What To Do in Riviera Maya Mexico: Exploring Rio Secreto – A Mayan Underworld Thursday 12 July, 2018

Río Secreto is the new ecological inspiration of our region. It has recently been designated as one of Mexico’s most distinct and alluring nature reserves, and this unique destination is quickly becoming the pride of all Mexicans. Rio Secreto is a new tourist attraction in the Riviera Maya that amazes visitors with a once in a lifetime experience to a natural underground river (cenote)  and the limestone cavern system it winds through. Only discovered in 2006, the cave is part of a 7.5-mile long tavern that is still being explored and mapped out today. There are actually 5 different routes to experience this tour, and each goes in different directions.

Río Secreto could very well be one of the great world wonders. Experience this stunning underground river with thousands of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. It’s like stepping back in time to witness something mysterious and truly spectacular. This reservation and tour is 100% Mexican-owned organization dedicated to conserving their most cherished natural assets.

I am so happy their was a professional photographer to capture many of the exciting moments on this tour in the cave. No this isnt my first cave tour, but this one was different because its is collaborated with a cenote (Spanish word for sinkhole/underground water cave). So thanks to Rio Secreto for taking all of the photos you see on this amazing natural Mayan Underworld cave tour. Rio Secreto provides you will all of your essentials such as: wetsuits, water shows, helmet with light, life jacket and walking stick. Walking sticks were imperative to this journey as it helped sturdy us while navigating the cave and walking back to and forth through the site.

Before we began on the mayan underworld journey that is Rio Secreto, we did an indeginous ceremonial prayer giving thanks to the ancestors and to keep us protected while going on this journey. I love how we still respect the Mayan spirit of the reservation, even though we are tourist we still have to respect the sacredness of the land. This is still a new excursion in Mexico, but this is a very old ancient location, we must honor the land as the Mayans did. Then we started the real journey.

We were guided the entire time by our amazing tour guide, Julian, who navagited us through the cave as a group. The walking stick came in handy and all of our lights help illuminate the cave to help us on our paths. We would stop every so often to look up at the limestone and the structures of the different natural formations the cave created.

So the tour was half walking on dry ground and half trekking through the centote. I actually thought it was pretty cool we were walking through mini pools of water while making our way through the cave. The Water wasnt so cold, and you can see right through most of it. There were barely any fish on the journey my group went through, as I probably only saw 1 or 2 fishes float by the entire time. A cool tidbit about this centote: The PH balance of the water is 7, which is completely neutralized and is most of Riveria Maya’s drinking water. So this was alkaline water at is best, nice fresh clean water collected by the rain over time that we were walking through.

This was my 3rd centote I ever visited while I was in Mexico this time around and I can say this was some the most beautiful blue water. It was even more beautiful when Julian would shine his flashlight through the water and you can truly see the illumination of blue naturally the water projected. It was a asthetically stunning aquamarine and ice blue the water projected while we navigated through the cave.

One of my favorite parts of the tour was there was a moment where the water got less shallow and our feets could no longer reach the ground. We could swim and float through the cenote. I thought I was going to be freaked out, but it was all good. The lifevest was good, so even if you couldnt swim you would be ok doing this. There was a moment where Julian told us all to turn off our lights and to just float in the water in silence for one minute so that we can all just hear the nature sounds of the cenote with no extra noise. This was very peaceful and spirtually in-tuning for me, and it made me feel like I was in a sensory deprivation tank (even though I have yet to do one yet) I did it the natural way. We take for granted how peaceful nature can be, and floating the centote was just absolutely amazing and calming during this tour.

I know I felt transformed by their journey deep inside Río Secreto. It’s a rare and exotic opportunity to admire the unequaled beauty of our beloved Mexico and Mother Earth.

Río Secreto’s sustainability is based on Mexican environmental regulations and the use of good environmental practices that safeguard the conservation of the region’s water, flora and fauna.  As a nature reserve, we value and promote eco-tourism in Mexico. Ultimately, Río Secreto represents a successful example of sustainable ecological tourism, sending the nation and the world a message of hope, faith and love.

Learn more about Rio Secreto on their site at RioSecreto.com

Photo Credit: Rio Secreto 

Thank you to Palms at Playa for organizing this Rio Secreto experience while I stayed at their hotel on my trip. Read my review about The Palm at Playa and the wonderful boutique hotel in Playa Del Carmen here

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