My First Cruise Experience on Carnival Sunshine Cruise Monday 25 January, 2016

When I say I had the time of my life, I really did on my very first cruise. This was still a Travel Divas press trip for the 8-day Girlfriend’s Getaway annual trip and we went on the Carnival Sunshine Cruise. Look at all the fun I had! carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-2

I was glowing the minute I stepped foot on the boat! I felt so carefree and excited! I couldn’t stop smiling…this was so magical for me and we haven’t even taken off sea yet!

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-3 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-4

You guys I am ashamed of how many photos I actually took of myself on the Carnival cruise, it was my first one so I made everyday a photo shoot lol!



This is the room Nikka + roomed in for the trip. Now I know it looks small from this picture but its the angle. There is way more walkroom out of the shot with the TV and the closet and the vanity area…and of course our own bathroom. It was not as spacious as this boat has to fit thousands of people but I promise you I slept real well in here. We were barely in the room anyways, only to change clothes, shower and go to sleep! Our days were jammed pack full of things to do so literally we didnt need a bunch of space.


Welcome Bubbly from Carnival!


This was uber sweet of them. Not only did they bring champagne, but chocolate covered strawberries and red velvet macaroons. What a way to welcome us on the cruise. Set the tone very nicely!

 I will admit I did get seasick real bad the first day, but what helped was my wristbands…it was my first cruise so my sickness was probably enhanced because of it. The pressure point bands helped a lot, and for the remainder of the trip I barely felt it move.


Breakfast from the daily buffet

On the cruise all you do is eat I swear! Breakfast was always buffet style for the most part…all you can eat delicousness! Love it and I felt so spoiled with how much food was available from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner pictures will be towards the end of this post.

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-11 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-13 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-14

More on the ship photos. This time on the very top of the deck and in the adult area. This area was pretty sweet with a private adult only pool area, hot tubs, hammocks, a bar and even a massage area. The views up here were amazing as you can see…I felt on top of the world (yes like Jack from Titanic).

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-18 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-19

This is a shot of the actual boat…I think this stop was in Curacao where I did these photo opps. This was my home away from home for the 8 days. I will do a seperate blog post on the three countries we sailed to which was Aruba, Curacao and Grand Turks. Those deserve there own post and lots of beautiful photos from each place!

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-20 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-23 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-24

Man dinner was always a great time. Not only was it great food but the service was 100% the best service I ever had in my life. I made friends with our servers Nicolas and Alexander! These pictures you are looking at was a surprise dance party with the waitstaff and they gave us party costumes to dance to ‘Gangdam Style’. This was so much fun…Myself, the divas and the staff got down!


There was also interactive nights and comedy…this particular night was like an adult game show. It was crazy I cant even explain it…it was like a scavenger hunt but you had to bring the items to the stage. In this photo the men had find women’s clothes to put on within a minute and run to the stage. LOL it was crazy…really crazy and FUN (funny)!


This doll is Ruth! She gave me life…I met her at the 70s show (in which we were apart of). She has been on 82 cruises in her 85 year young life! I mean it when I say young because she was so full of life…she was even twerking during her dance party lol! She became the star of the show!


Nikka + I were selected for the 70s variety show! We actually tried to run away from it…do you know we went all the way to another level of the boat to not sign up for the show and they found us! They said with our big hair it was no way we should just be in the audience…we had to be IN the show. Yup we were hand selected as VIP for this show and we disco danced a soul train line and did the hustle on stage. Never did the hustle in my life but my partner guided me! This was so FUN!!!

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-31 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-32 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-33

This was a cute day! The towel animals were on our bed every day of the trip made in a different animal all the time…this day. All the animals were out…like a little towel animal jungle on the pool deck! So stinking cute…they even had them hanging!

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-34 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-37 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-35 thing1-thing-2-carnival-cruise carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-36

There was a green eggs and ham brunch for the last day at sail! I was super impressed…it wasn’t free though, only $5 if you wanted this special experience. Yup big kid no kids was excited to have a Dr.Seuss brunch. The decor was so fun and I met Dr.Seuss and Thing 1 + Thing 2. I didnt even have to go to Universal Studios. My brunch was delish as I got Steak, eggs and potatoes. Yes Green Eggs and Ham was an option too.


After the brunch, Nikka + I VIP experience wasn’t over. For being apart of the show, we had an exclusive event with the entertaining crew as we got a chance to talk to them outside of their performance for a mingling session. It was so cool because it was them in their regular form and they just chatted with us like we were new friends. Loved the entertainment crew as we saw them for Motown, 70s, 80s, Rock and Roll Nights!


This is the best Cruise Director ever. Her name is Jamie Lee, and basically her job is to make sure all the show and entertainment are running smoothly and she host most of them. She is the boss who knows how to have fun! This literally has to be the best job ever and she made sure everyone felt welcomed! She was actually the one who made Nikka + I do the 70s show…she is just so much fun. Would love to have her as a cruise director again!

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-42 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-44

Halloween was on the boat as well and so many fun costumes. This was my family…the SHEET family. Now if you are into pun humor you know sheet is also code word for sh*t. So this innovative costume made me literally LOL. They didn’t win but loved their creativity!


Me with the best server in the world! Nicolas!

Now dinner was always special for me. Not just for the food (we will get to that) but when I tell you the customer service was the best I am not exaggerating. I know you saw me dancing with the staff, but we didn’t do that every night. Each night Nikola was my server and everyday he gave the most sincere service I ever had. He was always smiling, he was quick and he literally kept insisting to get whatever I want (even when I felt like I was being extra greedy). I felt I had a special friendship bond with him and I really wanted to cry when I left. Nikola is from Montegnro (Europe) as were many of the staff…so although his English wasn’t perfect we communicated perfectly every day. If you ever board Carnival Sunshine I would highly recommend you have him as your server!

carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-48 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-49 carnival-sunshine-cruise-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-50

Food was always 5 stars meals every day. You could literally get whatever you want, as much as you want. They switched the menu every day, and what I loved the most was that they would have unique dishes that you probably wouldn’t eat on a normal basis to have as well (like cow tongue, frog legs, and more). Just to have all of these options were really the spoiling aspect of this trip (I am still trying to lose the weight from all this food).

My first cruise was the best vacation I probably had in a long time. 8 days of relaxing and exploring and seeing the world, while meeting new friends at the same time. There was not a time I was bored, as every hour there was always something to do! Carnival Sunshine I heard was the fun ship and it really was. I was beyond entertained and want to definitely cruise with them again soon! I would recommend cruise life to anyone who hasn’t done it yet…you have paradise at sea! I only covered a portion of the 8 days of fun…trust me so much entertainment, but I will be here all day! You just had to be there!

I really can’t wait until my next Carnival Cruise. I am about that cruise life now…hopefully I can go again soon. Carnival I am highly impressed!

This trip on Carnival Sunshine Cruise was sponsored by The Travel Divas as I am the official blogger brand ambassador for the agency. All opinions and statements are my own.


Have You Ever Cruised with Carnival Before? kiwithebeauty-lgo

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