How to #SaveTheUndies And Be Your Own Superhero! Saturday 21 February, 2015

Many thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to become an #UnderWarrior! 

Look I am tired of being a woman sometimes you know! Let’s face it, we all know we go through so much more than we should, especially around that time of the month! I’ve talked about “that time of the month” on the blog before and about how the “P” word is still a taboo subject. Something so natural is so icky to talk about. Well I am talking about it and 90% of my readers are woman and should be able to relate again…this time I don’t want to just talk about the forbidden P word, I want to talk about what that P-word does to us. cd4___period_panties_by_chopstickdays-d6e85yo See this comic? This is not an exaggeration, this was me very recently – the girl on the right! OMG I literally went from happy-go-lucky Kiwi no care in the world…to life-sucks-sucking-the-life-out-of-me Kiwi! I wish it was cliche but it’s real. I wanted to literally curl up and die…my back hurt and I felt like a lazy mess. On top of that…I didn’t want to wear any of my cute clothes…and I definitely had to pull out the period panty stash! Oooo am I about to talk about the dirty little secret that all girl have but no one ever wants to bring up? Yup lets talk about P Panties! Yay doesn’t that sound exciting??!

Nothing is sexy about P panties we all know. Its the ones we had for at least 3+ years…and in some cases we once upon a time cute panties that are now dingy or overworn. Most of the time it’s the ones that cover the entire booty, so no cute lacy panties or your favorites with the cute designs on it. Oh and definitely not any pretty light colored panties. We wear the darkest or blandest colors…so unattractive! It’s all for a good reason…no one wants to ruin their pretty panties because of our monthly friend. We paid good money for those….and you know what is the worst? When Aunt Flo comes into town unexpectedly before you can wear your P panties. I am sure it has happened to us all…she made sure to make a surprise appearance the day you wanted to be a literal FANCY PANTS! You hate Aunt Flo sometimes…you really do…she is a hater. She hates for you to be happy, and she loves to ruin a good pair of pretty panties at your expense. Or even worst…Aunt Flo get’s through to our underwear and we are in contant fear that we have become our own Target shopping center if you know what I mean! Can you say #BUTTCHECK (I know you’ve asked your friends to do this for you before – another dirty secret). She needs to be stopped! It’s time to save your undies away from Aunt Flo!


So the dirty secret is out and you are wondering how can you save your panties each month? Well you can do that by becoming your own superhero! You can be just like Clark Kent who has under attire that transforms him from regular to superhero, except you don’t need a phonebooth to change your clothes. In fact, you can be an UNDERWARRIOR and the point of being this kind of hero is you can keep you clothes on…especially your pretty undies! With each superhero there is always a villian, and you have to protect your undies from Aunt Flo! So how do you do that? How do you  become an  underwarrior start saving your undies from Auntie Flo?



U by Kotex 3D Capture Core

The secret weapon is in the pad! Your maxi pads! Majority of the reason why Aunt Flo wins all the battles of destroying your underRoos is because most women do not have the right sanitary napkin to protect themselves. We all know at this point they aren’t all created equal at all. Some of them leak, some of them bunch up, some of them make you feel like you are wearing a diaper and feel dirty, and some are just not good in fighting the war against Aunt Flo at all. I was presented with U by Kotex® Clean Wear Pads with their new 3D Capture Core. The 3D capture core is the fighting weapon that captures everything to bring to the center…so no worries about leakage or other spillage.


I wore this during the time Aunt Flo came, and I can tell you all honestly I am an official Underwarrior! I beat her at her own game! Sure she comes every month trying to make a mess, but my dirty little secret is now a clean one! It’s already bad enough we have to keep our monthly visitor a secret from the world…no one wants to hear about the grossness of Mother Nature sending her evil sister to ruin our lives every month. Aunt Flo isn’t really an enemy on purpose…but she just makes us want to hide all of our panties and we shouldn’t have to feel like we might have to fear of permanant damage or throwing out a good pair of panties because of her. Just because we have a secret every month it doesnt have to be dirty…let alone “feel” dirty…it’s now our CLEAN little secret ladies!


I hope introducing you to these new pads will make you feel better about every woman’s dirty clean little secret. If you are a woman reading my blog, I feel like you’re my friend and I want to help. I am not a superhero to help you…you don’t need Superman to help you….you can help yourself! I’m glad I could start this conversation with you!


Emma Stone being an #UnderWarrior (Easy-A movie)

You don’t need superman girl. Save yourself, be your own superhero and become an Underwarrior…saving your pretty underwear one month at a time! 

How do you become an #Underwarrior? You can start by getting a free sample of U by Kotex® pads with 3D Capture Core, and also spread the word – U by Kotex® is here to help make leaks history and Save the Undies.

If you would like to learn more about U by Kotex with 3D Capture technology today, then visit today!


Will you become an #Underwarrior? Has Aunt Flo left you defeated in the past? kiwithebeauty-signature1


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