Atlanta Epic Cinco Saturday Party by Lime-A-Rita with Snoop Dogg + Nelly #MargaReady Friday 13 May, 2016

limearita-margaready-cinco-saturday-nelly-snoop-dog-atlanta-1 Atlanta is amazing sometimes. It can be a really fun hotspot for events and fun, you all know by now I go to some really cool event. Well for 2016 I think I already went to the event of the year as Lime-A-Rita invaded the city and made it a buzz for the weekend for Cinco Saturdays. It was like an afterparty for Cinco De Mayo…why stop on May 5th? Lime-A-Rita invited me out to this epic event as a VIP influencer and I have to show you all the fun that went into this event!



So of course the party supplied us with unlimited Lime-a-Rita beverages. If you don’t know what Lime-A-Rita’s are, it’s Budlight’s spin-off beer that is basically beergaritas in a car. Beer for ladies – is what I always call them. They have many flavors…and the newest one is the Water-Melon-Rita version just in time for the summer! Also they introduce Lime-a-Rita Splash which are the wine coolers. Both the Lime-a-Rita Twist + Splash are for light alcohol in-take drinkers!


In the VIP area they have lots of hor dourves such as fried chicken strips, street corn (woop woop you know thats my favorite) and delectable shrimp as you see here.


Technological Tap Touch Wristband for drink counts (unlimited for VIPS)


This is the top view of the rest of the party. It was massive filld with a vibrant ball pit and more drink booths surrounding the center stage getting ready for the highlight which was our FREE concert of Snoop Dogg and Nelly. I can’t believe Atlanta was being blessed with this free concert!



I always usually have a plus one and I invited my best friend Ashley. This was a special day for her because she also graduated with her BA in business this day…so extra graduation celebration for her! Congrats Ashley!


This is my fun and young crew! Atlanta usually have some really cool events, we share them with each other and we always have a great time together. I love these tribe of people! We were definitely #MargaReady!


Oh that ball pit you saw earlier…of course I jumped in! I am a huge kid so I saw it and new it was about to be on. I jumped in multiple times in my maxi dress! I couldn’t resist – I literally had a BALL!


Having a literally ball with my friends!


And the party got started when Snoop walked in! Uncle Snoop Dogg was our DJ for the night. I was kinda shot I didnt know Snoop was a DJ like that but he did good! Very entertaining!!


Go Snoop!


Snoop requested for ladies to get on stage…of course they jumped at the opportunity.


Then our main headline performer of the night came out NELLY!! Omg you guys have no idea, but I had a crush on him when I was 16 years old. Im dating myself and I dont care anymore but when Country Grammar came out when I was in my teens I was never the same. I have waited for the day to get this up and close with him…swooning even 10+ years later. He didnt age…what is in the water with these men?


He performed all of this greatest hits! Brought back a lot of Nostalgia for me and many and the crowd knew all of the songs like the tracks just came out yesterday. Nelly had some really fun songs…


My favorite shot of the night of the headliners Nelly + Snoop


We are in Atlanta and Jermaine Dupree surprised us with his song “Welcome To Atlanta” which was later remixed with Nelly singing on it as well. That was cool!


Nelly surprised the crowd again with performing “Grillz” and brought out Big Gipp another Atlanta native who was featured on this track.


This night was full of surprised. So if Jermaine Durpee and Big Gipp was enough Atlanta talent to come out and bless out…the King of the South shook the crowd…TI!!!


Lime-A-Rita you were so smart for bringing TI to the stage and he performed some of his older and newer hits too. All of this Atlanta energy and performing just really hyped us all up!


T.I. brought his son Domani to perform and be his hype man for his last track.

What an epic night! Lime-A-Rita did an amazing job. It was definitely a night to remember and if you wasn’t there for it…people really felt like they missed out. Now guys I was supposed to have a meet + greet with Nelly _ Snoop but unfortuntely something didn’t align in the stars for me to meet them. I was so close until they shut down the Meet + Greet. Le sigh…I didn’t get to say hi to my Uncle Snoop or my boo thang Nelly! Well just being apart of this experience front was amazing enough. I had all ball (literally) and I dont know how Atlanta is gonna top Lime-A-Rita’s Cinco Saturday experience. Summer isnt even all the way here yet.

Check out the Lime-A-Rita commercial in which Nelly “Hot In Here” single was featured!

Are You Ready to Party and Enjoy Refreshing Drinks this Summer?

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