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So let’s get this started. This is something all women have but people are so bashful to talk about. It’s the taboo word in society, exist but no one likes to bring it up.  Well using my blogging platform as a woman I feel like it is now my duty to bring it up and lets chat about it. Let’s put it out there. If you are a dude reading this, then just read for educational (and maybe sympathetic purposes) and for my lady readers come on and join in on the conversation.

demodiaries-kotex-thepword-kiwithebeauty So what is this forbidden P word? PERIOD. Let’s say it together…
P  E  R  I  O  D.

It mother nature’s way of telling women all over the world hey what up? You’re not pregnant this month so here is your reminder. Yay! And she is so messy about it.

So Mother Nature usually greets us like this…


Because this is how she feels each month you didn’t create a human life…

28375a24eb24d29c54ae0541d73086a8 But it is a big deal…Mother Nature packs a punch!

And all you want to tell her is…


But after she drop kicks you in your precious uterus you start feeling…


No seriously she does this to women every month and basically…

That ladies and gentleman (especially you men who never will ever experience this) is how a menstrual cycle starts. The agony, the drama, the annoyance of this forbidden P word is how women must live every month if her eggs doesn’t get fertilized. Of course mainstream American has made this forbidden word so exaggerated that we are walking She-Devils who crave chocolate constantly while crying during baby commercials and wishing we were a boy! That is the Power of a Period right? There is a lot more to it than that…below is what I like to call “Period Facts of Life” aka the real forbidden information that is true for mostly all women who have a period can relate. Pick your favorite.



Oh my favorite at the moment is number #49. Yes the marketing people who came up with that awesome slogan had to be a man who never had one. Especially on day 1 & 2. Really have a happy period? How about I demonstrate #102 to you and see how happy you are!

You want to know another issue that goes with period that no one likes to talk about but is also necessary? Sanitary Napkins. The products every woman must buy who has a period to function during the day so she doesn’t publicly humiliate herself. Yes whether you are a pad girl or a tampon girl, you have to buy this. This is also taboo to talk about; buying them at the store can be akward, changing yourself in public can be weird, and God forbid your purse spills and this is shown. Sanitary Napkins are every girls best friend product but you cant show them off. If you show them off then they will know…everyone will know that YOU are on your P E R I O D.


Well I have a period and I have to buy them so here is another dilemma that is real but no one talks about. What are the best products on the market? How do you pick the right kind to fit your needs each month? Well I was introduced to  U by Kotex clean wear pads. The first thing I noticed was the vibrant colors the product is wrapped in that are eye catching, girly, and will be pretty item to stash in a purse or beauty bag.

demodiaries-kotex-thepword-kiwithebeauty2 Although the packaging is pretty, pads aren’t necessarily known to be a great fashion accessory statement but Kotex sure does know how to not make it look blah. Might as well have something pretty if you got to deal with mother nature kicking you in the ovaries for the next couple of days right?

But  I want to bring up yet another taboo issue involving periods that no one wants to talk about, but every women gets concerned about and that is leakage. It’s happened to the best of us, and the key to finding the right product is making sure you get the right coverage every time. Who made up the commercials where pouring a blue liquid is acceptable to compare pad absorbency? So I did try this out on my cycle, and not only is the U by Kotex clean wear pads pretty, but they do the job! Without giving TMI, every usage I was clean and comfortable. Some pads have an issue of bunching up, moving around and just making you feel like you constantly have to check to see if ‘everything is ok down there’ like every 20 mins. The clean wear pads did just that, kept me clean.

Overall I like the pads. I actually alternate between pads and tampons throughout my cycle, & I’m curious to see how the tampons work. Kotex taught me if I am going to have my period every month, it doesn’t have to be boring while digging out my purse and won’t have to keep doing repetitive butt-checks with my friends. If you don’t have any good to think about your period, Girl Code taught us this… giphy

I hope this blog loosen you up a bit about the topic of the P. Do you still have stigmas about this subject? Why do you think “the P word” is still a touchy subject? Comment Below.

Tell Mother Nature This Next Month…


I wrote this review while participating in a content series through The bLink Marketing Network on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate. 

Love, Grace & Kissy Face,


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