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So this is my third post on my experience on Carnival Splendor. I couldn’t make that one post, so this is the last post just to show you all how much fun I actually have. For this to be my second cruise with Carnival, it still lived up to its reputation as the fun boat. Everyday is full of scheduled activities and fun so you are never bored. A great mix of interactive games, trivia, bingo, movies, musical shows, comedy shows, and more. Also I am showcasing the top notch food as you are fed like Kings and Queens here. So many options to choose from and high quality meals. I couldn’t show everything I did all 8 days because I was living in the moment but I will show you some photos of the time we had.


Nina was my guest for my 8 Day Carnival Cruise experience on Splendor!


Towel Buddies are placed on the bed every nght

Now Towel Buddies are one of my favorite things to be surprised by daily when you enter your room. Everytime your room is cleaned, when you return you get a new towel buddy character. I am such a big kid and I would get excited as I would get dressed before dinner and see a new friend on either mine or Nina’s bed.


Towel Buddy Takeover Surprise on the Deck

One more they even has a Towel Buddy Takeover on the deck. They were everywhere, one each beach chair and it was just cute to see them. I bet the kids (and big kids like me) really loved this.


Crocodile Towel Buddy – So Creative!


Nina + I loved dinner time every night

Dinner each night was Nina and I’s favorite thing to do. Yes dinner was a highlight every night because we were giving the 5 star treatment. Usually you eat at the same time and table every day, but Nina and I had the Dinner Anytime meal schedule so we were pretty flexible with our seating arrangements. We still usually ended up with the same waiters.


Made friends with our waiters Cristan and Roto

We had the same waiters every night and what I love about them is that they remember your name and are so friendly. They go above and beyond to give you wonderful customer service and to be friendly. It was like that on my cruise on Carnival Sunshine, so they really have their staffs make the guest feel at home and like friends. So it wasn’t just about the service, they were genuinely great people! Cristian was from Romania and Roto was from Indonesia.

Nightly Dinner Selections


Dinner was served like a great 4 star restaurant every night. New menu and special items to choose from. You can get anything you want, as much as you want with no problems. On the days we dock on a different island, they would have a meal in representation of that country’s dish. There is always a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, main entrees and desserts.


Carnival serves signature shots each night and you get to keep the glass too for a souvenir



The Seaday Brunch was amazing, but only served when you are not landing on an island. There is brunch and regular breakfast everyday but I looked forward to the seaday brunch because of the unique variety of meals to choose from. Same deal as dinner, you can indulge as much as you want, no limit and try many variety of brunch items on the menu.


Steak an Eggs Meal



Now even though the dinner is 4/5 stars everyday, Carnival Splendor had a special restaurant on the boat called the Pinnacle Steakhouse. This was a 5 star fine dinning steakhouse restaurant, but you do have to pay for this meal separate and make reservations prior. It is $25 per person for the experience but so worth it. You would never pay $25 anywhere else and eat luxury cuisine items such as escargot, top prime steakcut and a full bottle of top notch wine and delectable dessert. It’s worth it for at least one night on the boat to change it up and eat here. This is also a very romantic setting to take your spouse…would be cute for an intimate birthday or anniversary night.



Nina + I on Captain Celebration Night

This year I was super prepared for Captain’s Night. Last year I wasn’t at all…didn’t bring a formal dress (thankfully my friend has an extra dress I could wear) so I promised this year I was ready. Captains celebration night is always the formal night on the boat. Everyone is dress in beautiful formal gowns or suits and take these amazing photos on the boat. Everyone looked so elegant and it just a great energy to see everyone dressed to the nines on the boat. All ages and families. Again this night is the night to prepare because this is when you take your glamour shots with different photographers and backdrops all over the boat. I got many great pictures this year!


Adult Swim Time


Made friends in the Adult Pool

One of the great things about the cruising is all the types of people you will meet. Nina and I on several days cooled off at the Adult Swim and Lounge area alot. So great opportunity to get to know some other people and mingle. We made friends at the pool, hot tubs and the bar!


The first night was Liquor Tasting night. Free liquor tasting where they gave samplings of their liquor they have in stock in their Fun Store. What was special about the Liquor tasting is that they had an amazing special on 2/$25 for large bottle of the selected liquors of your choice. Thats a steal and Nina and I did get our own bottles. You would never get that deal off the boat or even in my hometown…so happy we took advantage of that.


Adult Scavenger Hunt – Yes it was a crazy night

This was as crazy as it looks. This was Adult Scavenger Hunt night which was hilarious. Grown adults doing crazy things in teams to get points to find stuff that everyone had in the room. Lets just say in this moment the men had to fun women undergarments and rock them! Heels and all. One of my favorite nights I couldnt stop laughing!


Posing with the Comedian from Punchline

Every night there is Comedy night and I went every night! Carnival gets several different entertainment comedians to do both a PG and a Rated R show at their Punchline Comedy Nights. If you have kids you definitely can take them to the PG shows, but of course the Rated R show would be the ones the adults would really have fun with. Sometimes if they comedians are so good their is a huge line wrapped down the hall to wait for the next show or the next day you have to come early or the show will not have anymore seats. If he/she is a really great comedian they will stay after the show and mingle with the guest and take photos. Again this was definitely one of my favorite things to do every night on the boat and then I would go to bed (I didnt make it to the club every night I was way too tired).


I had a blast on Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor was definitely a fun experience. If you never been on a cruise I would highly recommend Carnival. They really do have a great reputation as the Fun Ship and wonderful customer service. A lot of staff members are friendly and learn your name, you are treated with such respect and was comfortable. As my second time cruising with Carnival I definitely felt like I was home again. This is a cozy boat, great people and so many things to do. So don’t worry about if you aren’t on land – you will be highly entertained on the boat alone. So much to do you forget you are even cruising. I did sail for 8 day, which some people think that is too long but it was perfect. A full week that felt like a really fulfilling vacation and exploring so many islands within a week was fun. If you want to learn more about the islands we visited while sailing check out the 4 islands here.


Carnival Cruise did it again for me and I am already looking forward to my next cruise with them (woo hoo third time cruiser coming soon)! You can’t go wrong with cruising when all of your on boat entertainment is taken care of, plenty of all-inclusive food and so many relaxing options to hang out on the boat. It’s definitely a great way to plan your next family trip, spouse vacation or girlfriend getaway cruise!

I would highly recommend traveling on Carnival Splendor if you want to have a fun 8-day vacation to through the Caribbean. Check out Splendor dates and other options on Carnival Cruise site here at 

I partnered with Carnival Cruise who hosted my experience on this press trip #CruisingCarnival but all opinions are my own.

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