Solange Taught Me: How To #BreakTheInternet for Your Wedding Monday 17 November, 2014

So for the last few days everyone has been buzzing about #BreakingTheInternet by a certain celebrity, but Solange showed us all how you really do it! Solange  who just recently got married to her video director husband, Alan Ferguson, did her wedding in a way that had the entire internet buzzing. You ever heard of the saying it’s tacky to wear white to a wedding? Well Solange said screw traditional and rules and the entire family wore white to her epic wedding (she wore the egg-white shade instead)! No gown, no veil, no matchy bridesmaids dress, no pinned up hair, no mediocrity – Solange decide to do the opposite of a normal wedding is supposed to be and made it her own! Someone who is seemingly best know for being the little sister to Beyonce and the “Elevator Incident, her wedding photos made everyone pretty much forget those things as she shined immaculately bright with her high fashion, not traditional wedding couture editorial photos. I am in awe. This shocked me in a way that I can’t even decribe. I know I literally just talked about different spins on weddings in my last post for Bridal Beauty Looks for Winter Brides, but Solange took bridal glam to the next level. Check them out below but I must warn you, this

Image by Rog Walker Image by Rog Walker

Is it me or are these pictures so beautiful that it’s creepy? It is a work of art, it is original, it’s memorable, it’s the entire essence of how not to have a traditional wedding and still win! Photographer Rog Walker (for VOGUE) was hand-selected by Solange herself to take official wedding portraits which served as a nod to the work of contemporary Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft. You read that correctly, she got an official Vogue photographer to capture her wedding photos. Would would of thought of that genius idea to have one of the most prestigious fashion magazine’s editorial photographer to capture your big day? I don’t think you can top that photography wise…that’s brilliant! 

Image by Rog Walker Image by Rog Walker

I love all the pictures and she has the full support of her mother (Tina Knowles), her superstar big sister (Beyonce) and I even spy ecclectic singer Janelle Monae (left to Bey) who were all included in her high fashion editorial bridal party shots. It’s so artistic and rich with the photographic direction and concept for the shoot. Power, Poise and Presence is what I get from the wedding photos, these were enought to break the internet for me. Wi-fi are you there?

More Photos from Solange’s Wedding

solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog5 solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog2 solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog3 solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog4 solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog11 solange-knowles-wedding-outfit-kiwi-the-beauty-blog13

I love her entire wedding concept from the jumpsuit alternative to the dress to the cutesy way her new husband and her rode matching white bikes down the streets of New Orleans. There is a flare of class and sophistication and even a retro feel when looking at these two newlyweds celebrating their day! Whether it’s her music, her hair, her fashion, her career and now even the details to her own wedding showcases how she is in control of her creative individual style and vision while celebrating her big day. Who cannot respect a girl with a vision like that?


All this talk of “breaking the internet” which I wont even talk about how America originally started with that trend, but if you are going to do it definitely do it with a bang. Also with clothes on. On your wedding day. Doing something amazing doesn’t have to be degrading or overselling something, it can be simply expressing your creative freedom and if the world just happens to love it, then your masterpiece was appreciated. Sometimes I think in our society we are doing too many things that are trendy, attention seeking or reaching for validation instead of marching to the beat of our own drum. Your wedding should be a depiction of just that, your personal expression with the ones you love and hopefully Solange has inspired many people you can create your own standards. Break Trends. Break Traditions. Break The Internet. I’m in love and can’t wait until I can plan my wedding one day to see how I can put my own personal touch to a tradition. We could all learn something from Mrs.Knowles-Ferguson.  solange-knowles-ferguson-alan-wedding-break-the-internet-kiwi-the-beauty1

Do You Love Solange’s Un-Traditional Wedding? Have You Been or Did Something Different at a Wedding That Was Unique?


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