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Do you all remember the press dinner I did with a couple of cast members of the new NBC show Taken? Well I have been really getting into the show as it now airs weekly on Monday nights and I’ve had the pleasure of doing weekly conference chats with one of the main characters of the series, Gaius Charles. If you aren’t familiar with the show Taken, its a Franco-American drama series based on the Taken film trilogy. The series acts as a modern day origin story with preface with a younger version of Bryan Mills, the character played by Liam Neeson in the trilogy. The show is definitely an action-thrilled based show and every week I am tuned in with my heartbeating in absolute suspense on whats to come. This show is making me love action and thriller each week. 


Myself with Gaius Charles and Brooklyn Sundano at the Taken Press Dinner

It’s so fun to be on a private but intimate conference call with Gaius Charles weekly as I never done something like this before. I actually get to interact with the star of the show to discuss my thoughts after each episode airs and its really fun. How many people can say they can actually chat with the stars personally after they see the show? We are halfway already in the series and Gaius Charles opens up to us on what happened on S1 episode 5 A Clockwork Swiss.


Gaius Charles plays Black Ops “John” in Taken

Speaking to Gaiuss for the last couple of weeks about each episode, not only do we get an in-depth perspective of his personal character he plays each week, but a little play by play of the actual episode and little tidbits of the following week too. What he stated he loves about “Taken” is that this show broadcasts to the audience each week that the script goes beyond the traditional movie triology theme (someone being ‘Taken’). The tv series takes Taken to the next level of showing the team traveling to various locations nationally and globally, gets personal and backstories of the characters beside Bryan Mills, and it just a new added layer and depth of suspense that goes in each episode.

Taken - Season 1

“John” Played by Gaius Charles

MEET JOHN: A natural born leader who does not need to prove his mettle to anyone and is very charismatic in his stillness. He is more than just a Black Ops as he has versatiles skills and abilities in his position such as a sniper, undercover agent, fluent in many languages, and definitely knows how to kick some ass! 

S1 S5 A Clockwork Swiss Sneak Peak


NO SPOILERS: This episode was pretty intense. It seems like every week they up the ante on how action filled and thrilling it will get with the storyline and the suspense. I will not be providing the plot, but I will say the Black Ops team make quick trip to Germany and most of the action is inside a bank. Always a plot and twist, its not for a typical money stick up (you will have to see this episode to see what was of importance).

The cool thing about this episode is that John (Gaius Charles) has a lot of action in this episode. He didnt hold back at all, in fact they had John doing a car chase on foot where he was sprinting in an athletic  suit! While on the conference called I asked him how difficult was him to run in dress shoes, he responded that the wardrobe department looked out for him and made sure he had rubber soles.

Taken - Season 1

Another cool thing is, since the team went to Germany on this mission, John had to speak a bit of German. I asked Gaius did he speak any other languages in real life, he stated he speaks French pretty well.

In this episode John can be seen really showcasing his role as a Black Ops with hand to hand combat moves, hanging onto dear life, sniper skills and a suspense surprise that had us holding our breath for him. Again gotta tune in to see John in action and a possible set back to his role. What Gauis wants everyone to know is that yes he did many of his own stunts and learn fight choreography, but he did have to use a stunt double on the hand combat scene. But give Gaius credit if you see this episode, he put in his own work, not all was done by a double (in his words he was ‘Outchere‘ doing it).

This episode was sood good that it almost could of stood on its own as a mini movie, as you almost feel like you are watching a movie unfold instead of it ending for the next following episode. Next week Gaius revealed we will definitely get more of a background on John an visit his hometown and find out how he became a Black Ops leader. 


Haven’t Watched The Show Yet? So far it’s only episode 5 so it’s an easy binge! Binge and catch up with me so we can chat about episode 6 together. If you do watch the show please leave in the comments below any questions you may have for Gaius and about the episode for next week! 

Taken” airs every Monday night at 10/9c on NBC   Get social @NBCTaken #TAKEN

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