3 Major Accomplishments + 3rd Year Blogiversary Monday 07 December, 2015

Wow time is really flying! So it’s really my 3rd year blogiversary on KiwiTheBeauty.com? It went by so fast, people say that’s what happens with kids and this blog is my baby and I love watching her grow. My blog’s actual born date is on Dec.5th (but it was on a Saturday this year, I dont blog on the weekends) and nope yet another year of no fanfare. Just personal reflection by myself that I want to share with you all. I had such a huge celebration for my 1st Blogiversary I feel the next one I need to really celebrate with a BANG!


Speaking of celebrating, can I be honest with you all? This is my blog and I have to be candid. I haven’t been the most merriest of lately and even took a brief social media/blogger break to reflect. What’s wrong you may ask? Really nothing, but you ever feel like you can be doing more? A lot more even though you know you are doing a lot already? Well that’s me right now, I feel a little empty and I will confess it’s because I need to be more personal on this platform. I am so happy to have grown my blog, have so many opportunities and working with so many brands I feel like I am reaching my blog peak…but the missing piece is me. I know I am only 3 years professionally in this industry and I guess I am just being hard on myself. Three is only a toddler in human years – which mean real comprehension skills are kicking in. So my blogging professional skills are really now just kicking in and I am loving it. I know my blog value and worth, I am fluent in media and marketing jargon when in comes to interacting with agencies and brands and my content creation is even getting more creative. So instead of being a Debby Downer on myself on how I am not doing enough – I want to reflect on the 3 majors accomplishments I have obtain in this 3rd year of my site.




So early this year I was really blessed with basically a once in a lifetime opportunity to grace the cover of a magazine. Last year I was featured in 7 magazines, but my face to be on an actual cover was surreal! I put it on my visionboard and it actually manifested! If you are a blogger or anyone affiliated in the media industry know how much media placements means. If a blogger or a media personality gets placed in a magazine is a huge deal, and the cover story of anything is an honor to be a focal point. Being on the cover of It’s My Hair Magazine is the ultimate media placement, as not only was I featured but got a 3 page spread! I am still pinching myself that this has happened as the tables turned and a journalist interviewed me for once in a magazine!


This is one proud accomplishment I am happy I invested. I invested financially into my brand with new blogging tools to take better photos and videos. I got a new camera, lenses, lights and backdrops. I am still working on a new laptop based on someone stealing my prized possession this year – working on a MacBook Pro really soon (Santa can you hear me). You guys dont event understand how even getting a new camera is a blessing to me. I have humbly been using the same Nikon 3100 camera since even before my blog, but it was time for the upgrade. I have a new Canon EOS Rebel DSLR camera and I can even sent the photos to my phone! These were huge investments as I am definitely starting up my YouTube account again and want to venture into professional vlogging (check the video about explaining new equipment).



Travel this year was major! I have never been out of the country until this year, I finally obtained my passport and changed my life. Another vision board manifestation where I want to travel like a jet-setter and beach hop! I did that and then some thanks to my travel brand ambassadorship with The Travel Divas. I was one of their official Blog Ambassadors for the year so I traveled A LOT! I have blogged about some of the places but I still have a few post I am going to share with you as to where I’ve been. This year with the Travel Divas I’ve been to Savannah, Cancun, Louisiana (2x), New York with upcoming post on Las Vegas, Jamaica, and an 8 day cruise with Carnival Sunshine (Aruba, Curacao and Grand Turk). In the month of October alone I went to 3 Caribbean Islands (Jamaica + Carnival Cruise destinations) so who gets to say they did all of that in one month? I definitely will be working on more travel blogging opportunities for this 3rd year.


So happy 3 years to me! I am officially fully potty trained! LMAO or blogger trained…but there is always more to learn. I know I said I seemed a little un-merry (Ho-Ho-Ho!) lately but I am grateful for my progress. I have some ways to go so please be patient with me and a blogger revamp of this site is definitely coming in 2016. I have bigger goals and I promise I want to be more personal with you guys! It’s not always about events or product promotion (but I love sharing these things with you all) but I vow to always be authentic and true and not just be a “blogger” if that makes sense. Please keep on the look out for more, especially with my vlogs and thanks for celebrating 3 years with me!


Cheers to 3 Years



About the Blogger - Kiwi the Beauty

Kiwi is the free spirited blogger and content creator of KiwiTheBeauty.com. As a digital influencer, she produces creative inspiration around beauty, lifestyle, media and travel leisure. Her life mantra is to make manifesting fun! When she’s not blogging, she is eating trendy hipster food, carrying crystals, making it rain at her local farmer's market and binge brunching. Follow her on her blog and social media at kiwithebeauty.com + @kiwithebeauty

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