The Day I Met Kevin Hart + Terrence J {and more Think Like A Man Too Promo} Tuesday 17 June, 2014

I had the honor and the pleasure to do more Think Like A Man Too Movie promo! Yes even more, and its great because this is one of the funniest movies debuting this summer. I did two press events here in Atlanta, a Macy’s Meet & Greet and the Red Carpet movie premiere (yes the same one I was giving tickets for at the Walmart/Motions event).  think-like-a-man-too-movie-atlanta-kiwithebeauty5

Macy’s Meet & Greet

think-like-a-man-too-atlanta-aburnsphotos-kiwithebeauty7 The first event of the day was the Macy’s Meet & Greet with stars of the film Kevin Hart & Terrence J. I was able to cover the event with fellow bloggers who are members of the Everywhere Society with me. It was a very festive event at Macy’s with Vegas-like showgirls to go with the Think Like A Man Too theme. Macy’s was very packed with fans and pandemonium to meet the two stars!  I think people became extremely excited to see Kevin emerge into the crowd, and it was definitely a Kodak camera-phone moment as America’s favorite comedian made his way toward the center stage. 
ABP_3129 ABP_3176 ABP_3211 ABP_3223 ABP_3284

Both Terrence and Kevin Hart took some fan shots with the crowd and even signed autographs. And of course I got a piece of the actions so I have a funny snippet to share with you when I met them. kevin-hart-terrence-j-think-like-a-man-too-kiwi-the-beauty

When it was my turn to approach the stage, as you see on my shirt I was going with the theme of the movie and the original book title. I got on stage and said, “Look guys I wore this shirt for you!”

Kevin:  You’re the blogger girl right?

Me {shock face}: How do you know?!

Kevin: I saw your tweets and figured I would see you today!

*Whoa…again I have been double promoting this movie and I was tweeting them both for a week. It just goes to show that these celebs do pay attention to social media. It blew my mind Kevin was kinda expecting me (and I am sure the shirt helped) . Tweet these celebs and show them love!  (#ThinkLikeAManToo + #TLAM2).


think-like-a-man-too-atlanta-aburnsphotos-kiwithebeauty4 think-like-a-man-too-atlanta-aburnsphotos-kiwithebeauty5 think-like-a-man-too-movie-atlanta-kiwi After the Macy’s Meet & Greet, I followed Kevin &  Terrence to the official Atlanta red carpet for the TLAM2 movie. Lots of press and photo coverage as they met up with some Atlanta local celebs and some of the other cast mates. They joined with La La Anthony and Romany Malco on the carpet as the Atlanta media showed them lots of love and support, including Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed. Check the gallery below for more images of the carpet and meet and greet.

Thanks to Aburns Photography for the amazing event shots again! Follow him on social media @aburnsphotos #abpatl

kiwi-the-beauty-think-like-a-man-too-poster So you saw for yourself how much I have been promoting it, and after the red carpet I did see the movie myself. Did the movie live up to the hype?

My verdict: Hell Yes! This movie was so funny! This isnt your typical going to Vegas and have a crazy weekend movie. I know people assume this is the couple version of The Hangover…but it’s not. Think Like A Man Too had their own obstacles and situations and of course lots of laughs. I love this franchise because it’s very rare to see a movie follow both the male side and the female side of the story equally. It usually from a male’s perspective or a females perspective, or it turns into a boy vs girls type of thing. It wasn’t a battle of the sexes thing, as it was a both sexes just having their own type of fun. It was such a funny and cute movie. It’s a must-watch and I am not just saying this. It a movie for all genders and cultural backgrounds. Everyone should definitely see this movie this summer! Go see it!

In theaters this Friday June 20th


I loved my festive shirt “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss” which I bought from Ross Stores for $12. I love it because I don’t want to think like a man, I want to think like a BOSS! I loved this movie and I think I might just see it again. Will you go see Think Like A Man Too this weekend?

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