Where to Eat in Charleston : Eat like Creole Royalty at 82 Queen Friday 17 August, 2018

They had the perfect setting consisting of three buildings and a garden courtyard nestled in the Historic French Quarter, but they could not agree on a name, so it was named by the three founders of the Street name – 82 Queen.

And so was born one of Charleston’s oldest and most celebrated restaurants … 82 Queen.

The ambiance was amazing, as it looks like a glimpse of NOLA in the middle of Charleston. You can dine indoor, but my theme of most of my trip is to eat outdoors and their setup outside was a cute little oasis. Looks like I am in the French Quarters, which will give you a foreshadowing of the food menu to come.

Learning more about the history of how they got started is that portion of Charleston’s culinary heritage that was being overlooked, 82 Queen’s original menu featured dishes influenced by the African, French, Caribbean and Anglo-Saxon tastes which permeated the area. 82 Queen’s fusion of these culturally diverse flavors led to the rise of a culinary genre that had been previously undefined – and is now referred to as “Lowcountry Cuisine”.

BERRY MOJITO Bacardi Rum, Mint, Fresh Lime Juice, Berry Puree Simple Syrup, Soda

CAROLINA CRAB CAKE [starter] Tasso Cream, Bacon Fried Corn, Chives


JAMBALAYA* Local Shrimp, Crawfish, Medley of Peppers & Onions, Tasso Ham, Red Rice, Creole Butter

CHARLESTON BOUILLABAISSE* Local Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Crawfish, Tomato-Garlic Broth, Grilled Baguette

Bourbon Pecan Pie – recipe created by the owners mother

Dessert Cocktai: Baileys Martini

As the Charleston culinary scene takes the world stage and hot young chefs open trendy new restaurants, one would think that a 33-year-old majestic original may get lost in the shuffle. But as 82 Queen holds true to the plan of fresh local cuisine, customers seeking an authentic Lowcountry experience continue to fill the 11 dining rooms.

There are several ways we can be contacted:

Learn more or check out their menu at 82Queen.com

Are you a fan of Creole cuisine?

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