing part of Queens called Astoria. New York can be known for its super busy, loud and action packed area but Astoria is really peaceful and quiet and a few trendy spots growing around the area. A cool tidbit is that Holiday Inn is the first hotel in the area to open up and others hotel chains have been built to follow suit. I predict in a few years Astoria will be packed and will be a super trendy spot for people to come visit if they don’t want stay directly in the city. I am so happy I stayed here and read more to see the perks of staying at this hotel and the convenience it is to get to other parts of NYC.


Holiday Inn Manhattan View sets the bar high for Manhattan area hotels. This location has the most amazing views of the lit up New York City skyline, and highly impressed with the views and location. This is located in Queen, just minutes from Manhattan and other New York legendary landmarks. Although this is not directly in Manhattan, its a short train ride to  explore the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Museum of the Moving Image, and the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, and Madison Square Garden. Holiday Inn Manhattan View is a nearby neighbor to many Fortune 500 companies, offering easy access to Citibank, MetLife, the United Nations, JetBlue, Delta, and Mount Sinai Medical Center. 


Manhattan View Queen Size Bed with Balcony

I was amazed with my room. I see why its called the Holiday Inn Manhattan View now and it lived up it its name. Mega sized opened windows that covered the room 180 degrees around the room. I never stayed at a hotel where the views were this vivid. I got a perfect view of the Manhattan Skyline perfectly. It looks beautiful in the daytime, but nighttime is where the room shines. I couldn’t get a good nighttime view because of the glaring lights, but trust me when I say, you would seriously see from this room why New York is called the city of lights. It was so beautiful and relaxing, especially after returning back to the states from Cuba. Perfect place to unwind after a full day of traveling.



More daytime views of Manhattan from the room


If the room wasnt enough views, there is a balcony where you can indulge in more of the open city.


My perfect view of Manhattan and the Queensboro bridge

I can’t rave enough how much I was impressed with the views of New York. Seriously I have been to NY plenty of times, bur never got  chance to enjoy it from this angle. It was amazing and surprisingly peaceful in Astoria.


Queens hotel is located just one block from the N and Q subway lines and just a few blocks from the E and R subway lines. I was really excited about being so close to the subway station (only a 10 minute walk) and explore NYC. My family lives in NYC and I know I was born here, but every time I come to visit I discover something new. Hey it’s New York, I think you can never stop exploring this city. I was on a mission to go to Canal St. and Soho from here. Surprisingly Time Square station was only 4 stops aways if you were interested in going to all that action. I didn’t make it there but come with me on my Canal + SoHo journey.


Oops broke a rule lol!

So if you aren’t familar with New York Canal St. is the area of where Chinatown and Little Italy reside. It’s exactly how it sounds, one side it a town full of authentic street Chinese restaurants, vendors, grocery store, fruit stand and more. You really feel like you stepped into China with all of the action. Little Italy the exact same situation – a town full of Italian resturants, vendors and more except this day was different on that side of town. It was the Feast of San Gernaro which I just accidentally stumbled upon. It was a full blown festival that blocked off the streets to celebrate Carnival style with games, rides,  food on top of food and of course street vendors. I was so in shock on what was going on, I didn;t want to pull out my camera and look like a super tourist. I totally should have but I didnt, I am so sorry guys…but I still have plenty to show you all.


Food from Wo Hop an amazing Chinatown gem of a foodie spot!

I will be honest, I came strictly to Canal St. to make a beeline to a restaurant I visited last year on my New York Tour called Wo Hop. It was so amazing I promised I wouldn’t leave NYC without getting another taste of this authentic Chinese food. I highly recommend going to Wo Hop when visiting Chinatown. Its kind of hidden on Motts St. but trust me when you find it and if there is a line, it is worth the wait. It was a Saturday afternoon and there was a line. There wasn’t a line the last time I came, but I was so anxious for the food I waited and it was worth it! Pictured here is a 3-D meal with a mixture of Shrimp, Chicken and Pork (I removed the pork out of my meal) into a wonderful fresh noodle dish. Best Chinese food I ever had!




I continued to walked down Canal St. to intersect into SoHo, which was my next mission. I heard there was an actual Chobani storefront in SoHo and I wanted to make it my business to try the yogurt brand in the flesh. SoHo and Canal St. is only a 20 minute walk from each other. SoHo is highly known for their high fashion art district and where #NYFW (which I missed by only one day) is located. As I walked, I was enamored with all of this beautiful street art and graffiti. I took a couple of snaps of my favorite ones. So I discovered that SoHo is also an artsy district too that only the energy of New York can create.


Chobani Storefront on Prince St. In SoHo NYC

I finally found the Chobani store and it is everything I thought it would be and more. I am already a fan of the storebought yogurt brand, but this is definitely more fresh. You choose your own fresh ingredients to make your own signature yogurt bowl or get a pre-made one. It doesnt stop at yogurt bowls here as you can get sandwiches, breakfast, salads, smoothies, juices and more at this place. Only in NYC can you get a Chobani store and taste the freshness of what the brand has to offer. Best $7 I ever spent on a yogurt bowl!




After the Chobani run, I stumbled upon a pop-shop for the Magnum ice cream brand. I was walking back to Canal St. when I heard some music and looked over and saw people lined up to get Magnum ice cream. At first I thought Magnum had a storefront in NYC too, but it was a pop-up that ironically was the last day. So guess what…I made a trip to get me a Magnum Ice Cream. It was $7 to create your own Magnum creation. At first I wasn’t going to do it, but I felt like I couldn’t leave without having my own unique Magnum ice cream experience. You pick your ice cream flavor, your chocolate coating and your topping for your own creation. I got a vanilla ice cream based with a milk chocolate coating topped with fruity pebbles, granola, and cookie and creme crumble garnished with edible gold flakes. One of the most expensive ice creams I ever bought, but it was a cool experience as you watched them top it live in front of you and its cute! #OnlyInNewYork

a holiday-inn-manhattan-view-queens-long-island-city-7

After my NYC adventures I was tired. I went to sleep and enjoyed my 180 nighttime view of the city of my room. I woke up and decided to try out their  morning breakfast special. The breakfast is located within the hotel but the public can also come and pay to eat here without being a guest. It’s only $4.99 for an all you can eat buffet of  breakfast food from 7-11am daily.


Interior of the breakfast area which double as a bar in the day and nightime


My breakfast spread by the window

Breakfast was nice and I truly enjoyed my stay here. In Astoria,Queens its actually pretty quite and peaceful which made my trip that much more pleasant.

I had an amazing stay at the Holiday Inn Manhattan View in Long Island City. I never stayed at a Holiday Inn so nice and with amazing trendy views of the city. If you are looking to go to NYC and not stay directly in Manhattan but have a great time with nice views, a great area and a good distance to a subways for your own exploration I highly recommend a few nights here. newholidayinn

Learn more about Holiday Inn Long Island City Manhattan View here.

This hotel has been hosted on the behalf of Holiday Inn Long Island City Manhattan View and IHG. All opinions are my own. 

Stay tuned for my Cuba post and I hope I inspired your for you next NYC trip!

Have You Got A Chance To See The New York Skyline For Yourself?

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