{31 Stories} Day 22: Give to Give Wednesday 28 August, 2013

Day 22: Gift to Give

A gift to give is my gift of positivity.  My little #KiwiSaid I post on my social media site is one of my personal touches of positivity I like to share with others.

I feel like in a world filled with drama and sadness, I want to at least try to emit positive vibes to other people. It’s easy to fall into a trap of sadness or anger, but through those negative emotions I try to spin everything in a good way. I look for the good in any and every situation. Most importantly, I seek positivity to let it rub off on other people.

You never know how your positive energy is affecting someone elses life.  Maybe they needed to hear your kind words,  you smiling at them made them smile, and a hug made someone’s day. We forget that is it just as easy to give off Good vibes as it is to give off bad ones. I like good vibes and everyday I want to emit it to share with everyone.

My Gift.

Learn more about #31stories photo challenge and if you would like to participate with me and others who will be sharing their photos for the month of August. I am going to commit to not quit a monthly photo challenge. I have 31 days to share my story, whats yours?

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Love, Grace and Kissy Face

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