{31 Stories} Day 13: Writing Tool Thursday 15 August, 2013

Day 13: Writing Tool

For Day 13, I had to feature a writing tool. I used to have a really pretty pen I wanted to feature, but I promise every time I loan someone a pen I NEVER get it back. I gave that pen to someone for like 5mins and before I realize they walked off with it- anywho moral of the story don’t let people borrow your best pens {Say no you don’t have a pen – its kind of douchebagish but hey you will have it} .

Sorry for the rant,so the next best writing tool I have is my handy dandy LAPTOP! A laptop is really every bloggers favorite writing tool. My laptop is my life {ok I am lying my ipad + iphone 5 is my life too} but I write type all my blog post on here. Its a little netbook that I decorated with a typewrite decal. Homage to the original typewriter {I know the millennial kids are like whats a typewriter?}

Anywho I am grateful for the netbook I have, because this is actual the 1st laptop I ever owned. Before this laptop, I used to work for a social media company that provided Apple Macbook pros for everyone to use and take home…and honestly I want another Macbook! Don’t get me wrong, I love my little travel sized laptop, its cute and it was a gift {even though it was used prior but the person let me have it and I am so grateful}.  With that being said, I want my own, brand new laptop that I can official say I was the sole owner – and it be a MACBOOK pro. Upgrade my blogging writing tool – hopefully soon please!

::Sending Prayers Off Into the Universe::

Learn more about #31stories photo challenge and if you would like to participate with me and others who will be sharing their photos for the month of August. I am going to commit to not quit a monthly photo challenge. I have 31 days to share my story, whats yours?

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