Where to Eat Gluten-Free in Atlanta at Karma Farm | America’s First Certified Gluten Free Fast Casual Restaurant & Bakery Saturday 30 November, 2019

KarmaFarm is a farm-to-table, fast casual restaurant serving local and organic proteins and sides in a welcoming counter service. We are Southern inspired with global influences in a menu drawn from our region’s favorite “meat and threes,” or as we like to say, “protein and threes.” KarmaFarm offers dozens of daily, clean eating choices, with nutritious, crave-able dishes for carnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Every KarmaFarm salad, protein, side and dressing is gluten, dairy and nut free. All ingredients are clearly marked, including seeds, coconut, shellfish and eggs. Our full bakery is also entirely gluten, dairy and nut free, and offers rotating grab n’ go or grab n’ eat options.

Scott & McCall Wilder, Owners of Karma Farm. KarmaFarm has been certified by the Gluten Free Food Service (GFFS) Division of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) of North America as America’s First Certified Gluten Free Fast Casual Restaurant & Bakery.

KarmaFarm is locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Scott & McCall Wilder. This restaurant is truly a family affair. Beyond just your regular mom & pop or brick and mortar restaurant. When not in school, the Wilder kids often serve dishes on the main line, and most menu items are gluten, nut and dairy free family recipes that have been expanded or enhanced for the restaurant. Scott is also an Atlanta native, which makes KarmaFarm’s launch in their local community extra meaningful.

When you walk through the KarmaFarm doors, you can feel our happy vibe. We truly believe that giving back to the community on a daily basis isn’t just socially responsible, it’s good business. For every meal sold, we donate one to a local child in need through organizations like No Kid Hungry. 10,000 meals donated to date. All day, every day.

Karma Farm is committed to mindful sourcing, and works year round with local produce suppliers to offer the freshest seasonal ingredients. Their Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables are only purchased organic, and our beef, chicken and turkey is always pastured and certified humane. Their Norwegian steelhead trout is sustainable, shrimp is wild caught from Georgia or the Gulf, and their tuna is wild caught and dolphin friendly.

This restaurant is so diverse. Its set up like like casual dining restaurant, but quick like fast food. Its served with all of the ingredients in real cooking pans, to let you know they are cooking it, authentically fresh and not frozen. All homemade in house everyday!



So this place stays true to what they stand for which is no gluten. What you see is definitely not bread, it is Venezuelan yuca arepas, which is similar to a potato. These are created sandwhich style, which you can pair with whichever sides you would like.


Lil’ Llama Food for Kids

LIL’ LLAMAS (Age 6 & under): 1 PROTEIN & 2 SIDES

Sincere has the Grass-Fed local sloppy mojoeand brasstown beef bbq brisket w/ fresh house soup.



HOUSE DONUTS – Ginger Cinnamon (gluten-free)

So the llama treats are their in-house bakery items. Yes outside of it being a casual dining restaurant – it is a bakery as well. So anyone who is gluten-free or any nut allery can have something sweet to eat! Most of the items are vegan as well!


So whats up with all the llama talk here? Well Karma Farm brand would not be complete without its mascot “Harry” the Karma Llama! Isnt that cute? I love the concept and Harry and the llama brand was concieve because of the Wilder’s daughters love for llamas! Harry is apart of the family, brand and you must take a photo of Harry before you go! Make sure you use the special hashtag #HarrytheKarmaLlama! 

One more cool thing about this multifunctional eatery is they serve COFFEE. Yes a coffee place that is fully diary-free and nut free! The milk used here is only coconut milk or pea protein for anyone with latose intolerance, vegan or nut alleries. See everyone can eat and drink here with 100% ease!

I got a caramel ice-latte made with coconut milk and Ethopian crafted coffee beans. So good!

Sincere wanted in on the Harry The Karma Llama action!

Overall I think this is an amazing gem Atlanta has to offer in the food scene. Literally something for everyone. Everyone can eat in peace and satify their hunger. You can be carnivore, herbivore, vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian like me and enjoy a great meal in Atlanta. No matter your dietary restriction, Karma Farm can feel you with a variety of options!

I am so happy we live in a more eco-conscious and health conscious society that a place like Karma Farm can thrive in. Food should be accommodated for all and I am so happy Karma Farm has made eating an experience and treat for anyone who is hungry. Eating at Karma Farm brings good karma!

Karma Farm
Atlanta, GA 30305
Learn more about Karma Farm and check out the menu at www.eatkarmafarm.com

Do you have any dietary needs or food lifestyle changes?

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