Its that time of year where the carefree cool kids return for one of the biggest fesitvals of the year with Afro Punk. This will be my second year attending and I am very excited. Last year I was invited at the very last milisecond but nonetheless I went for a thrifted looked. Retro Afro-Cowgirl Blondie with a hint of Wakanda is the look I was going for!

Me before arriving to AFROPUNK 2017

 It’s an art driven and all inclusive music festival with an emphasis on the African diaspora and today’s culture paired with activism. Performances include an incredible roster N.E.R.D., Kaytranada, The Internet, Pusha-T, Death Grips, SERPENTWITHFEET and more. The festival features artists from around the world along with a unique vendor marketplace. Check out some of the fabulous AfroPunkers who showed out in the past for a preview of what is to come to Atlanta soon…

AfroPunk is not your ordinary festival. Yes this AfroPunk in Atlanta is in October, so it could look like pre-Halloween but this is beyond playing dress up. This is freedom of expression. This is for all of the people of color who are told what to wear isnt good enough or societially acceptable – this is your chance to rebel. This is for the people who want to honor their African roots. This is for the people who want to show of their American creative freedom. This is the time to step out the box and get creative. Honor the Past and Embrace the future with eclectic style, soul and whatever message you want to put out there.

Its for the cool kids. Its for the kids who are considered outcast or weirdos. Its for the people who are not conformist. Its for people who have difference fashion and musical taste. This is for the people who are the black sheep in the family. Its for anybody that felt like a nobody before.  This is for the people who just want to be surrounded with non-judgemental vibes. But what I get from it is walking pieces of art and soul. Each soul who enters AfroPunk walks into their own little world of Wakanda, to make a scene and be seen!

Working on my outfit this year as we speak. I will be there and of course a recap to follow!

Have you heard or attended AfroPunk Before?

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