{Recap} Vanity Fair Social Club Oscars 2016 | #VFSC Wednesday 09 March, 2016


So I want to recap a bit of the mini-week of events that Vanity Fair’s special #VFSC (Vanity Fair Social Club) had in store. This was my first year being an influencer and this was my very first Los Angeles event experiences – read more about my initial excitement here (yay)! The #VFSC events were based around the 2016 Oscars to pre-party before the big award show that was in town. No I didn’t get a chance to go to the actually Oscars, but pre-partying was just as  great and would like to share a few highlight points.


I came in this room to see this little compliment 🙂


Riding in the back of a Chryster vehicle, which was one of the major sponsors of the #VFSC event. I didnt get a chance to really ride with them, as they provided free backseat rides during the events to anywhere around the area within a 10 mile radius. I was not from LA so I would of had no clue where to go…next time!


Coming to this event I had to be one of the only out-of-towners here. I was here all the way from Atlanta, and this beauty Lauren of TheLeauxProject.com spotted me and guess what? We went to the same high school! What a connection! I haven’t seen her in years and although we were in separate grades growing up, it was so nice seeing someone from my same hometown in Stone Mountain,GA. So at least I knew someone that had an upbringing in Georgia with me all the way in LA and a new blogger friend I can keep in touch with in Los Angeles. Hey Lauren! victor-and-rolf-flower-bomb-vanity-fair-kiwi-the-beauty-blogger

Now this little area was one of my favorite set ups during the entire #VFSC experience. Victor & Rolf were sponsors of the event but they had a beautiful enchanted flower display photobooth that I couldn’t wait to snap photos in. So girly and pretty and I couldn’t help but have a ball in such a elegant set up! Of course I have my own bottle now and it does smell fragrantly rosey! #FlowerBomb

Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-1 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-3 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-4

kiwi-in-cali-blog-7 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-5

The male version of #FlowerBomb was #SpiceBomb by Victor & Roth. They had a cute Macaroon display with hot models to promote the Spice Bomb cologne. This was fun too I love great branding and ideas for products!

kiwi-in-cali-blog-6 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-2 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-7

Stella Artois was the drink sponsor of  the events everyday! Endless supply of Stella Artois cider and more was available. I love the bartender display and yes all of the bartender males were hot! Are all servers in LA hot modelesque men?? I am just asking??

Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-9 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-10 Vanity-Fair-Social-Club-Blogger-Oscars-2016-Kiwi-The-Beauty-11

This is totally an LA thing because I never had a SAO Acai bowl until this event. Its basically a smoothie in a bowl which are becoming popular. This was our midday snack and I loved it. It was mixed with Acai berries, bananas, strawberries, agave, coconut shavings and granola. Delicious, sweet, gluten-free & guilt free. Got get a hold of more of these!


The center point of all of the #VFSC events were the panel discussion. It was a mixtures of panels that were influencers in the digital words and professionals who worked on the 2016 Oscar nominated movies this year. Below are some of my favorite sessions with the panels.


Tyler Oakley, a top Youtuber with over 8 million subscribers talked about his digital influnce and his platform. Wow 8million is a mega platform, and Tyler shared with the room full of growing influncers that he started Youtube not trying to be famous or get this big of an audience. He started to do it just for fun, and was chasing big agencies for employment such as Google for a job until he got rejected. His rejection lead him into thinking maybe he could divulge more into YouTube and thats when his channel grew.

He also gave us influencers a special little nugget of wisdom for his success was collaborating with other Youtubers. He collaborated with two guys in which Tyler at one point only had 100,000k subscribers and so did the other two YT guys. When they did their collaboration video, they both the next day gain 50,000k subscribers each which surprised them as it took them both years to even get to the 100k. Collaborating with other YTubers is what Tyler said he thrived on to grow his platform and everyone involved gain. Collaboration videos gives one channel a double outreach to new people and an easy way to grow a platform. I have to keep that in mind when I continue my own Youtube channel.


There was a great panel discussion on the Amy documentary which was nominated of an Oscar this year with Asif Kapadia. Asif Kapadia is the producer and director of the Amy Winehouse documentary. It was one of the #1 documentaries in the UK last year and he was honored that this film of the late Amy Winehouse was nominated for the story of her life. One thing he said to us that stood out that he noticed the perception of Amy when she was alive was massively altered. So many media outlets were showing her at her worst, papparrazi fishing for the worst images to capture of her to destroy her. He decided with the 5000 hours of footage he wanted to focus on the live acoustic footage of her performing. Capturing her real emotions outside of media judgement and propaganda of her. I definitely want watch Amy’s documentary #RIPAmyWinehouse


The lady influencers in the roof got some special eye candy, Sean O’Pry, as we got a glimpse of the lead in Taylor Swift’s infamous music video of Blank Space. All I see is a perfect chiseled jawline!


Celebrity makeup artist Lesley Vanderwalt spoke with us about her artistry for the Oscar Nominated film Mad Max: Fury Road. Cool fact, she was also the original makeup artist for the 1981 Mad Max 2 film. Another cool fact and film that was nominated for an Oscar she worked on was the makeup for the iconic The Great Gasby movie. So basically Lesley is a legend in the makeup movie industry! She gets it!


Another celebrity makeup artist feature on a panel for #VFSC was Sir John. He is a makeup artist to a lot of popstars and divas such as Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Selita Ebanks and more. He actually did the make-up for Viola Davis on the cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue.


My favorite panel which was the most informative to me and probably many influencers in the room was the ROLF Comedy Goes Viral session. It features todays youngest and fastest growing comedic online stars such as Lele Pons, Kingsley, Bart Baker and Gabrielle Hannah. They are a mixture of Youtube + Vine stars that grew their fame quicky with their wits and jokes.

What I learned from them is that the biggest mistake to getting digital famous is to start out doing it for the money. Always do anything on a growing platform is to do it because you genuinely love it. They always spoke on how even though they all have millions of followers, some company’s and brands still do not respect digital influencers as creators. It’s still a new and growing industry but traditional medis is starting to quickly grasp and understand that the new generation gravitate more to digital influencers. Digital influencers are getting the same attention and recognition as traditional media stars and celebrities. We are the new wave of media.

It’s true even as a blogger, blogging is a new form of media. For myself with a growing platform  I enjoyed all of their knowledge because I am going through similar things and careers moves as them. One more nugget they shared that stood out to me was that no millionare makes money from one source. So don’t just rely on one platform to generate revenue – cultivate other social networksand opportunties to keep the momentum flowing.


Finally a glimpse of the luxury beauty products we all got to take home. Amazing sponsors from Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, L’Oreal Paris, and Victor & Roth. Look this is high quality swag and excited to add these to my beauty collection! We all were appreciative of the great swag!



I learned a lot at this interactive mixer of event hosted by Vanity Fair Social Club. Thanks to Vanity Fair for creating the #VFSC to bring digital bloggers and influencers together. Recognizing our power and online precense and not matter how large or small a platform may be, we are apart of the new media the industry needs. Creating this social club from such a prestige magazine showcases they understand the importance of digital influencers and a way to bring blogs and brands together. More brands should create similar social clubs like this and give digital influencers of power more opportunities to network, share and spark conversations within each other and create something great in the digital space.

Honored again to be apart of the Los Angeles experiences and hope #VFSC does it even bigger and better and invite me again to their next big event!

What do you think of the #VFSC experience?

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