{31Stories} Day 31: Body Part Tuesday 10 September, 2013

Day 31: Body Part

So the final installment for the #31stories is displaying body part.
I decided to show off my legs.
I am 5’6 but with my legs prospectively I look like I am 5’9. It’s an illusion.

On this day I went to two events, one in which I covered the Indique Boutique Grand Opening in Atlanta, and I showed off my legs in this cute romper!

This cute romper I am wearing is from JaPow Boutique and it showed off my leggy legs! I love that it shows off my legs and not too much of anything else. The truth is, I am kind of self-conscious about what I wear, and how I show off my legs because it can come off as too revealing or showing too much skin.


I enjoyed doing the #31stories challenge. I finally completed my first photo challenge and stayed consistent!
I hope it wasn’t too much randomness, but a least you know a little bit more about this quirky girl. I am not going to lie, photo challenges are – A CHALLENGE! It’s kind of hard but I did it – in the future I am hoping to create my own. Thanks Beatrice Clay for the inspiration.

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Love, Grace & Kissy Face

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I am a not so typical, unstereotypical 20something year old lady who is trying to make my mark on this planet. This blog has many aspect through my visual perspective through photos, words & wittiness. I am highly creative, I love to socialize, and also a social media butterfly. I don’t follow trends, I create them.

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