Stone Mountain turns into Snow Mountain! #SnowBlog15 Wednesday 14 January, 2015

snow-mountain-stone-mountain-snow-blog-15-kiwi14 Stone Mountain Park is one of the leading attractions in Georgia and is considered an 8th wonder of the world (or maybe that’s a myth). This park is know for its big mountain rock and the activities surrounding it, but they do something special for the winter. Stone Mountain transforms the park into a literal Winterwonderland called SnowMountain. Snow Mountain brings the snow to the city, which Georgia rarely gets but that doesnt stop this park from celebrating the season. I live in Atlanta and I wont say it’s the coldest place in America during the winter months. I was invited to their media day of #SnowBlog15 in which I brought my nephew, my best friend Vanessa and her nephew Trenton experience the fun of Snow Mountain. snow-mountain-stone-mountain-snow-blog-15-kiwi13

The #SnowBlog15 experience consist of bloggers and their families to spend a fun-filled day playing across five football fields of frosty joy. Zooming down the 400-foot hill all together in family-sized tubes and options to go it alone as a single rider. From snowman building to snowball shooting, tubing to togetherness, we were able to enjoy all the moments that will make for the perfect snow day in the city!


The ten year olds Trenton + Elijah at Snow Mountain

This was the first time Elijah and Trenton got a chance to hang out. My best friend Vanessa + I have been friends for over 10 years, but surprisingly enough these two have yet to meet until this day. This was a perfect day for the boys to play and bond, especially since they are the same age and also in that stage where they are too cool to do certain things – but still are fun kids looking for cool things to do!


Aunties Day Out with me + my best friend Vanessa!

Fun fact: I actually used to work at Stone Mountain in high school. Snow Mountain didn’t exists at all. Vanessa actually came to visit me when I worked her as a teenage, so we both were in awe the fun and changes they made to enhance the fun at the park.

snow-mountain-stone-mountain-snow-blog-15-kiwi1 The boys are actually hilarious. At first they were kind of timid taking pictures with each other, the just met so you know the awkwardness…but they  warmed up to each other after some fun! Vanessa and I both do not have kids yet so it was fun to have a playdate with our nephews and see how pre-teen boys interact.


The first adventure was the Tube Runner. They boys got on the single ones. They actually did this twice they loved it. Yes adults can get on these too, but Vanessa + I opted out because we were scary lol. It’s like the older I get the more I am afraid to take these kind of risk…I was such a punk. There were also Tube Runner meant for 4 people, and we missed out on that too, because the boys were tired after doing this single runners twice in a row! The pre-teens loved this check out the pics below!








Elijah’s Insta-Fun on The Tube Runners!

A video posted by Kiwi (@kiwithebeauty) on



This photo made me laugh! There was the cutout boards for photo ops and both boys at first were too cool to be ‘penguins’. I had to make the boys smile but as you can see Elijah wasn’t having it!

snow-mountain-stone-mountain-snow-blog-15-kiwi12 snow-mountain-stone-mountain-snow-blog-15-kiwi10 Fort Snow was pretty cool. Its a seperate area where kids can just basically have a field day in snow. Again as I stated before, Georgia doesn’t really have snow so this is like a winter playland for the children. Georgia gets more ice than anything but this was really exciting to see at the park! It really was a somewhat of a magically experience it almost felt like it did snow in the city! And come on…what kid doesnt like a fort??  Oh but no snowballing allowed!

snow-mountain-stone-mountain-snow-blog-15-kiwi11 The kids could play in the snow by building a snowman (cute Frozen song), there were mini baby tube runners for kiddies under 4ft, and just overall imaginative fun for those who like to play in the cold. My nephew decided to plop right in the snow and make a snow angel. That was cute!


There is even a fun roasting area for smores or marshmellows! This was so fun…plus it was cold out there so a great way to warm up!


Auntie + Nephew’s Day Out!

Overall #SnowBlog15 was lots of fun! It’s definitely a great family experience and hey who doesn’t want to play in the snow every once in  while. Why wait for a snowday, and if you are waiting you will be doing that for a long time (sometimes up until March). This was a great winter activity and innovative experience! If you are in Georgia for the winter, stop by and have fun in the sun snow!

The dates of Snow Mountain Park opening November 22, 2014 – February 22, 2015.

To learn more about Snow Mountain Park at Stone Mountain Park visit here for FAQ and details here.

What Winter Activities Do You Like To Do When Its Cold? kiwithebeauty-signature1

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