I’d like to thank  Visit Pittsburgh for my travel accommodation. I was apart of an organized press trip on the behalf of the Visit Pittsburgh organization and of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As always, all opinions are my own. 

As you all know, I cannot travel without giving you the scoop on the best places to eat in that location. Who knew Pittsburg was such a mini foodie city? Also a cool fact, Pittsburgh is the home of whiskey, the city that created whiskey and the brainchild of bourbon. With that being said there was not only a lot of food to eat, but definitely enough drinks to go around as the Cheers to Pittsburgh press tour was centered around the history and tasting of their known spirits. Check out some of the cool places to eat and drink in Pittsburgh, a great mix and variety of selections!

Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse & Whiskey Garden

An Old Fashion + Just Peachy from the Whiskey Garden Bar

Plenty of cider and whiskey tasting during lunch

1st Course – cucumber soup in natural fermentation in smoked pepper

2nd course: Half peach, seared lightly for sweetness and almonds for backdrop

3rd course: Handmade Ramen noodle dish with local grains and veggies added from a farm in PA.

4th course: Toasted coconut vegan rice pudding. Topped with fresh mango and popcorn.

Wigle was the first place I visited where you can go and get some great whiskey. Pittsburgh is the home and creator of whiskey did you know that? I didn’t know that but this town prides itself on the best of the best of whiskey. Pittsburgh was the epicenter of American Whiskey production. Wigle is named for one of those pioneering Pennsylvania distillers, Phillip Wigle. Please visit their distillery tasting room & bottle shop located in the town Strip District

Butcher and The Rye

FOIE BLONDE PATE – rhubarb / spruce / smoked honey

DRY AGED TARTARE – parmesan crusted bread / black garlic aioli / truffle egg / radish / capers

MARROW – oxtail jam / pickled orange rind / sea salt / parsley salad

Puffer Fish Dish

SPRING ONION & SAFFRON – smoked mussles / pickled green garlic

Butcher & the Rye’s great downtown Pittsburgh bar, with 600+ bottles of bourbon, is the first Pittsburgh bar to be nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Bar Program.

The Vandal

Yogurt with fresh berry jam adorned with an edible flower for garnish

Fluffy eggs, watercress salad with radish with toast

Breakfast at Vandal. A funky eatery in the Lawrenceville neighborhood.  A minimalist modern cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner which serves organic and holistic food.  The menu highlights many ingredients from local farms and co-ops around western PA.

Enrico Biscotti Bakery & Café

Greens and Beans – Slow cooked Kale and White Beans

Huge biscotti pizza (this one had to be folded to be indluged)

Enrico Biscotti Bakery & Café is a popular Italian based pizzeria and paste cafe located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. All the products are made on site and by hand.  Only natural ingredients are used in the production of Enrico Biscotti; butter, eggs, Neilson Massey brand vanillas, nuts and spices.  They are keeping alive the ancient tradition of artisan baking by only using real butter and natural ingredients, and  have the capacity to produce over 1000 pounds of biscotti every day.

City Brew Tours

City Brew Tours Pittsburgh have curated the ultimate beer experience that educates guests about the ingredients in beer, the brewing process, and new styles while introducing them to the craft brewing community in a city, without having to worry about the driving. Yes we even get to do the tour in our very own beer-mobile (I made that up) and we got to tour 3 locations in Pittsburgh. I couldnt do this food and drink guide without highlight this beer tour. This is a great option to book, especially with a group, to not only explore the city of beers, but of course to sample and learn the history of the city by each location.

On the beer tour there is even a beer scavenger hunt. I completed it on my Instagram!

HopFarm Brewing Company

The passions of growing hops and making beer came together when Hop Farm Brewing Company opened its doors in September of 2013 at 5601 Butler Street in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. They grow their own hops, by hand, organically. You will find flagship IPA, some Belgian styles, sour beers, and One Nut Brown Ale here year round, the tap list is ever changing and growing based on seasons.

The Allegheny City Brewing Co.

Allegheny City Brewing is a small, neighborhood brewery located in the Deutschtown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  One of the newer breweries opened in 2016, the doors of Allegheny City Brewing opened and payed homage to the former City of Allegheny, hence their name. Its a quaint spot with a homey feel, and seems like this will give you a “Cheers” where everyone knows your name type of vibe.

Penn Brewery

Penn Brewery began brewing craft beer back in 1986, making it one of the earliest pioneers in the American craft movement.  They brew classic lagers and German beer styles, adhering to the strict quality standards of the 16th-century Bavarian Reinheitsgebot purity laws.  A lovely cobblestone biergarten is open seasonally.

Primanti Bros

Primanti Brothers for Pittsburgh’s favorite sandwich. You kind of can’t leave Pittsburgh without getting one of the famous Primanti Bros sandwiches, which is infamously known for creating a sandwich made of  grilled meat, an Italian dressing-based coleslaw, tomato slices, and French fries (on the sandwich) between two pieces of Italian bread. It was a massive sandwich, if you can finish both halves kudos to you! This is a Pittsburgh staple so you kinda have to stop by here before you leave the city (or its almost as if you didnt come to the city at all).

*Fun Fact – Each new draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers have to come here for a meal to welcome them to the team!

Interesting in visiting Pittsburgh in the near future please pin this for the future!

Click here to read A First-Timers Guide To Pittsburgh Which Pittsburgh Meal or Drink are you interested in trying?

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  • Stacie says:

    This is awesome information! One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to explore the local food scene. Thanks for sharing this!

  • rebekah says:

    AH! I need to make a trip to the northeast soon! I love your restaurant recommendations.

  • Doria says:

    Oh my gosh, this all looks so amazing! We’re total foodies, so when we travel sourcing out the best food spots is always at the top of our list. I’m saving this for next time we head to PA!

  • Pam says:

    It’s not a visit to Pittsburgh without a trip to Primanti Brothers. I love farm to table so I would check out Vandal.

  • robin rue says:

    It looks like you ate really good while you were there. Now I know where to eat if I ever get there.

  • Liz Mays says:

    I think I’d enjoy eating at the Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden. I’d definitely have to bring home a bottle of whiskey!

  • Amber Myers says:

    All this food looks delicious. I’m not big on drinking, but I’d be happy with any of these dishes. That sandwich looks fabulous.

  • Jennifer Van Huss says:

    This looks like a fabulous place to visit!! The food is mouth watering and my husband would love the whisky bar!

  • Melanie says:

    It looks like you have it covered. I would like to sample a lot of these items. I tried to pick out what I would like to have first, but it was too hard.

  • A lot of these dishes looks intriguing. I wanna try the Half Peach dish, Greens & Beans, and the Biscotti Pizza.

  • I am not a whiskey fan but these look so good I could change. Those sandwiches are worth a trip to the steel city.

  • Liz says:

    This all sounds and looks delicious. Biscotti pizza?! Yum. Also, my boyfriend is obsessed with Primanti, when ours opened here he stood in line and got the free sandwiches for a year deal.

  • Theresa says:

    Pittsburgh has so many awesome dining options. My husband actually detoured through there on a recent trip just to sample some of their cuisine.

  • Marysa says:

    Those look like amazing places to visit. The foods just look fantastic, like the cucumber soup and the ramen noodles. I used to go to school near Pittsburgh and wish I had had some more time to explore the city!

  • Karlyn Cruz says:

    These photis makes me need to pack my bags asap! I would love to visit Pittsburgh with my husband, those foods are delicious for sure.

  • I love Pittsburgh and I love whiskey and any other alcohol LOL I totally need to get to these places when I’m out there

  • I have to say that sandwich made of grilled meat, Italian dressing-based coleslaw, tomato slices, and French fries looks AMAZING! I would want to try it if we make a trip there. Wow!

  • I have to say that sandwich made of grilled meat, Italian dressing-based coleslaw, tomato slices, and French fries looks AMAZING! I would want to try it

  • Dogvills says:

    What a beautiful place to visit. The food looked delicious, too. Pittsburgh is on my bucket list.

  • I had no idea there was so many places for a foodie to visit in Pittsburgh! I would love to experience the Wigle Whiskey House.

  • WOW! These are some mouth-watering dishes here! The handmade ramen soup looks incredible. And that mango dish…wow! The biscotti pizza is another one I would love to try!

  • Ruth I. says:

    Oh, the dishes makes me want to visit in the future. I love your list!

  • Kimberly at Berly's Kitchen says:

    Guides like this are so helpful when visiting a new city. Pittsburgh sounds like it has a lot to off in regards to restaurants and great places to eat. If we ever make it up that way, this will be a great resource!

  • Brianne says:

    Everything looks super yummy!!! I’d love to go to this one year!

  • Jeanette says:

    This all looks so delicious! I love post like this because it helps me figure out what to try differently at a new restaurant. I definitely like the Whiskey Garden!

  • candy says:

    We don’t drink but could go for the wonderful looking food. Plus we could always be the DD for those that drink to much.

  • What an awesome collection of details for anyone traveling to Pirrsburg, especially a first timer. I have never been but would love to go.

    That cucumber soup sounds really good. I’ve never heard of using cucumber in a soup. And mango with rice pudding and then the popcorn thrown in… I bet that is really delish. I love when dishes play with flavors.

  • It sure sounds like there are a lot of dishes and drinks to try out that way. I am all about trying the local things whenever I visit a new area. I have been out that way when I was a kid but it has been so long and I wasn’t as much of a foodie as I am now. This looks great!

  • liz Cleland says:

    I have never been to Pittsburgh but we want to go. Will have to visit some of these fine dinning options.

  • I am SO happy that you did a separate guide for the food! One of the things that I enjoy most whenever I travel is trying out the local food and this one’s such an awesome guide!

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh my goodness what a range of different places to eat and drink I totally want to try the Toasted coconut vegan rice pudding. Topped with fresh mango and popcorn. That sounds amazing!

  • Tomi C says:

    Puffer fish? Oh wow. I’ve always wanted to try it. Love the MARROW – oxtail jam / pickled orange rind / sea salt / parsley salad the pic is amazing and it looks like the perfect blend of savory and salty.

  • Emily says:

    Woah, that food all looks delicious! We spent one day in Pittsburgh last summer when we were driving out to New York and it seemed like an amazing city!

  • Gemille Sleweon says:

    That vegan pudding looks absolutely delicious and I’ll eat anything that involves mangos lol. Looks like you ate very well while in Pittsburg. I lived in Philly for 5 years and never made a trip to Pittsburg. That’s might change now lol

  • uprunforlife says:

    The food looks so amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to Pittsburgh. I think my husband went several years ago for a work project but I am not positive. I will have to remember your suggestions if I ever make it up that way.

  • Amanda Kee says:

    I think when I take a trip back home I am gonna have to visit Pittsburgh. I haven’t been there for some time and would love to check out all the sights. Plus, I’m fat and love food so yeah, there’s that! HAHA

  • Did someone say cider and whiskey tasting? I am so there! I’m keeping this post top of mind for the next time we’re traveling through Pittsburgh.

  • Pam Wattenbarger says:

    I agree. I love finding food guides to different cities that I want to visit. Eating is the best part of a trip!

  • Claudia Krusch says:

    Wow Pittsburgh has some great places to check out. I would love to try the cucumber soup. I am hoping to be in the area this winter.

  • That rice pudding with mango on top looks delicious! Great job on putting this guide together.

  • Kemkem says:

    I want 2 of everything! They all look amazing, even the drinks. I’ve been to Pittsburgh once, but it looks like l need to go back. Thanks for sharing this guide. Yummy!!!! 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    We visited Pittsburgh a few years ago on a press trip and we had a blast! The food is AMAZING! Primanti Bros was our personal favorite and there is so much to see and do. It is a great couples destination for family trip.

  • I knew better than to read this before I ate my breakfast lol. This food looks so good and now you got me wanting to head to Pittsburgh.

  • Eva says:

    My last trip to Pittsburgh was so fast I don’t think we even stopped to eat! Looks like it is a great city to get great food.

  • ricci says:

    Oh man all of these food and drinks look amazing!! I need to get back to Pittsburgh soon!!

  • Katherine says:

    That peach dessert look amazing. Who knew Pittsburgh was such a foodie town?

  • Lynndee says:

    Look at all those goodies. I’m drooling! But I would love to try the ramen first. Love me a good ramen!

  • Woah! The food in Pittsburgh is out of this world! Never would have thought of adding mango and popcorn as a topping for rice pudding.

  • Victoria Heckstall says:

    Wow! Such a nice place to visit. They have delicious food and mouth-watering dishes. The handmade ramen soup looks incredible.I will be putting this on my bucketlist.

  • Anosa says:

    This post has an overload of food porn and I absolutely love it, never been to Pittsburgh but would so love to check out this mini foodies place

  • My Teen Guide says:

    I have a cousin who lives in Pittsburgh. I should drop her a visit and ask her to take me around these places. I am going to enjoy those food and the microbreweries too!

  • these are some cool places. your presentation was great. love the lay out.

  • I love finding local places when we travel. We have several microbreweries and a whiskey place here. Love it.

  • Tiffany H. says:

    How was the cucumber soup, I tasted a pumpkin soup and didn’t know if I would like it but it was delicious. I would like to try the Ramen noodles and the puffer fish.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    My husband would love to go on that City Brew Tour! Pittsburgh sure looks like a really exciting place to visit. The food looks superb!

  • We go to Pittsburgh often for blogging events and personal trips…I’m going to keep these places in mind next time we go.

  • This is an amazing guide! I want to eat and drink at all of these places, and I’d love to go on the brew tour.

  • Dominique says:

    Looks like you can eat really well in Pittsburgh! Fantastic shots!

  • Kita says:

    You are always on the go. I would enjoy a food and drink trip myself. Butcher & the Rye looks like my type of place.

  • Elle CleverlyChanging says:

    The food looks absolutely divine. The one with the peaches really had me dreaming of dessert. Yummy!!!!

  • My husband loves whisky and would love this place. Looks like they have great food and drinks!

  • This looks like great food and so much fun!

  • nexvan says:

    This looks like great food

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