What To Do In Playa Del Carmen: The Dining Experience (Dinner Party) Monday 02 July, 2018

I am currently in Playa Del Carmen and I found a fun interactive experience in the town. I attended the amazing The Dining Experience like a professional dinner party with some hands on elements. Throughout the evening we learned about the cuisine, made our own salsas but that is all in terms of cooking and even make out own cocktails. The event is definitely 18+ and all drinks and meals are all inclusive to this experience! 

So what is prevalent in traveling is you have to eat right. If you are a foodie like me you Google and you research where is the top places to eat in a city o country. I have definitely already done that several times while I been in Playa and its been pretty successful. I am also here for a month, and remember I am solo traveling. So when I was presented with The Dining Experience I really didnt know what to expect. I thought it was just going to be a regular dinner for two with different food items. I was wrong and it was way more than I thought it was going to be. I had no idea it was a dinner party with other travelers like me, a few locals and some expats who wanted to have a new dinner experience while in the city.

Leon who was our amazing interactive host for the evening. He was so fun, informative, interactive and hilarious!

Leon, who was our lovely host for The Dining Experience  explained the foundation of this event dinner parties was created not only to just have a cool dinner experience, but for adults to meet other traveling adults and connect. Answer the question honestly, when you travel how do you make friends while on vacation? Yes sure you can go to a bar and chat up with people there over drinks, but its still not a personal efficient way to connect all the time. So the Dining Experience is perfect because it was an authentic night of mingle over food, laughing and talking and having this time together for a few hours. This was perfect, especially since I was a solo traveler.

Even though I came to Playa Del Carmen solo, before I did this dinner party experience I actually invited a new friend that I met online in a Playa Expat Facebook Group. Her name was Cristal, who also happens to be a blogger too at TofuTraveler.com,  and we met for the first time at this event because I invited her. So not only did I make a new friend in Playa via Facebook (which I would highly recommend any solo traveler try to do in different countries if there is an expat group for it on that platform) but WE made new friends during this dinner. This was cool for Cristal too because she been in Playa for a few months, but she was also willing to meet new people – and since she been here she never got a chance to experience Playa Del Carmen like this. So this was going to be a great night!

Leon demonstrating step by step on how to make a cocktail. Then we all had a ball replicating a cocktail drink and letting our neighbor taste our creation. It was cute because we were taught mini bartending 1-on-1 lessons such as muddlings, properly pouring measurements and showcasing our best cocktail shake faces to each other!

A sampler of drinks to preview the drink we were going to make soon.

Cocktail #1 : Simple Syrup, blueberries, orange juice, lime juice and Flor de Damiana

Cocktail #2: Simple Syrup, Guava, ginger, orange juice, lime juice, mezcal, Flor de Damiana

Cocktail #3: Simple Syrup, cilantro (to taste), habanero (to taste), orange juice, lime juice, passionfruit juice and tequila

Mexican street food sampler: Sope w/potato and chorizo, Prawn al Pastor and Esquites

First course Mexican street food sample plate.

Sope with Potato and Chorizo: This is made with Masa (corn flour), Mexican chorizo, potato, diced onion, garlic,vegetable oil and sour cream.

Prawn al Pastor: This is made with prawn (shrimp) and pineapples on a kabob with a special marinade.

Esquites (Mexican Street Corn): This is the gourmet version of traditional Mexican street corn. This is made with white corn kernels, butter, epazote(combined herb flavorings of cilantro/mint/anise/citrus), guajillo (chilli) alioli, lime, cheese and powdered milk.

Chaya Tostada

Second Course of an exotic Mexican herb salad called Chaya Tostada. Chaya is a Caribbean spinach like dish that is healthy and near and dear to Mayan cuisine. The Chaya is presented on a tostada that is combined with vegetable oil, lime and smoked sea salt with a Huitlacoche puree.

Huitlacoche is a mexican truffle and also a Mayan delicacy that gives an earthy, mushroom like taste.

Lionfish Ceviche: Fresh lionfish, tomatillo, Nopal (catcus), bell pepper, cucumber, mango, orange, vegetable oil, grapefruit, parsley, lime, olive oil and white corn tortilla

Third Course Lionfish Ceviche (which this can get made without seafood/vegetarian friendly). It was so delicious and one of the special ingredients to this dish is Nopal (cactus). Nopal or also known as prickly pear, can be eaten raw, cured or made into a marmalade. Nopal is is slightly tart in flavor which blends perfectly with the sharp ingredients of a cerviche!

Interactive session on how to make authentic salsa and guacamole. We each got an opportunity to take turns using an authentic motar and pestal of Mexico to grind our own salsa and guac mix for our upcoming tacos.

Leon showing us how to eat a taco the right way! Who knew there was taco eating etiquette?

Fourth Course Taco Spread with all of the toppings! On top of the guac and salsa we all made together, there were spreads of fresh tortillas, diced onions, fillings varieties of chicken, beef, pork, cauliflower and more. This was definitely a great table taco bar where we all made our own unique combo of tacos. This was so much fun and very delicious. Everything was so fresh and flavorful!

100% Vegan-Friendly Cacao Mousse

Fifth Course Cacao Mousse for our dessert. If you dont know what cacao is, I learned about it all here when I went to Panama last year and visited an indigenous Cacao Plantation. Cacao is the fruit that all chocolate originates from. It is considered a superfood on the market now, but the Mayans and ingenious people today consider it sacred. We did a special prayer before we ate this and it set the mood and concluded our wonderful evening. This was very delicious!

This was an amazing dinner. So much to eat, mingling and even being apart of making our own food and having a fun dinner night. It is one of the best foodie experiences I ever had. It lasted for quiet some time, it didn’t feel rushed and it was just a great flowing evening with like-minding travel and foodie loving adults. We definitely got a good taste of Mexico, and I appreciate participating in making authentic Mexican cocktails, guac and salsa and just indulging in the food while learning more about the culture. Traveling is way more than just visiting a country – you can learn history while you eat and The Dining Experience definitely provided that and more. I also want to highlight if you do book, they are very accomodating to any and all dietary needs before the event so no one will feel left out in this experience. If you are looking for something unique outside of the ordinary and eating dinner differently, I highly recommend The Dining Experience when visiting Mexico! It exceeded my expectations for sure. This is definitely something different and exciting to do if you are ever in Playa Del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico!

To learn more about The Dining Experience thediningexperience.rocks | The Dining Experience Playa Del Carmen

The Dining Experience can also be booked in Tulum,Mexico as well.

Have you ever done an international dinner party?

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