WeTV’s Cutting It In The ATL Press Dinner | Season 2 Wednesday 13 July, 2016


Last night was a special media dinner for WETV’s Cutting It in the ATL for their second season. Cheers to that, as there is a second season with these larger than life women.

If you arent familiar with the show its about Atlanta being home to America’s most talented, daring and in-demand hair stylists. Cutting It revolves around five glamorous and headstrong salon owners as they compete to bring in the most business and dominate the Atlanta hair game in the city. Season 1 was such a success and now is the time to see what Season 2 of Cutting It has it store of us all. 


It was an interesting night that was hosted in Buckhead with media influencers and tastemakers to get a preview of the first episode of Cutting It Season 2 while enjoying cocktails, appetizers and a 3 course meal.


Crab Bruschetta Appetizers



First Course


Main Course of Media Dinner


Cutting It Cast: Maja, Beautii J , Mushiya, Dedra, LeKenya Photo Credit: Chris Mitchell/CM300


Me + Beautii J

Beautii J will always have a place in my heart. She is my stylist and I love her. She does great work with hair and she says this platform has elevated her salon and brand to a higher success to even expansion. I interviewed her for the 1st season and set up a photoshoot for her that made it on the show, as in a karmatic way she was featured in the magazine I was the cover girl for [check it out here] . Love her she does amazing hair and happy she is able to show of her styling skills and business savvy for a second season!


Beautii J of Spoiled Opulence

Beautii J, what I love about her is that on the show you can see the variations of hairstyles she can transform into. I promise I am not being bias, during some of the confessionals of the episodes she would change up here hairstyles. Look you better use that platform to showcase how you change switch it up!


Mushiya of The Damn Salon

Mushiya of The Damn Salon makes a statement with her dress of the current issues going on today. From what I hear she was Season 1 crowd favorite and makes bold statements and moves on the show.

My Synopsis of Season 2 of #CuttingitInTheATL – I will be honest…it can be much. It’s reality tv in Atlanta so of course the drama is there I get it. The catalyst of this show is to showcase these female salon owners who can hold their own, brand themselves and be profitable in the city. I honestly want to see more of that. I know drama, catfights and tension sells…but really I hope this show display MORE positivity and woman entrepreneurship more and less of the petty bickering and arguing. I am legit over that – but I know it makes for good TV. Let me tell you something as a black woman watching other black women fight and argue with each other on national television we need another narrative. I know what sells,  I know what people want  to watch it is what keeps many viewers from coming back.

I want more highlighting of their success. Thats what I want. These women are in the industry of creativity, beauty and transforming the looks of everyday women. I want to see the hair transformations. I want to see the brand building. I want to see the expansions. I want to see the inspiration they provide women in Atlanta and across the nation to show them the perks of entrepreneurship and growing an empire. All of these women are in the industry of branding themselves like me. So I can see myself in them…just for me the cattiness can be turned down a notch. But  hey its reality tv in today’s society. You almost cant have one without the other. I wish that wasn’t the case, but on the flipside – all of these women are REAL salon owners outside the show. These women are professionals in the industry and many are using this television platform not just for the obvious, but to expand their brands and connect with people for new clientele. I am all for business growth and I wish them all the best!


Cutting It Premieres Thursday July 14th 10/9C on WETV #CuttingIt

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  • Tomiko says:

    I need that tee!! Love that photo

  • Idk what that first appetizer was but it looks sooo good! LOL. I’ve never watched the show….. I get addicted to reality tv so I try not to start too many new shows LMAO.

  • Stacie says:

    Okay that’s it, I’m moving to ATL! YOu guys have the best press events. As for the show, I too want to see more positive women but I wonder if it would sell.

  • Eva says:

    They treat press RIGHT in ATL!!! All the food looks wonderful and everything is super classy. Glad you had a good time!

  • I have never heard of this show but this post has piqued my interest. I will have to catch reruns though because I have committed to a tv fast for the remainder of the summer to focus.

    That food though … that food looks really good. I may have to take a trip to my local Del Frisco’s soon.

  • LaShonda says:

    Really? Youre going to make us drool with the food like that? Ha! I need to check this show out.. Cant wait

  • Tia says:

    That food did look delicious! Seems like you had a great time at the event.

  • I saw Mushiya in the press room at the Essence Festival. She came in with two mostly naked men with six packs. lol

    I didn’t recognize her at the time but after a recent comment on my IG I put two and two together.

    I’m with you I want to see more positive images.

  • Joanna says:

    Looks like a great event. I’m not much of a fan of TV, so I doubt I’ll be watch. I need that BLM shirt. So dope.

  • Kasi says:

    Looks like an awesome event! I definitely have to check that show out, it sounds like one I’d enjoy watching. I love that your stylist is on the show, and your photoshoot for her was apart of it! Fab pictures as well, everyone is slaying!

  • I enjoyed watching the beginning of season 1, however it started going way beyond my values with amazing smart African American women fighting/ degrading one another. I’m so not for it. Hopefully this season is more uplifting and inspiring to our community.

  • Tiffani G says:

    I’ve caught the show before, and I love Mushiya’s accent. Work those Runway Curls! I’ll admit, the $50 weave idea fascinates me.

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