Happy 4th Blogiversary to KiwiTheBeauty! Tuesday 06 December, 2016

I can’t believe I am typing about my blog turning 4 years old. On December 5th, 2012 this site was born. This was my platform that I birth and help mature into the blog you see today. This blog is a small child! It’s my small child and I am so proud of it. So many amazing things has happened in these 4 beautiful years. I almost want to cry just thinking of it. Some people really didn’t believe in me. What’s a blog, why are you doing this? What will come out of it? Will it last? Is this just a hobby?

I still have naysayers and who cares? I worked so hard to get to 4 years! This is my 3rd blog, I have actually been blogging for 10 years if you count the other two (the first one is deleted forever but you can still see my second blog here). This was never a fad to me…this was just me. Even when it wasn’t cool. Even when Youtube wasn’t a thing. When Facebook was still just for college student such as myself, Myspace was still trendy, when Instagram literally was for photography lovers only and the hashtag took over the world. I was blogging. I never thought it could be a career…I just loved writing and sharing my stories.


Cheers to 4 Years!

I just really loved taking pictures. When I started this blog I just got my first camera phone the year before, but I have always had a digital camera. I had my first video camera at age 13! I had my first kinda digital camera at 15. I was the one who took all of my family video before it was called vlogs! It was little old me who took my big bulky camera to high school and was filming my classmate and friends and even little talent shows.

When I was 13, I was fortunate to be very computer savvy and asked my parents to get me a computer so I could get AOL. From there…I became in a world of teenage girls who was obsessed with the group Imajin, then later N-Toon, and then B2k. With this I crafted my writing skills and became an avid fan-fiction writer a huge community of obsessed teeny booper girl who loved these groups and wrote several short stories. They were very innocent and dare I probably even think embarrassing if I read them today. But that era was the start of “blogging” because along with the short stories, there were daily forums that built a community of us to write, journal, tell stories and I think truly is where my first “blog” was born. I created some bootleg website to house all of my stories (yes I played around with HTML coding back then) and a platform for other fan-girl lovers of these groups to visit my page and take. This is where comments came in! It was a really big community…you think Justin Biebers fans were crazy…we took the cake!!!

So honestly I have been subliminally maturing my craft for over 15+ years and didnt even know it. What I did know in 2011, as I worked my 9 to 5 job, I was happy with life and I thought it was a perfect time to start blogging differently. I had a friend create my logo cartoon because back then that was the trend, and all I had to do was think of a name.  kiwisignature

Kiwi The Beauty was born out of how I see beauty through my camera lens and the lifestyle finds and experiences I document with via photo and storytelling. All I needed was a real camera. My boyfriend at the time ask me what I wanted for Christmas that year and I said with little hope that he would actually buy it, “A DSLR camera so I can officially start my blog”. I did all of 2012, lost my job – boyfriend and I broke up not too long after that and yet I still wanted to blog and I did. I found an Atlanta blogging community, I went to events, but I didnt even have the blog up yet. Just playing around on social media using FB/Ingstagram/Twitter to “blog” that’s all I had until Dec.5th, 2012 (click the link to read my first blog post). On that day, I actually bought the domain and got this website developed! And here I am now! Please check out the growth of my blog from year 1 to 3 thus far. It’s been amazing since the moment I started.

Blogiversary Year 1

Blogiversary Year 2

Blogiversary Year 3

4th-blogiversary-kiwi-the-beauty Started from the bottom and now here now. Check out how the 4th year has been a blessing to me in 4 ways!

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1. More Press Trips + Travel Blogging!

This year was another successful year for travel! Last year I had a travel ambassadorship to go to many places on press trips, and this year my blog was invited to several cities and countries to do reviews! I feel really blessed because I only had my passport for 1 year, and since I got it I have been able to travel. Travel blogging is added to my blog and I take it very seriously it is not a trend for me. I got to do many hotel/resort reviews, experience some local cuisine and more! Carnival Cruise line even invited me back to do an 8-day cruise on Carnival Splendor with them since I did such a great job last year on my post. Whether I did some press trips on my own, or did it solo…traveling has really been the highlight of my year! More press trips and travel journalism to come!

Read about my 2016 Carnival Splendor Trip experiences here and here

Read about my Press Trip to The Grafton At Sunset (Los Angeles) here

Read about my Press Trip to Hotel Blue Beachfront Resort (Myrtle Beach) here

Read about my Press to Nashville for Dollar General A Day of Beauty experience here 

Read about my Press Trip stay at Panama RIU Plaza here

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2. More Print work with Family Dollar + Dollar General

Since year one of my blog I have consistently been able to land print work for my blog. I am really proud to be featured in any type of media placement! I love print still so when I see myself in a magazine it makes me really happy to see KiwiTheBeauty.com in popular pages where people can see them in the stores! I was featured by Dollar General in their Beauty Cents Fall 2016 magazine with Keke Wyatt on the cover. It was part of the A Day of Beauty Campaign in which I did a press trip for them as well.

Family Dollar also featured me in some print material this year as a continuation of 2015 Family Dollar Fabulous campaign here in Atlanta. Family Dollar featured me in Hype Hair Magazine + in their Family Dollar Summer Coupon Savings Printouts. I was featured in coupons so that was pretty cool!

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3. My Vanity Fair Blogger Experience During the Oscars

This was a big surprise this year as Vanity Fair invited me to be a VFSC blogger for the Oscars this year. I was in such shock because I was literally the only one who wasn’t from LA selected to attend. I was in LA for fun and some mini press stuff outside of this 5 day experience, so this really blew my mind. I always said I wanted to do more press events in LA and I got my wish. It was a wonderful opportunity and it was just fun to do something in Los Angeles that went in alignment with the Oscars! Maybe one day I will actually go to the Oscars or to a swanky holiday exclusive party!

Read about my Vanity Fair Social Club Oscar experience here

4. My First Commercial

Now this is one of the most cherished things I did this year was to be in a commercial. It wasn’t blog related or shouting out KiwiTheBeauty.com at all, but it was me being the featured girl for the new #1 hit show for FX’s Atlanta. It became the best premiere tune-in for any basic cable comedy since 2013’s launch of Inside Amy Schumer. What’s more, Atlanta also stands as the biggest comedy debut for any FX or FXX half-hour since 2011’s Wilfred. 


Yes I live in Atlanta and I got to be in one of the promo commercials for the show Atlanta with actor/rapper Donald Glover (Childish Gambino). I was the feature girl and I am still in shock of my commercial appearance. Fun Fact: Donald Glover and I both grew up in Stone Mountain. I also knew and went to school with his sister (we were in the same grade). Small but cool world.

Learn more on how I got the opportunity in my Youtube clip above! Have you watched FX’s Atlanta? If not you need to!

Honorable Mentions

Lime-a-rita Party Invite of The Year! Processed with MOLDIV

In May around Cinco de Mayo, Lime-a-Rita invited me to be an exclusive VIP blogger/influencer for their epic #MargaReady Party + Concert! When I tell you this party was amazing…it was…how the young kids and myself say LIT! The concert was performed by Snoop Dogg who was the DJ and St.Lunatic original member Nelly shut it down! I’ve been to a lot of parties and activations in Atlanta but this here was explosive. Nothing has topped it and I thank the Lime-A-Rita brand for having me as a blogger influencer for the event!

Read about the Lime-A-Rita #MargaReady party in Atlanta recap here

My Trip to Varadero, Cuba

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This trip to Cuba was special to me. I went with my best friend Lexi and we had a ball in this city for a week. We did something different, we went to Varadero instead of Havana, as that is the beachy/resort area of Cuba. This was not one of my press trips, this was a trip I booked at a great introductory rate with American Airlines, as Cuba is slowly letting American’s visit after a longtime ban. It’s definitely an experience I wont forget, and of course for 2017 I will be returning!

Read about my Varadero Cuba experience here 

I want to also share how this was one of my most scariest years as well. I didn’t talk about it much at all on here. I didn’t want to worry you all, but my personal friends and family knew I got into a major car accident in the May (a little after the commercial). I could of lost my life, my car was totaled. Due to legal issues I wont be able to disclosed the details right now, but let just say that day could of went into a real tragic direction. I got banged up pretty bad, I didn’t blog for a while, but when I did I made up for it. So all of these press trips you see me go to, many was after the car accident. By the grace of God I was semi-healed and was able to go on with my life. This is my life and I am so happy I can continue sharing this journey and my lifestyle with you all. So when I say I am literally cheering to 4 years…I am cheering seriously. I am alive and so is this blog. My life was spared, and KiwiTheBeauty.com can continue.


This has been an amazing year. I feel blessed than I am still going strong with my Kiwi The Beauty platform. I really feel like each year it’s maturing and growing at a good rate. I may not be the biggest blogger out there yet, but I can truly say it’s been an amazing journey with a plethora of opportunities!  People and brands see value in my site and my influence and I am forever grateful. Sometimes I do think…should I quit. What if I reached my limit…and I quickly snap out of it as I continue to recollect how far I really came. Kiwi The Beauty was once a concept I played around with as I was working my 9 to 5 job, to now this is my job!

Cheers to my blog baby growing up. Of course I am not where I want to be, but I am grateful for where I am. I never quit, this is lasting longer than any relationship I have ever been in. I have stayed committed through the ups and down, the happy and the burnouts…I never gave up on my platform. I am more than just a “blogger” now actually. I am a freelance writer + content creator + influencer + photographer and more. This is not just a blog anymore…its a platform. I still have a lot of growing up to do in this industry, but I am pretty professional at this point.

Thanks for reading and celebrating with me on my Blog turning 4 and many more!

Please help me wish my blog a happy 4 year blogiversary!

About the Blogger - Kiwi the Beauty

Kiwi is the free spirited blogger and content creator of KiwiTheBeauty.com. As a digital influencer, she produces creative inspiration around beauty, lifestyle, media and travel leisure. Her life mantra is to make manifesting fun! When she’s not blogging, she is eating trendy hipster food, carrying crystals, making it rain at her local farmer's market and binge brunching. Follow her on her blog and social media at kiwithebeauty.com + @kiwithebeauty

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