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Hi everyone. I know it seems like I have been a little ghost on my blog as of lately – because honestly I have.  Dont beat me up! I been on back to back trips within the last month and I wanted to share that I went on a 8 day press trip with Carnival Cruise! I am excited to share that I got an opportunity to Partner with Carnival and experience their Carnival Splendor ship. This is my second time cruising with Carnival, the first time was last year with my travel ambassadorship and I will say I had more than a blast again. I sailed for 8 days with my friend Nina, as we went to 4 destinations to the Caribbeans of Grand Turk, San Juan (Puerto Rico), St.Kitts and St.Marteen. This post will not be highlighting my travel destinations just yet – as I just want to show you all how awesome the ship was in itself!

Nina and I left from Atlanta to travel to Miami as that’s where the port was to get to Carnival Splendor.


Second Time Cruiser (with Carnival)


With my travel buddy Nina!


Welcome Drinks

We were instantly welcomed by Carnival Drinks to get us excited and await the journey of our sail!


Interior Design of Carnival Splendor

Immediately when Nina and I went inside the boat, the decor blew our mind. It was hues of pinks and metallics that gave the feel of retro glam. Definitely a different feel from went I went on my last cruise with Carnival. This was a little more jazzier in the design!


Fun entertainment daily + nightly in the lobby

The lobby area everyday and night there was a form of live entertainment performed by the staff and the Cruise Director.


Oceanview Room with Two twin beds and a couch + balcony

The room Nina and I shared for the next 8 days was an Oceanview Room with a Balcony. I loved it as the last time I just had a traditional stateroom. This Oceanview Room is much more spaciousas it also had a couch and a balcony, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The balcony with the view everyday was amazing and peaceful and just illuminated our comfy room experience.


Beautiful view of the Balcony

Nina and I loved the balcony. Whether we were just sailing and enjoying the ocean, watching the sunset (which we caught a few times) or waking up and seeing our docking destination view of the town – it was amazing. I think everytime I do a cruise from now on,, it has to be with a balcony with a view! I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Level of Deck where there are hot tubs + additional pools (mainly where you can lounge with kids) and the water slide

Back to the outside portion of Carnival Splendor, there were many levels of seaside enjoyment and lots of options to relax or cool off. There are different levels suitable for families, everyone and adult only designated areas. This view of the is usually where parents and kids can hang out in unison. There is the big slide (which I didnt go on – I was too scared), Pool and hot tub.


Main Lido Deck area with the big Screen for movie nights and where the daily outdoor activities happen

This is the main Lido outside deck where everyone hangs out. The food buffet is also on this level and there are plenty of outside and indoor seating. This is also there area where all the daily games and activities happen, as well as their two nightly movies (one kid friendly and one PG-13 to follow) screened here. This spot host many of the themed parties at night such as the Caribbean parties, Glow Parties, and more!


Main Lido Deck area where everyone hangs out with pool


Adults Only Swim + Lounge + Bar area

Now if you thought you saw enough pools and hot tubs, there were more! I actually hung out in this area the most because it was the Adult Only section. This was a hot spot if you didnt come with your family and wanted to enjoy adult cooling off time. Two hot tubs, a pool and a bar.


Serenity Area : Adult Only Lounging

Not only did they have an adult poolside area, but there was an Adult Only Serenity Area as well. This is the spa level where you could lounge, take a nap, read a book or just catch some sun and enjoy some peace and quiet on the deck. This was another one of my favorite outside areas, I took many naps and social media breaks in this area. It was truly very peaceful and felt just like how a vacation is suppose to feel. Like time stopped and just bliss and calmness.


Plenty of bungalow covered lounge chairs and beach chairs to relax by the ocean + Adults Only


The Casino open 24 hours

Of course on every Carnival Cruise there is a Casino area. I didn’t play this year, I didnt want to. I am not a good risk taker clearly…last year I won $6 from the penny machine on Carnival Sunshine and I stopped right there. I was $6 richer and thats how I wanted it to be! This year No Risk or Penny machines were played by me.



The Taste Bar where on sail days they serve you themed finger food of Carnival’s finest cuisines

I love the taste bar area. Its always served when its Sea Day and right between lunch and dinner time. So its a little snack, but high quality cuisines made by top chefs to serve you an unlimited amount of the themed finger food.



Red Carpet: The Adult Night Club 18+

Last Year I was so tired every night from all the fun that I was having that I never made it to any night clubs on Carnival. I went to sleep literally by midnight so this year I was determined to have a few Night Club experiences. Red Carpet is 18+ that is a fun nightclub on the cruise. This is where all the adults hang out and have a good time. I will admit I only made it to the club 3 nights out of 8! I can’t hang like I used too!

There is also a teen version of Red Carpet called O-Zone. Its not really a club, more so of a teen hangout area and they actually hang out day and night together there. So if you have teens but afraid they wont hang anyone to hang with or get bored with the young kids and the adults – O-Zone is the spot for them! I thought that was cute so the teens wont feel left out on the cruise.


El Mojito : The bar which has different themed mixology drinks


The Piano Bar: Nightly Sing-a-long spot with your favorite show tunes and pop songs from different eras.


The Comedy Club where Carnival’s Punchline is hosted with PG + R rated comedy shows

Carnival Splendor is an amazing ship. For it to be my second cruise with Carnival (and just ever) I was never bored and always something to do. There are other fun amenities that I didn’t get a chance to explore (I couldn’t do everything) such as a spa, gym, beauty area (for hair and nails), a jogging trail, art gallery, and lots of shops to choose from.

Just wanted to show you a taste of the boat experience on Carnival Splendor. As I stated before and you can now see, its a swanky boat decor with fun for both kids and adults. Carnival is really the fun ship and in my next post I can’t wait to share with you all the fun locations we ported at in the Caribbean.

Learn more about Carnival Spendor On The Boat Fun + 4 Island Destinations

I partnered with Carnival Cruise who hosted my experience on this press trip #CruisingCarnival but all opinions are my own.

Have You Ever Sailed With Carnival Before?

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