Tabla | Indian Upscale Restaurant in Midtown Atlanta Tuesday 23 October, 2018

an authentic Indian restaurant with a modern twist! Restauranteur, Sandeep Kothary, has brought his passion for bringing Indian food to the next level to Tabla. The restaurant boasts a contemporary ambiance mixed in with traditional cuisine. Our worldly trained Chef’s bring experience, knowledge and creativity to your dining experience at Tabla. Our menu is full of flavors that can entice any palate. Tabla also offers a unique list of cocktails inspired by Indian spice infused liqueur. The ambiance, from the sultry & chic lounge to the serene dining hall, will make this a dining experience you wont forget.

Ginger & Lemon | Lemon juice | Ginger beer

This is a version drink and I will say it is so good and refreshing. I really could drink this all day, and ginger is good for your immune system anyways. I would make this drink myself – so my recommendations is to get this drink!

Veggie Samosa crispy fried turnovers stuffed with potato, peas, and fennel

Tandoori Shrimp shrimp marinated in sour cream & white pepper

Spinach Chaat spinach, onions, tomatoes, chutney

Chur Chur Naan

Banana Leaf Fish white flaky fish steamed in banana leaf

Tandoori Roti

I was shocked to see Roti on the menu. Roti is a Caribbean type bread, well known in Trinidad/Guyana but also have traces in India as well. Roti and Naan can be similar but if you are a Roti fan I would recommend getting this with your meal too!

Shrimp PARDA BIRYANI Hyderabadi style steamed rice cooked with spices, saffron, and rose water covered in Naan bread



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