Blogger Buzz Event of the Year: Family Dollar Fabulous Atlanta Recap (Day 2) Thursday 12 November, 2015

The Family Dollar Party wasn’t over! Day 1 of Family Dollar Fab was of course fab…but day two was amazing too! They gave us a full day prior, and yes I was exhausted but I was happily greeted by a swanky breakfast.

family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-18 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-19

An elegant outdoor morning breakfast! This was so posh and the food was delicious. A Great way to start day two!



The “FAB” panelist

Editor – And – Chief of Ebony Magazine talked to us about beauty, multi-cultural topics about beauty + minority and brand relationships with bloggers. It was a panel discussion that was interactive as well between the expert and the bloggers. Great open-ended question and a platform for us bloggers to speak on how we feel the beauty industry can collaborate with bloggers in the future. It was great to have her, because most bloggers dreams is to be published in a magazine and get larger recognition outside of our own blogs – who great to speak with someone who is apart of one of the largest magazines in the nation.


Ursela Stephen celeb stylist; most known for styling popstar Rhianna


Chilli (1/3 of R&B Group trio TLC)

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Day Two Vendors: Thanks to Procter and Gamble Beauty, Creme of Nature, Ultra Sheen Supreme, L.A Colors, SoftSoap, Colgate Optic White, u by Kotex, Dark and Lovely, ORS Haircare, Tone Skincare and Smooth N Shine for all of their fun + activation booths.  The second day had just as many fun interactive booths with brands as the day before. We just started where we left off previously and made our final rounds to the rest of the brands. More fun, photo booths, swags bags and even out of the box ideas. I got henna tattoos and caricature done, flash tattoos, make-up applications and even played a fun game with Kotex. I loved Kotex’s out of the box activation booth because for whatever reason having a pad/tampon brand I guess even us women aren’t excited about that – but they spinned it into a fun game show on What Do You Know (About Woman and the Body) and I won! That was one of my favorite parts.

family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-31 family-dollar-fabulous-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger-32 After all the activations and booths, one last reception night where we got dressed up and a special performance by R&B singer Tank! I love Tank and more eye candy for us! We blogger chics deserved to be serenaded and the extra sexy testerone from Tank didnt hurt either. He isn’t just a singer…he is a comedian too. He was singing and cracking jokes the entire performance. Loved him and video coming soon.


Tank + The Family Dollar FAB team that brought all of this together!

Honestly, this event did it’s job. I can confess I only shopped at Family Dollar every once in a while but now I look at the brand with different eyes. Brands that I usually spend more for that were present at this event are much cheaper at Family Dollar locations and I have to remember I don’t always have to go to the major retailers to get the same thing.

Great second day and Family Dollar of course did a FAB job! If you missed Day 1 here is the link. I was so impressed and overjoyed of this amazing event. Yes bloggers go to events all the time, but usually we are covering for other people. I felt Family Dollar catered to us, made us feel important as blogger and growing social influencers so this was a beautiful way the treated us. Celebrities get treated like this all the time, and I am happy the blogger world we can enjoy some of the perks – but this event is going to be hard to beat. Literally in Atlanta I am going to be judging every event and comparing it to this Family Dollar Fab event.

Do You Think Family Dollar is Fab for this 2 Day Event?


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