[Recap] Martell Cognac 300th Celebration in Atlanta featuring QuestLove Sunday 15 November, 2015

Another celebration in Atlanta and this time I got to attend Martell Cognac #ChooseBetter party. It was a special celebration for Martell Cognac 300th year in their brand and Atlanta was the next city to experience their exclusive Vanguard Series. I was actually invited to be one of the premiere social media correspondents for the event, and here is the recap of my experience!


Martell Cognac celebrating 300 years in Atlanta

Martell-Cognac-Choose-Better-Atlanta-Recap-10 Martell-Cognac-Choose-Better-Atlanta-Recap-2

First part of this event was the VIP tasting of the Cognac. This is where a select group of got an educated tasting experience of Martell Cognac. Now I will not lie, I am not a brown liqour drinking girl…Seems like such a harsh drink but hey this was for “educational purposes” ok? So on with this tasting!


So as I have mentioned, this was the celebration of the Martell being around for 300 years! Yes this brand has been around since 1715. That’s 3 decades everyone, that’s a really long time. People have been drinking this Cognac for a very very long time…wow. There was no social media and smart phones so they had this cognac to entertain them I’m sure. Since it’s been around for 300 years, this is the 1st Cognac on the market. Yup the very first once – so we weren’t just celebrating 300 years we are celebrating a legacy where other cognac brands have followed behind! Good stuff.


The two Martell Cognac samplings of VSOP + Cordon Bleu

So our special cognac tastings were of Martell VSOP + Martell Cordon Bleu. I don’t think they could of gave us anymore because let me tell you, Martell Cognac is pretty potent! So the first one I got an opportunity to taste was Martell VSOP created in 1831 which is mixed with 120 types of cognac! Forget an Long Island mixture of different liqours…have you ever tasted something mixed with 120 types of cognac?? That is serious and it gets distilled for 5-6 years! So the potency is real. When I got a swig of it, it definitely was powerful. It will put a little hair on your chest…so with that being said – this is a man’s man Cognac for sure. I don’t recommend it for the ladies i am sorry…unless you are a lady who likes it this strong. This was too strong for my blood!


The next sample was the Martell Cordon Bleu. This one was a little lighter and was originally produced in 1921. This was considered their luxury and fine dining cognac originating in France and this is age for 10-25 years! This one was a lot smoother and definitely a brand the women could handle better. So ladies if you are into cognacs I highly recommend the Martell Cordon Bleu. You drink this, you wont have to worry about participating in #NoShaveNovember next year ok? 


Next I got an opportunity to have an intimate conversation-like interview with the famous Questlove from the international band The Roots. Although he is the famous drummer boy in The Roots. he was the house DJ for the event and he wanted to state that he wasn’t just spinning tunes for the night – he was going to take everyone on a hip-hop educational journey. When he is not on the road, he actually organizes what he calls a Food Salon where he rounds up several celebrity chefs and have them collaborate on food a la “Chopped” style without the competition. He also shared about his upcoming project with The Roots, in which they are gearing up for their Broadway debut for Hamlet. He explains Hamlet on Broadway is going to do what Thriller did for the entertainment industry. A twist on hip hop theatrics without it turning into a hip-hopera and he promises it wont be corny! After the interview, I wanted him to sign my pick, my actual hair pick for an extra special momento. People take selfies all the time with celebs – Questlove is known for his awesome fro and pick – he just had to sign mine!


My autographed hair pick from QuestLove


Talking with Tami (social media correspondent)

Tami of TalkingWithTami.com was co-hosting with me as the social correspondent of the event. Check out our tweets together on Twitter with hashtag #ChooseBetter to see our behind the scenes of the occasion!  Martell-Cognac-Choose-Better-Atlanta-Recap-13

So as the social media correspondent, after the tasting and the interview I got a chance to enjoy the party VIP style! I brought my best friend Nia to accommodate me during the event and we had a really good time! We had small bites, unlimited Martell Cognac drinks (dont worry I only had two drinks with soda and water) and special seating in the swanky Atlanta nightclub that oversaw the venue uptop!


Nia my best friend was my VIP plus 1 for the event

Martell-Cognac-Choose-Better-Atlanta-Recap-5 Martell-Cognac-Choose-Better-Atlanta-Recap-6 Martell-Cognac-Choose-Better-Atlanta-Recap-14


Of course while the party was going QuestLove was an amazing DJ, he took us on a musical journey like he said where it started with a little old school (your parents jams), then migrated to mid 80s hiphop, to the 90s, 00s and then today! The way he blends music is literally pure genius he isn’t just a drummer – he gets musics. He mixed in some songs I almost forgot about, brought back memories of my childhood (90s kid) and it was a real grown and sexy party! I wanna hire him for my next event!


Fun with Friends at Martell Cognac #ChooseBetter 300 celebration!

I had a reallly great time celebrating and social media hosting at Martell’s 300th celebration party! Who would of thought I would be partying with a brand that has been keeping parties going for a tricentenaire? Good Times and Great Vibes! I hope you enjoyed the recap and many more years to come for the brand. Interested in learning more about the Vangaurd Series? If you are 21+ Follow Martell Cognac on Twitter or Instagram today // Martell.com


Check out the hashtag #CHOOSEBETTER on all social media for photo recaps

DISCLOSURE:  Although the content has been sponsored by Martell, all thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.


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