Weekend Getaway with Palm Breeze #VacayEveryDay Wednesday 01 July, 2015


My famous jumping picture when we crossed the GA-FL line. Welcome to FLORIDA!

We were kind of contemplating it back and forth on whether we would go, tried to recruit friends…but it ended up just being Nia + I.  We are pretty free-spirited with limited responsibilites so we said why not?! Nia researched the hotel room and I already had a loaner car from Madza so we drove the 5 hour distance to Jacksonville,FL. We literally picked our hotel as we were getting on the road and booked over the phone. Super spontaneous and I loved it.


Meet Nia my roadtrip weekend getaway buddy!

So we made it to Jacksonville,FL…put our clothes and bags in our hotel to head straight to Jacksonville Beach. We were so serious! We both craved a beach really bad. I have a flexible schedule I don’t work in a 9-5 office, but Nia does. She really wanted this getaway bad…unfortunately when you work in a 9-5 scheduled lifestyle its not the easiest to take off work. So Nia really wanted to come because she wouldn’t be able to take off for her own personal vacation for another 2 month!!! Isn’t that crazy?? So we definitely had to do this roadtrip for a peace of mind and a break away from ATL. We love Atlanta, but we were getting smothered in our city!


The beach at our feet


So I wanted to share this post with you all about how you should have a Vacay Everyday! As I stated earlier sometimes you can plan a vacation, but you have to wait or your job has to approve your time off vacation…so does that mean you have to wait until then to have a vacation? No??! Roadtrip it out like Nia + I did. We had to go to a beach…we couldn’t take anymore humidity in Atlanta.


Look I am not going to lie…when Nia + I got on the road…we didn’t do that many stops and didn’t pack a lot of snacks. So when we got to the beach we both made sure to bring our favorite cool down drink when we did get to Jacksonville Beach. I brought a Palm Breeze. Look I was going for the Palm theme obviously…I am beach crazy at this moment so even my drink has to match my mood. Palms + Breeze, two things that has nothing to do with Atlanta right now!


Palm Breeze is like a beer for women (lol)!

  • Palm Breeze sparkling alcohol spritz comes in two tropical flavors, Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange
  • Palm Breeze is a flavored malt beverage (FMB). Which basically means it’s an alcoholic drink made with a malt base, kind of like beer.



Being the Gypsy Curly Mermaid I was meant to be

Look why not have a sparkling malt beverage on the beach? I am away from home and cooling off…I like to have a little bubbly every now and then and having this Palm Breeze was really refreshing as I sat and chatted in the sand with Nia. When I was done…back in the water I went…time to be a Curly Mermaid!


Here I am jumping again! Excited for my mini beach getaway!


Nia + I enjoying our spontaneous beach trip for the weekend

Nia + I enjoyed our little one night stay in Jacksonville,Fl. It was a real quick turn-around trip…we did go to one more beach the next day but we went home. It wasn’t some glamourous vacation, but it was a vacation enough to hold us over until our next one! Look if you planned a vacation but have to wait, or your job wont give you the time off earlier…take your own vacay! Don’t let yourself wait aroumd, looking at other people’s social media envying their vacations when you can take one of your own. I highly recommend a weekend getaway, even for one day…even if it’s not by a beach…even if it’s in your own city and you have to settle for a staycation…you need a break so take one! Stop waiting…stop pouting…stop wishing you can speed time up for your vacation to come. You can have an earlier vacation if you set your mind to it, and bring your spouse, friend or family member with you for your breakaway.

You are allowed to have a Vacay Everyday if you want to…you just have to find the peace you are looking for and go to it…you are not a hampster on a spinning wheel. You are human made to experience life and happiness at your own will. Again I am not saying book a vacation spontaneously or even do exactly what Nia + I did…find something or somewhere that can make you happy in the meantime until you can take the vacation you fully deserve to have.


Nia’s Glasses in the Sand like My Palm Breeze was in the sand

If you are inspired I  suggest you have a get-up and go moment and have your vacay anyways! Take a Palm Breeze drink with you while you go!
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

What can inspire you to have a #VACAYEVERYDAY? Have you done a getaway or a staycation before your next big trip?




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