A First-Timer Travel Guide in Pittsburgh Monday 31 July, 2017

I’d like to thank  Visit Pittsburgh for my travel accommodation. I was apart of an organized press trip on the behalf of the Visit Pittsburgh organization and of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As always, all opinions are my own. 

I just returned from Pittsburgh, yes home of the Steelers! I have actually never been to Pittsburgh but after being invited to explore the unique city I had to do a travel guide. It is actually so much to do, from attractions, food, drinks and learning some cool history. So many people are overlooking the activities that this city have to offer. So many people ask me before I arrived, what is there to do in Pittsbugh? Glad people asked because now I can give a full answer. Below are all of the fun things to do, eat, drink and be merry in this city.

Wigle Whiskey’s Barrelhouse & Whiskey Garden

Wigle was the first place I visited where you can go and get some great whiskey. Pittsburgh is the home and creator of whiskey did you know that? I didn’t know that but this town prides itself on the best of the best of whiskey. Pittsburgh was the epicenter of American Whiskey production. Wigle is named for one of those pioneering Pennsylvania distillers, Phillip Wigle. Please visit their distillery tasting room & bottle shop located in the town Strip District. I am going to do a seperate post on Pittsburghs food and drink culture so stay tuned for that!

Gateway Clipper

Sightseeing tour aboard the Gateway Clipper riverboat fleet. Get a different view of the city’s skyline from the three rivers.

For over 50 years they have been sailing the Three Rivers hosting Pittsburgh Sightseeing and Dining Cruises.  The three vibrant rivers – the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio – frame our city and cut and wind through the lush green landscape surrounding them.  Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and showcase the stunning skyline, the magnificent architecture of the numerous bridges and the natural beauty along the riverbanks. Learn the history of the city and take a nice rivertour while viewing the city here.

Butcher & the Rye

Butcher & the Rye’s great downtown Pittsburgh bar, with 600+ bottles of bourbon, is the first Pittsburgh bar to be nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Bar Program. More on the upcoming foodie and drink post. 

The Vandal

Breakfast at Vandal. A funky eatery in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. More on the upcoming foodie and drink post. 

Andy Warhol Museum

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the place of Andy Warhol’s birth, The Andy Warhol Museum holds the largest collection of Warhol’s artworks and archival materials. It is one the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world and the largest in North America. Explore Andy Warhol’s life—from his Pittsburgh roots to his career in New York City. Andy is one of my favorite artist, and if you are into colorful works of art with quirkiness, this is a must visit!

The Andy Warhol Museum giftshop was really fun too. I would love to come back just to go shopping of Andy Warhol memorabilia and quirky art gifts and trinkets.

The Mattress Factory

We are not your typical museum! Due to space restrictions and the nature of our work, your experience at the Mattress Factory may be unlike any other you’ve had at other institutions. What goes up must come down! Artwork is typically on view for nearly a year at a time, and its a 5 year waiting list to get new submission of artist. So its basically a rotating museum where live and interactive works of art are on display from artist from all over the world.

Yayoi Kusama created two spaces here of Repetitive Vision through Infinity Dots Mirrored Room in 1996. The floor is covered in red dots. Three female mannequins, painted white, their bodies and hair covered with similar dots, are reflected, along with the visitor, in the mirrored walls and ceiling. I was really excited about this exhibit because she had an amazing Museum exhibit in Washington D.C. of her Infinity Mirror display but of course I didn’t make it.

If you don’t know about Yayoi Kusama, she is a famously provocative avant-garde artist, best known for her works featuring repeating motifs and psychedelic imagery that evoke themes of psychology, feminism, obsession, sex, creation, destruction, and intense self-reflection. She has been crowned the world’s most popular artist in 2014, but what makes her interesting is that she has been clinically diagnosed as insane since childhood and her hallucinations sparked all of her creative work. She is in her late 80s and yes still alive currently living in Japan.

Greer Lankton exhibit made semi-autobiographical of a replica of her own home

Greer Lankton was an American artist whose work is autobiographical and revealing of her obsessions. Lankton’s dolls and environments possess a disarming mix of innocence and decadence, hope and pathos. She said her work was “all about me,” reflecting her life as an artist, as a transgender person and a drug addict. This particular exhibit was created in 1996 right before the time of her death. Currently this exhibit will be expanded for “It’s all about ME, Not You” full exhibit of the life of Greer Lankston as living legacy of this artist with all of her personalized items donated by family from her original birth card – to the last items that was in her pockets at the time of death. This will be completed in October of 2017.

This is “A Second Home” display room. Saturated with construction materials, furnishings, toys, architectural models, video projections, and audio elements, the resulting immersive environment which will be on display for the next few years. It encompasses of 3 stories of all of these quirky and different parrell of designs of houses within houses outside of houses with an architect mind with it’s different scaling of elements and materials. It is definitely unique and interactive.

City Brew Tour

City Brew tour around the city of Pittsburgh to 3 locations. You are driven by a beer guide and each location you will get a personalized beer tour of the brewery and tastings of their most distinct flavors.

Primanti Brothers

Primanti Brothers Famous Pittsburgh sandwich place which highlights all the famous ‘Pittsburger’ celebs in caricature-like paintings all on the walls.

Primanti Brothers for Pittsburgh’s favorite sandwich. You kind of can’t leave Pittsburgh without getting one of the famous Primanti Bros sandwiches, which is infamously known for creating a sandwich made of 
grilled meat, an Italian dressing-based coleslaw, tomato slices, and French fries (on the sandwich) between two pieces of Italian bread. Yes french fries on a sandwich, will tell you more on the following food and drink post! 

Duquesne Incline

Ride the Duquesne Incline to the top of Mt. Washington for the fantastic view of the city skyline.  Originally steam powered, the Duquesne Incline was built to carry cargo up and down Mt. Washington in the late 19th century. Created in 1877, it closed but since been refurbished and The Duquesne Incline is currently running and even part of the transportation system in Pittsburgh.

If you thought the views from the Gateway Clipper tour were amazing, the views on top of Mt. Washington will give you a beautiful panoramic view of Pittsburgh and all of its glory and multiple bridges!

Myself and my press journalist buddies on the Cheers to Pittsburgh tour

Pittsburgh has truly surprised me. It’s not just some old vintage city, it is full of life and great modern flair. I actually appreciate learning the history of the city but also exploring how fun and entertaining it is to be in the city. I will be doing a Food and Drink post so you can see the foodie and drink scene here which is amazing! I would highly recommend coming to Pittsburgh and exploring this town with what it has to offer. I definitely would love to come back at watch a Steelers game! Did you know Pittsburgh has won more Super Bowl titles (6) and hosted more conference championship games (11) than any other NFL team?

More Pittsburgh History

💛 Heinz brand paid 57 million for the naming rights to the Heinz Field stadium.
💛Heinz Ketchup was invented in Pittsburgh.
💛There are 446 bridges in the city of Pittsburgh
💛One of the bridges is named after Andy Warhol.
💛The worlds most famous burger, The McDonalds Big Mac, was invented near Pittsburgh.
💛The first baseball stadium, Forbes Stadium was located in Pittsburgh in 1909.
💛Famous Pittsburger Mister Rogers filmed his show Mister Rogers neighborhood in his hometown.

WHERE TO STAY IN PITTSBURGH (click the photo for a more detailed review)

Please check out this post on my review on my hotel stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

PITTSBURGH FOODIE & DRINK GUIDE (click the photo for a more detailed review)

More detailed information on Pittsburgh food and drink scenes many which were mentioned in this post.

Please pin this travel guide for your traveling future references. 

Would You Visit Pittsburgh?


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  • candy says:

    Pittsburgh is pretty far for us to travel right now. Looks like a great and fun place to visit. Enjoy looking at all your photos

  • Stacie says:

    I wish I’d had this when I went to Pittsburgh a few years ago. I missed so many great sites!

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    Pittsburgh is an amazing city. I’ve been there a couple of times, and it’s always great. I’m bookmarking this for the next time I’m in the area.

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  • We still have to explore and do that Gateway Clipper, that is something on my bucket list. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city!

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    Pittsburgh is an amazing city. So much to see and do. Loved it when we visited.

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  • Kimberly at Berly's Kitchen says:

    The sites around Pittsburgh look really interesting. I have to be honest, Pittsburgh has never been on my list as a place to visit. However, I’m reconsidering that now after seeing your post. Looks like there is a lot to do and like it would be a fun trip.

  • Our Family World says:

    I haven’t been to Pittsburg yet. I will have to ask my husband and his sis-in-law to take me around. They grew up in the area and I am sure they can take me to some note-worthy sites. 🙂 I will show this post to my husband.

  • Marysa says:

    I went to grad school just north of Pittsburgh. Although we didn’t make it to these places, the Pittsburgh Zoo is a really nice place. I would love to go back and check out some of these, especially the Duquesne incline.

  • It’s so beautiful in Pittsburgh! I never thought of going there for vacation before, but I’m definitely convinced.

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    I’ve never visited Pittsburgh, but I’ve seen that trolley before. The brew tour looks fun. Sorry…I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins 🙁

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    This looks like a great place to visit. I would love to go and check out the Butcher & the Rye’s and go on the City Brew Bus Tour.

  • Maureen says:

    I had no idea there was so much to see and do in Pittsburgh, glad you enjoyed your time and shared a guide so that others can get there and have fun!

  • Shannon says:

    YES STEELER NATION!! Hahaha! Pittsburgh is where my family is from and it’s one of my favorite cities. Looks like you got to hit up all the good spots. Thank for highlighting what I consider a hidden gem when it comes to America’s best cities (yes I’m biased).

  • Tamara says:

    I’m so glad the Incline is running again! And the Andy Warhol Museum fascinates me. I’d probably take a million pictures there.
    I’ve only been to Pittsburgh once, for a wedding, but I have fond memories of it. My in-laws have relatives there and always ask me to come with. I think I will one day and hit all of these places!

  • Liz Mays says:

    I didn’t realize Pittsburgh was such an artistic city! This seemed like such a cool trip!

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    I’ve only been to Pittsburgh once, and it was for a work conference. I wish so much I’d known there was so much cool stuff to see! I might not have spent so much downtime in the hotel.

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    Since I got into hockey a few years ago and being a fan of the Penguins, I have wanted to visit Pittsburgh. Definitely on my bucket list!

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    That City Brews tour is really unique. And you couldn’t visit Pittsburgh without a stop at Primanti Brothers. It wouldn’t be right.

  • Pittsburgh has so many things to do. Art, sports and great bars and a lot of history to keep you busy. Worth a trip to see it all.

  • I’ve never been to Pittsburg, which is silly because I think I could drive there in a few hours. The warhol museum looks right up my alley! Thanks for showing all the cool things to do there!

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    My husband went to Pittsburg last year for business and was lucky enough to stop by the Andy Warhol Museum! It was the favorite part of his trip. So glad you featured it as part of your Pittsburg tour. x

  • 600 + bottles of bourbon. That is awesome and I’d try to test all 600. LOL! DOnt judge me, Kiwi.

  • Rosey says:

    I have been through Pittsburgh at night only. It was pretty all lit up. I’d love to go visit for a few days!

  • Adaleta says:

    What a cool city!! this is such a great guide!

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    I’d love to visit the Andy Warhol museum. Pittsburg really does look amazing.
    My husband has been twice for work, I had no idea I was missing out on joining him. I will need to tag along next time and venture off while he works.

  • Betty says:

    I think I would love to take a ride on the Gateway Clipper because I love boat rides and it would be a great way to see the city from a different perspective. I never been to Pittsburgh, thanks for the great tips!

  • Amanda Kee says:

    I’m from PA and Pittsburg is an amazing place to visit! It’s so beautiful there and there is so much to do. I haven’t been to Pittsburg in a few years and can’t wait to go back! I love the photos you have shared!!!

  • I’m in love with this city. We’ve been a few times and it never gets boring!

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    I’ve never been to Pittsburgh. The steamboat reminds me of home in New Orleans!

  • I have recently started seriously thinking about doing more travel and writing about it on my blog. We have recently headed west for some family fun and I am originally from the East so I think heading to Pittsburgh would be a great next vacation! I loved the area when I was a kid so I think it would be fun to show it to my Midwestern grown family.

  • Lynndee says:

    That view on top of Mt. Washington is gorgeous! We haven’t been to Pittsburgh yet, but would love to go and explore the place someday.

  • Pittsburgh is a place I have always wanted to visit. It looks like quite a fun place, so many things to do!

  • Lori Vachon says:

    This is perfect timing! A friend who lives on the east coast suggested we meet 1/2 way in Pittsburgh for a vist. That brew tour looks right up my alley!

  • To be honest, Pittsburgh never would have been a place to visit on my bucket list, but it’s nice to learn more about cities that I actually know nothing about! I’m definitely intrigued now!

  • From all the beautiful pictures I can’t help but wish I was in Pittsburgh right about now! It’s a very artsy city!

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    Wow! What a pretty city!

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    I have never been to Pittsburgh, but if I did get the chance, please take me to the Andy Warhol museum immediately. Oh my goodness, it would be so surreal to be there.

  • Amy Desrosiers says:

    Ok, so that incline on MT Washington looks amazing! Everything seems so unique and totally offbeat! Love all the colors.

  • I know I have thought about many places to visit but Pittsburg wasn’t really on my list. However with all the amazing things you present here I will have to reconsider making a trip out there. My daughter would love the Andy Warhol museum and I would love a lot of the other great things they have there as well. Looks like I would have an amazing time.

  • Kimberly C. says:

    I have been hearing a lot about this city and I have to say one of the things I would for sure want to do next when we visit is the Duquesne Incline. Also the Brew Tour would be something very different for my husband and I as we don’t much drink but want to try new things!

  • Brandi H says:

    I’ve never been to Pittsburgh. The boat ride looks like fun. I’d love to visit the Andy Warhol Museum.

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