Tin Drum Asian Kitchen | LIMITED-TIME ONLY POKE BOWLS Saturday 30 September, 2017

Kiwi The Foodie is back with some exciting news! I am here to announced that I am a new blogger ambassador for the Tin Drum Asian Kitchen brand in Atlanta. I am very excited as I am a big fan of this spot, and I will be bringing you new Asian foodie dining options from this asian cafe. Each month I will be sharing a new food item, promotion, events and maybe a few giveaways too! 

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen provides the fast service and convenience of Asian street-side cafés, prepares each meal to order using fresh, simple ingredients. The menu is a dynamic mix of traditional Asian fare with bold flavors and features cuisine inspired by the cultures of China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

The new Limited Edition Poke bowl offerings will be available at every Tin Drum location now through October 8.

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, a fast casual concept focused on fresh, bold, Asian inspired cuisine, is bringing the latest must-have trend to any foodie scene with its new menu items featuring the popular raw-fish Poke. A staple in the Hawaiian Islands that has recently swept the nation, Poke has developed a passionate following from foodies nationwide for its rich flavor and nutritional benefits. Tin Drum has tapped into the craze with two protein-packed offerings featuring fresh and healthy ingredients that can be prepared spicy or sweet.

Mango Dragon: Balancing out its spicy counterpart with a sweeter selection, the Mango Dragon is made with a choice of white or brown rice topped with Ahi tuna and fresh mango. Additional toppings include crisp romaine, edamame, pickled cucumber, jalapeños, pickled ginger, scallions, masago and sesame seeds, drizzled with a sweet chili dressing.

Spicy Volcano (Not Pictured): A take on Tin Drum’s popular Hawaiian bowl, the Spicy Volcano is made with a choice of white or brown rice and topped with fresh Ahi tuna, crisp romaine, edamame, corn, seaweed salad, cilantro, pickled ginger, masago and sesame seeds, drizzled with spicy mayo dressing to give it an extra kick.

Basil Fried Rice Savory Thai sauce, basil, onions, scallions, jalapenos, green bean, carrots, sautéed chicken, egg fried rice

My friend who joined me for lunch was NOT into Poke,  she hasnt gotten into the foodie trend yet, so she went for the Basil Fried Rice. This bowl is a Tin Drum House Dish and my friend loved it. It was her second time eating here and now she wanted to make this a monthly/weekly lunch date spot! We love to eat!

Lunch was great for the both of us. The Poke Bowl will be leaving soon, but the Basil Fried Rice will stay on the menu as it is a house dish.

Currently, Tin Drum is doing a campaign called “Around the Wok in 80 Days.” The timeline is August 30-November 16. This campaign is a unique video series which captures the essence of Tin Drum‘s bold and unique entrees. This has launched to Tin Drum fans through an email and social media post featuring the original brand video. Subscribers are encouraged to download/use the app in order to “travel around the wok with us” and take advantage of special promotions throughout the 11-week campaign. Each week, a new featured entree will be introduced through the app email and a corresponding video promoted on social media. Hashtags utilized for the campaign are #AroundTheWok and #TinDrum.

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About Tin Drum Asian Kitchen  

With 10 locations throughout Atlanta, Ga., Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, a fast casual concept focused on fresh, bold, Asian flavors, is inspired by music and the street-side cafes of Asia. The menu carries bold flavor profiles and all food is cooked fresh to order in an open kitchen. The space invites all taste buds and styles, and looks to elevate the fast casual dining experience with thoughtful, modern design elements and surprising, delightful details. For more information about Tin Drum, visit TinDrumAsianKitchen.com.

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